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Obama, a Tool of Bilderberg?

The Senator suggests UN taxes on taxpayers in America not really such a bad idea.

By Victor Thorn

As AFP has reported for years, Bilderberg has been trying since 1992 to "establish a UN tax" which would be used to finance their globalist-oriented programs. Of course, the brunt of this tax would fall on American workers, and it appears this is being spearheaded by Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

On Feb. 14, 2008, an Obama-sponsored bill called the "Global Poverty Act" (S 2433) was referred to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee after passing the House. What this bill would do, in effect, is levy a global tax on the United States where an additional 0.7 per cent of the gross national product would be earmarked to foreign aid (on top of what we already give).

If passed this year, by 2021 the U.S. would be committed to an extra $845 billion in foreign aid. Not only would the United States be under the UN's thumb in regard to taxation, but this bill (part of the globalists' Millennium Development Goal) would also seek to ban certain weapons, establish an international criminal court, push global warming legislation, and promote "biological diversity."

Anyone familiar with Bilderberg sees that all of the above "buzzwords" have been part of their agenda for decades. Assisting Obama in his endeavors are two longtime Council on Foreign Relations members: Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), who has been called Obama's mentor, and Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.). Both have attended secret Bilderberg meetings and have been influential in trying to ratify the UN's Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST).

Editor's note: LOST is a demand that I have in my 14th edition at so that it would never be ratified.

One political commentator has stated that this bill "would effectively turn control of seven-tenths of the Earth's surface over to the UN," not to mention surrendering the sovereignty of our seas to them.

Obama's popularity can be attributed to one concept: he stands for "change." But is this the type of change that American citizens really want-to become enslaved by a UN global tax on top of the local, state and federal taxes they already pay? Obama is another political tool whose loyalties lie with those shadowy figures who sit atop the world's control pyramid.

Victor Thorn is the co-founder of the World Independent News Group ( and the author of many books about 9-11, the New World Order and, of course, the Hillary (And Bill) trilogy.

Editor's note: Victor Thorn is one half of the duo that also comprises Lisa Guiliani. She is one to be very careful of as she lambasted me for not just going to get a job instead of asking for financial help so as to be able to continue to publish my e-zine.

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