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Book Review

(*) A Single Tear: A Family's Persecution, Love, and
Endurance in Communist China

By Ningkun Wu and Yikai Li

Review by Wu Siu Yan

(Both English and Chinese versions are available. Consult with the publisher for the Chinese title.)

The author volunteered to work as interpreter in the "Flying Tigers," a fighter squadron from USA volunteers in China during the Sino-Japan war.

Later he was sent by China to USA to act as interpreter for a group of Chinese pilots sent for training in USA.

After the training group returned to China, he stayed in the USA and continued his study, which he had dropped off because of the war.

When he was about to submit his doctoral thesis, the head of a Peking University asked him to return and teach English there, because many staff of foreigners had left and there was a shortage of staff.

He returned in the summer of 1951.

This book details what happened to him since his return till about the 1980s.

This is an extremely valuable book to understand the ways of Chinese communists.

By the way, Ningkun Wu is father of Emily Wu who wrote "A Feather in the Storm," a book I recommended earlier.

Wu Siu Yan

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