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What Is a Charge Cluster?

By Jerry W. Decker, Ron Barker, and Chuck Henderson

The basic idea of a charge cluster is rather simple. It is a tightly packed cluster of about 100 million electrons, an electron being the part of an atom that revolves around the nucleus. Ken Shoulders has been able to create conditions under which electrons break free from their nuclei and join together into remarkably stable little ring-shaped clusters, like tiny donuts. "It is the wildest electronic effect you will ever see," Shoulders says, calling his creations "little engines of vast complexity that just don't die!"

As simple as the charge cluster is, conventional science has a hard time accepting its existence. That's because it violates a law of physics: "Like electrical charges, either negative or positive, repel." Since all electrons carry a negative charge, conventional science says that they should not cluster.

Shoulders pinchs a cold plasma, a special form of gas that conducts electricity to create heat and charge clusters. The electricity he uses is static electricity, the electricity in the spark that snaps from a doorknob if you drag your feet across a carpet. In Shoulders's system, this electricity provides the electrons that make up the cluster. It is, essentially, an electric charge compressed into a visible form.

What inspires Shoulders's awe about these tiny entities is that they almost seem to have an intelligence about them that are self-organizing. The clusters appear to form into various sizes, but are uniform in organization and behavior. They often look like a ring or a necklace of tiny donuts. "It's some law of nature that's just not spelled out for us yet," Shoulders says.

Shoulders discovered the link between charge clusters and energy when he tried to find out what could supply the large amounts of energy needed to make electrons overcome their tendency to repel one another and join into tightly packed clusters. Their high energy makes charge clusters very powerful; they can bore holes through ceramic tile without losing strength.

Charge Clusters and Commercial Products

Now working with his son, Steve, Ken Shoulders continues to make breakthroughs. What Shoulders sees under the microscope is another world, hinting of future machines that will be thousands of times more powerful than our current machines.

Charge-cluster technology could be one of the first plasma technologies to be commercialized. Unlike some of the other energy inventions, charge clusters do not need magnetic fields or low temperatures to work. One new-energy writer says the charge cluster may be one of the most promising areas of research since the transistor.

A few of the products besides energy devices that could result from developments in this field:

* High-resolution television screens flat enough to hang on a wall.

* Notebook computers more powerful than the largest mainframe.

* Tiny X-ray machines that can enter the body and kill cancer cells without harming surrounding tissues.


May 6, 1990
Dr. Andrija Puharich's vibratory method of breakin
Taken from KeelyNet BBS (214) 324-3501 - Sponsored by Vangard Sciences - PO BOX 1031 - Mesquite, TX 75150

May 6, 1990

Vibrations that Split Molecules Produce Energy

Seawater - or even dirty rainwater - could be transmuted into fuel through a new technique serendipitously discovered by a researcher in medical electronics.

Dr. Andrija Puharich has found a way to split water molecules by tuning in on the vibrations of their atoms and breaking the molecules into hydrogen, which could become fuel, and oxygen.

Alternating- current impulses augment naturally occurring vibrations in the H2O molecules. By boosting the vibrations out of control, Puharich makes the molecules fly apart into the component atoms.

He likens the water-splitting effect to the way soldiers marching in step across a bridge risk damaging the structure by making it vibrate at a critical, stress-producing rate.

Electrolysis by simple direct current would create hydrogen and oxygen with a net energy efficiency of only 54 per cent, according to Puharich, a Virginia-based inventor. But he says his alternating-current system reaches better than 90 per cent efficiency.

A former physician, Puharich discovered the water-splitting technique a dozen years ago, but has only recently presented his findings publicly.

Originally, he was investigating the DISRUPTIVE EFFECT of electrical resonances on blood clots and noticed a peculiar thing: in dilute blood, a SPECIFIC FREQUENCY made bubbles appear in the liquid.

Lab analysis showed that the bubbles were composed of oxygen and hydrogen.

A barrel-shaped cavity contains the water in Puharich's recently refined system. He introduces alternating current at A KEY FREQUENCY of 600 cycles per second.

The cavity resonates with the impulses in somewhat the same way the body of a violin resonates with the sound of one string, ADDING HIGHER AND LOWER HARMONICS TO THE PRINCIPAL TONE.

The additional harmonics, Puharich says, cause the proton in the hydrogen atom TO ROTATE, further forcing the hydrogen to split from the oxygen.

Puharich suggests that the splitting energy could be provided by solar or wind generators. The hydrogen could then be stored and used conveniently in fuel cells or hydrogen-powered cars.


Vangard notes...

