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By Dr. Leo Rebello

There is no Vaccine against Ignorance.
Say NO to Vaccines.
Vaccination is worse than Rape. At least rape is rare and accidental. Vaccination is deliberate madness. Vaccination is not Immunisation.

Like formal education stunts the mental growth of a child,
like religions stunt the spiritual growth of an individual,
vaccinations and drugs stunt the growth of the wondrous human body.
Stay Free from this Unholy Trinity.

1. What goes into making vaccines? What are the ingredients? How are they made? How are they preserved?
-- Free-dried attenuated live bacteria of the disease.
-- Dextran glucose.
-- Triton WR 1339 (a detergent).
-- Sodium.
-- Human Foetal Tissue.
-- Various Antibiotics.
-- Preservatives and Sweeteners.
-- MSG, Thimerosal (preservative)

Polio Vaccine, for example, contains :
Three strains of Polio virus, formaldehyde, aluminium phosphate or aluminium hydroxide, neomycin, streptomycin and polymyxin B (antibiotics); 2-phenoxyethanol (a preservative); medium 199 which contains polysorbate 80 (an emulsifier); cultured on monkey kidney cells or calf foetus tissue. The inactivated (injectable) Polio vaccine is cultivated on Vero cells (African green monkey kidney cells).

2. What is the risk involved in vaccines? Why should I, as a parent, consider not giving them to my child?
Vaccines wiped out small-pox, polio, diphtheria, typhoid, influenza, we are told. In effect, however, the blood contamination from the vaccines not only causes the same disease in severe and even fatal forms, but the vaccine poisons cause other diseases, such as, blindness, brain damage, cancer, Autism, AIDS, and deaths.

3. What are your thoughts on immunity and the immune system?
How to build good health and strong immune system?
Immunity is inbuilt -- it may be weak, medium, or strong. If weak it can be pumped up. For healthy immunity your blood should be 70 per cent alkaline and 30 per cent acidic. But because of the wrong food that we eat day in and day out this ratio is in inverse proportion. Impure blood then destroys the immunity and internal organs creating the disease state.

Immunity is intestine and liver related. If your intestine and liver are healthy, your immunity will be strong. Probiotics like curds, buttermilk, sprouts, fresh fruits and vegetables and herbs (God's pharmacy) improve your intestinal health and liver function. Oranges and lemons, or Vitamin C, in particular, and Vitamins A, E, K and B Complex help in building up immunity, as also Alfalfa, spirulina supplements do.

For good immunity you should avoid antibiotics, steroids, soft and hard drugs, narcotic and psychotropic substances. Proper sleep and rest and exercise are also important for a healthy immune system.

Biochemic remedies like the five phos (Calc. Phos, Ferrum Phos, Kali Phos, Mag Phos, Nat Phos)- the essential salts, two tablets thrice a day in 6x potency are very good in febrile condition.

Dr. Diet, Dr. Water, Dr. Sunshine, Dr. Exercise, Dr. Sleep, Dr. Humour and Dr. Leo Rebello are the best seven doctors of the world.

4. What are your personal experiences in your family with vaccines?
I did not give vaccinations to either of my sons. Both my boys do not know what bitter medicine is. They have always been brought up on sweet pills of homeopathy or biochemic remedies. Likewise, I have also influenced many of my friends, patients, students, and readers.

5. If the vaccines are so dangerous, then why there are no discussions happening in India?
Awareness is there among the villagers as also among the netizens. But the medicine mafia frightens people and does NOT allow the right information to reach them through mass media. They buy off the media persons due to heavy advertising. Sometimes vaccines are given routinely even without asking the parents. Corrupt Health Officials buy, prescribe, and distribute vaccines because of heavy commissions. They even use the President and Prime Minister and ignorant filmstars like Amitabh Bachchan and sportstars like Sachin Tendulkar to promote these vaccines.

So, if Shahrukh Khan, an icon smokes cigarettes, millions of his blind followers, too, think it is fashionable to smoke. The same applies to vaccines and cough syrups and antibiotics and multivitamins and anti-tetanus and calcium and iron injections or glucose saline being given routinely to pregnant mothers like HIV test is being done routinely without even asking the patient.

6. How can we reverse vaccines?
There are antidotes in Homeopathy - like Thuja, Kali Mur and Kali Phos. As also liver flush, colon cleanse, lemon cleanse, kunjar kriya and shankhaprakshalana in nature cure and yoga.

7. What are your experiences with vaccine campaigns in India?
It is picking up. More and more people are becoming alert and wiser. But when ignorant school authorities, like in Chandigarh (because an Administrator of the UT has passed a law to that effect) ask for vaccination proof, like if you have to visit some African countries you have to compulsorily take Yellow Fever vaccine (or produce a certificate by bribing) even though urban yellow fever has not been reported since 1942, the madness goes on.

Allopathic Vaccination is a programme designed to reduce the unwanted population.

In short, it is a population control programme indulged in by the spiritually unevolved so-called Illuminati, who have now been warned by Ninja group of Japan, that if they do not withdraw from this sinister design they will be eliminated. Rightly so, because a few decadent families and their servants cannot ruin the billions of people of the world and turn Green Planet Earth into a Brown Planet of Death.

AIDS -- Cyclosporin, Medorrhinum, Syphilinum, Thuja or potentised blood of a confirmed AIDS patient.
Cancer -- Carcinocin.
Chicken Pox -- Malandrinum or Variolinum.
Diptheria -- Diphtherinum or Mercurius Cyanatus.
Infective Hepatitis -- Nux Vomica.
Influenza -- Arsenic Album or Influenzinum.
Measles (Rubella) -- Morbillinum or Pulsatilla.
Mumps -- Pilocarpus.
Polio -- Lathyrus or Polio Nosode.
Small Pox -- Variolinum.
Tetanus -- Hypericum.
Tuberculosis -- Bacillinum or Tuberculinum.
Typhoid -- Arsenic Album or Baptisia.
Whooping Cough (Pertussis) -- Drosera or Pertusin.

For after effects of Allopathic Vaccination or Vaccinosis give Thuja or Kali Mur.
These remedies are cheaper, without side effects and very effective.


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