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CIA and pedophile videos

The controlled media told us a few years ago that the FBI used CIA-kidnapped children to make pedophile videos. They "framed" it as a scandal about individual lone crazed bad apple FBI agents selling their video equipment, purchased with taxpayer funds, and keeping the money. Framing cropped out the source of the children.

Children do not choose to go to Seattle and pander themselves to foreigners in five star hotels. CIA kidnapped them and made them pose nude and engage in sex acts with foreign diplomats to the Seattle APEC conference, but media neglected to mention that CIA and other US intelligence agencies kidnapped and pimped the children. The real scandal was cropped out of the picture by framing. And, as always, the truth was only published once.

Have you ever noticed anything that was published more than once? The attention span of the public is kept busy with the tiger's waving tail, not its teeth. That is the magician's trick of entertaining, did I say entertaining, I said entertaining the audience's attention while he moves his handkerchiefs and rabbits and cards around unnoticed, as if invisible, while all the eyes in the room follow Brittany's belly button. Keep your eyes on Brittany's belly button, because no photos of CIA child prostitutes at FBI porno productions in Seattle were ever published. You will also see Brittany's belly button more than once, until you buy low hanging pants and short t-shirts.

If you buy anything to read, you will pay for it. As long as you watch antenna TV, you do not have to pay. If you watch CNN, pay a little. Lies are free, the truth costs money and you have to read the truth, which is harder than watching and hearing it because weapon companies pay for TV that waves the tiger's tail in entertaining fashion while never showing his teeth and his mauled victims lying in pools of blood rotting and stinking. See the wizard yet?

Posted by Bob Dodds on CIA-drugs listserv, a listerv on December 13, 2007.


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