This paper is quite astounding in that it correlates with Keelys' claim that water can be progressively dissociated at 620, 630, and 12,000 cycles per second. These are on the molecular, atomic and etheric levels respectively.

It is interesting that the etheric level of 12,000 / 20 = 600 (Puharich's frequency) found by original experimentation. This 600 cps frequency is therefore a harmonic of the 12,000 cps frequency which Puharich discovered.

Keely also claims that the disruption of water occurs at 42,800 cycles per second.

The direct quote from the book "Keely and His Discoveries" by Bloomfield Moore, published in 1893;

"The orders of intensification for accelerating dissociation would not be understood by any explanations that could be made, if unaccompanied by the demonstrations witnessed by the late Professor Leidy, Dr. Brinton, and others.

"When the ether flows from a tube, its negative centre represents molecular sub-division carrying interstitially (or between its molecules) the lowest order of liberated ozone.

"This is the first order of ozone and it is wonderfully refreshing and vitalizing to those who breathe it.

"The second order, or atomic separation, releases a much higher grade of ozone; in fact, too pure for inhalation, is the one that has been (though attended with much danger to the operator) utilized by Keely in his carbon register to produce the circuit of high vibration that breaks up the molecular magnetism which is recognized as cohesion.

"The acceleration of these orders is governed by the introductory impulse on a certain combination of vibratory chords, arranged for this purpose in the instrument, with which Keely dissociates the elements of water, and which he calls a Liberator.

"In molecular dissociation one fork of 620 is used, setting the chords on the first octave.

"In atomic separation two forks, one of 620 and one of 630 per second; setting the chords on the second octave.

"In the etheric three forks; one of 620, one of 630, and one of 12,000, setting the chords on the third octave.

As a matter of further clarification, Keely states that you cannot DIRECTLY dissociate a single level of aggregation due to the shell structure of matter.

In other words, if you wish to dissociate the Atomic level, you must first dissociate the molecular to be able to get to the atomic. That follows also if you wish to dissociate the etheric, you must disrupt the molecular AND the atomic, THEN the etheric.

Keely refers to this technique as progressive dissociation.

In 1988, we had Andrija Puharich in Dallas for about 4 days as a joint speaker for Vangard Sciences and MUFON Metroplex. We spent many hours with Andrija and discussed a wide variety of subjects.

At that time, I asked him about this experiment and he said the original research was done in the late 1950's, early 60's by him in a dual attempt. One was to selectively remove gases from the blood and the other to dissolve clots.

Andrija had not heard of Keely or his work with dissociation or disruption of matter with acoustic frequencies. He was quite interested that the work had been done almost 100 years ago and wanted to know more about Keely.

Dr. Puharich has dropped out of sight over the last few years, so we have lost contact with him. He was at that time (1988) very concerned about the ecology and was working on some type of retreat for future hard times.

They were re-building an old hydro-electric power system fed by a small lake on the land they had in Virginia. Puharich at that time was living on land donated by R. J. Reynolds.

We heard recently that Reynolds was attempting to get the land back.

Since we have not seen or heard from Andrija in about 2 years, we don't know what is going on with him.

We hope this information is of use in your researches.

As with all Vangard information and KeelyNet text files, you are free to reproduce or distribute as you wish.

Editor's note: This article was taken directly from The Illuminati listserv. The Moderator of that listserv posted the following once that article had been posted:

Most of the 'new physics' presented around the world is fraudulent -- like the work of Hal Puthoff (National Security Agency) and Moray King and Bernie Haisch [Lockheed Missiles] and Hal Fox and Jeane Manning -- for example -- who are promoting the Security Agencies' cointel of the ZPE or ZPF, Quantum Mechanics, and other frauds -- with the purpose of supporting and continuing the existing covert physics institution and the Corporate State's desire for more energy production, and more dumbing-down of the people.

MOST of the alternative and dissident physics, however, is TEN TIMES better than the covert institutional physics which ONLY has public ignorance, and the corporate-war machine as its purpose.

I have approved this description of the Plasma Cluster and Ken Shoulders -- and added the Keelynet information below on Electromagnetic Water Catalysis -- and THANKS! to Bryan Friendly for stimulating our world to true science, and appropriate technology, in acknowledgement of and harmony with nature.

For those of our readers at Seven-Seven who would like to learn more of our plasma universe, and the spiritual foundation of electromagnetic waves or the aether -- please join the NuclearStructure discussion group -- and follow up the references at -- -- on the superluminal physics, aether physics and plasma physics which describe our LIVING COSMOS and CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE in a hundred times greater detail [wave topology and frequency] than the covert institutional physics or the ZPE and similar NSA-sponsored fluff which supports the covert physics. MT]


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