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Tajiks Are Not Taliban

By Bob Dodds
May 6, 2008

9/11 was funded by Lebanese heroin families as per Daniel Hopsicker, Saudi intel per Hopsicker, Afghan heroin via Pakistani intel's General Mahmud Ahmad linked to Porter Goss and CIA, all in Porter's hometown in Florida, Jeb Bush being governor of that state.

Editor's note: Jeb Bush is no longer governor of Florida.

Pakistan's northwest frontier (NWF) tribal zones, Pashtun heroin smuggler zones, are safe havens for Osama bin Laden to live on CIA kidney dialysis.

Editor's note: Of course, we know now that Osama bin Laden was murdered because now assassinated Benazir Bhutto stated it in an interview with David Frost.

CIA-MIb British East India Company and Pakistani ISI have been aggressively hostile to Afghan Tajiks since the 1980's if not longer, as anglos struggle with The French Connection, going back at least to 1950's Vietnam, Lansdale and Conein, Sicilian versus Corsican. One wonders if the American Gangster movie's "Marseilles," Corsican mob, might have supported US labor unions a la Sylvester Stallone's Hoffa movie, and Sicilians sold out to the corporatist trojan of oligarchy as per the same movie. Was Corsican mob, "Marseilles," close to labor, and that a reason why Sicilian Luciano mob were granted the heroin franchise in exchange for preventing west coast dockworker strikes like the ongoing ILWU strike in San Diego which is explicitly anti-Iraq war and picking up support from US truckers?

In the 1980's CIA supported Pashtun smugglers, notably Heroin Hekmatyar, who killed 200 field commanders of Tajik commander Masud. In the 1990's, CIA's Hekmatyar shelled and rocketed the Loya Jurga, tribal congress, delaying the loya jirga until Masud's forces took Kabul in 2001. Masud had by then been assassinated by CIA via Pakistani inteligence ten days before 9/11, and his troops were forbidden by Bush to take Kabul, but they took Kabul away from the Taliban anyway.

Now in 2008, the US Marines are attacking the Tajiks, with five weapons company US media libelling the Tajiks by calling them the "Taliban."

US five weapons company media shows video of Tajik poppies, as if to say, poppies mean Tajiks are Taliban. Tajiks took Kabul away from Taliban in 2001, and Taliban had banned poppies. US mercenaries invaded Afghanistan in 2001 to liberate poppies, not women who to this day burn themsevles with gasoline to protest abuse. US troops liberated poppies from Taliban in 2001, poppy production under US occupation has increased from zero to 4,000 tons or 130 per cent of the world's supply, and at that point Taliban was re-invented to explain away the US liberation of poppies in Afghanistan.

Tajiks have traditionally sold opium to the French in exchange for weapons, and there is no CIA-MIb-British-East-India-Company when the Tajiks trade opium or heroin to the French for weapons, or to the Russians. CIA-MIb wants a cut for heroin going to either place. Again in the current US Marine invasion of the Panshir Valley where the Tajiks live, the likes of Lansdale-Conein vie with Marseilles and French intelligence, Sicilians with Corsicans.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Tajiks are not Taliban. Tajiks took Kabul in 2001. Porter Goss met with Pakistani ISI chief Mahmud Ahmad in Pakistan in Auguust 2001, then Masud the Tajik leader, the George Washington of Afghanistan, was assassinated prior to 9/11 and the US invasion to liberate poppies from Taliban for Pashtun smugglers and Pak junta.

Tajiks are not Taliban. It's pretty damned simple. Tajiks took Kabul away from Taliban in 2001, get it? Simple.

For a while the five weapons company US media were calling Iraqi Sunni nationalist secular anti-political-islamists "al-CIA-duh" (political islamists), when they are natural enemies of British al-CIA-duh political islamists (see Rashid Khalidi, Iron Cage, for explanation of how Brit-Israeli-US political Islam works against Palestinian nationalism and other Arab nationalism and pan-nationalism). Iraqi Sunni nationalists were Muslim Brotherhood, Prescott Bush's Germanic Arab assets involved in 9/11(Mohamed Atta the lead hijacker's dad is Muslim Brotherhood Prescott Bush Germanic intel WW2 asset). Calling Sunnis al Qaeda is like calling Tajiks Taliban. It is unbelievable what five weapons companies US media can get away with in the name of news and history.


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