The Journal of History     Summer 2008    TABLE OF CONTENTS

2008 Inductees into Skull and Bones, Scroll and Key, and Wolf's Head

Scroll and Key
Jarrad Aguirre
Jeff Brown
Becca Dinerstein
Brian Earp
Charles Gariepy
Maggie Goodlander
Daniel Graves
Andrew Mangino
Luis Medina
Diana Mellon
Rachel Plattus
Aditi Ramakrishnan
Ben Solarz
Sofia Solomon
Madeleine Udell

Wolf's Head
Rosie Avila
Laura Bennett
Emilia Crespo
Kate Gasner
Casey Gerald
Kristian Henderson
Florence Kwo
Joe Kye
Michael Losak
Zachary Marks
Luke Murphy
Marshall Pailet
Helen Resor
Stefan Schropp
Steven Sherrill
Alexandra Trow

Skull and Bones
Lillian Chen
Zachary DeWitt
Jarrett Drake
Lucineida Fonseca
Taylor Giffen
Mikaela Honhongva
Kezia Kamenetz
Steven Kochevar
Emily Morell
Christina Person
Alex Righi
Rachel Sam
Aniket Shah
Francisco Vieyra
Kensho Watanabe

Editor's note: My thanks to Kris Millegan for posting these names of graduating seniors at Yale University into these three organizations that are evil on CIA-drugs listserv, a listserv. Let's watch for them in the Council on Foreign Relations or other nefarious organizations as well as corporations which deal in evil doings.


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