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Do governments cause terrorism, or is it the Elite which does?

Reading about 7/7 in the United Kingdom, in which such notables as Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson expose that it was the British government that pulled that cowardly act of terrorism off, I always ponder when will writers such as these ever consider the possibly that it is not the government, but the elite which controls various governments that cause acts of terrorism to occur to innocent people, one of whom I met in London after 7/7 [2005] had been instigated.

After all, given that we had a president in the United States who tried to subdue these evil forces which pray to Lucifer, and paid for it with his life, as well as the fact that these evil forces have intermarried with royalty so as to obtain even more power than they would have garnered, had they not intermarried with royalty, it my contention that these are the ones who are desirous of causing mayhem in what we know as the Hegelian Dialectic.

Therefore, the next time you hear of an act of terrorism, instead of automatically thinking that it was a government that perpetrated it, consider instead that it was the hidden forces hiding in the shadows which more than likely carried it out, for they do not want people to realize who they are let alone what they do.

I have published the fact that if the president does not carry out the goals of the elite, then the Central Intelligence Agency works directly for the elite, which we know better as the Illuminati, whereas if the president carries out their agenda, then the Central Intelligence Agency works for the president. Therefore, doesn't it seem logical that the Central Intelligence Agency, which has operatives working in every country around the world...yes, even Iran, to achieve that which the elite want, the New World Order, i.e. One World Government?

Now, in the last edition, the 29th, we read what the significance of the Vatican is too, and if we are to agree with its author, Greg Szymanski, the Illuminati was created as a cover for that institution as it is as nefarious as one can imagine, and has the financial power to cover up its actions, including the murder of Pope John Paul I, who reigned for only 33 days in Vatican City, a number symbolic of evil forces, then it is significant that they would want to maintain that power.

So, the next time terrorism occurs, instead of blaming a government, blame the true source, the elite.


Arlene Johnson Editor-In-Chief


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