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By Dr. Leo Rebello

A normal five-year old is supposed to run around, make noise, bite, throw tantrums, shout, play, cry, fight, scatter things around, break toys and then promptly come and hug and kiss. This is all a part of growing up naturally. If this is labelled as hyper-activity or destructive tendency and then downers are given, then it is the psychiatrist or the complaining parents or teachers who are to be sent to the mental asylum.

May it be noted that there are NO problem children in the world, there are only problem parents. And there is no "learning deficiency," there is only "teaching deficiency," because the teacher is lazy, incompetent, or mediocre.

Now read the following and if it makes your blood boil and if you feel like shooting that psychiatrist who prescribed "heavy duty anti-depressant" to a five-year and four-year old who should be eating lots of fruits, drink milk, or eat yogurt, chocolates, well, I, as a Holistic Healer and Jury, with all my experience and common sense, will NOT hold you guilty because you will be doing it in self-defense to protect other children being ruined by these mad men and their con science.

Incidentally, are you aware that psychiatry was started in the CIA and KGB laboratories to control people? If you have seen ECT being administered, whether modified or unmodified, then you would know what kind of madness you are dealing with in the name of Modern Medicine. And if you are ignorant, the least that you can do to help yourself, is educate yourself by seeing two films: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Coma.

Parents also remember, when you give too many vaccines to your children, you are not protecting them, but injecting more deadly diseases to feed the wolves called the Allopathic doctors and willy-nilly help pharma mafia to rake in profits.

Arise, Awake and Act for ignorance is no bliss.


From: "Namaste Publishing" <>
Date: Thu, February 28, 2008 10:13 am

Psychiatrist testifies he prescribed three drugs at first session to 5 year old
The Illinois University massacre shooter was coming off Prozac and another drug. The Virginia Tech massacre...coming off psyche drugs. Here is a psychiatrist that was prescribing 5 psyche drugs to his 5 year old on.

From: Parents Against TeenScreen <>
Subject: Psychiatrist testifies he prescribed three drugs at first session to 5 year old

You may recall the extremely high profile case of Rebecca Riley, a 4 year old in Massachusetts, who died while on various psychiatric drugs including the antipsychotic drug Seroquel. The Boston Globe, NY Times, CNN and USA Today reported that story widely.

Now, a responsible psychologist from Tennessee contacted us this morning to report the below tragedy. The mother of a 6 year old girl named Cheyenne is on trial in Tennessee for her daughter's murder.

Psychiatrist Saran Mudumbi should also be on trial. He prescribed a combination of drugs for this little girl that included the antipsychotics Risperdal and Seroquel. (More on antipsychotic drugs here:

You can write a letter to the editor here:
If you have any connectons to major national media, please forward this to them.

Psychiatrist Dr. Saran Mudumbi testified that he put Cheyenne Delp, then 5, on three different types of medication to fight depression, anxiety and paranoia after one office visit with the child. That initial visit took place April 3, 2003

Southern Standard
Cheyenne was heavily medicated -
Psychiatrist testifies he prescribed three drugs at first session
By James Clark
Feb 27, 2008

Regardless of what killed Cheyenne Delp on June 26, 2004, she was a child under the influence of heavy medication the day she died.

The medicine Cheyenne was prescribed was so powerful, she had to undergo an EKG to determine if her heart was healthy enough for her to take Imipramine, a heavy duty anti-depressant.

Dr. Saran Mudumbi, who said his speciality is child psychiatry, testified Monday that he prescribed the assortment of drugs for Cheyenne because her behavior was out of control, according to her guardian, Sherri Mathis.

"She was aggressive to other children and was kicked out of school because of it," said Dr. Mudumbi, who went on to contend Cheyenne suffered from paranoia, depression and anxiety. "She was thinking other people were against her, trying to get her."

However, Dr. Mudumbi later admitted all the information he gathered about Cheyenne was provided by Mathis, or Cheyenne herself. Dr. Mudumbi indicated he tried

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