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Controlling Both Sides

By Arlene Johnson

Something occurred to me just now when I read that previously in Venezuela elections collapsed in its two-party system. The CIA-drugs listserv post dated May 22, 2005 partially says:

Chávez has won a series of elections since 1998 by big majorities because the Venezuelan ruling establishment had been thoroughly discredited through decades of corruption and, finally, economic collapse.

Chávez's movement arose following the collapse of the two-party power-sharing scheme between the nominally left-of-center Democratic Action (AD) and social Christian COPEI, established in 1958. The government's embrace of International Monetary Fund (IMF) austerity measures in 1989 provoked a spontaneous insurrection in which the armed forces killed scores of people. Thus, when Chávez mounted a failed coup in 1992, even mainstream politicians had to admit that he was widely seen as a heroic populist. from the article entitled What's Next In Venezuela? By Lee Sustar dated 22 May, 2005 published in The Socialist Worker.

Now, who is it that controls the economic structure of nations? We know that the international bankers do, and who are they? The Illuminati, of course. So my hunch is that the international bankers caused Venezuela's economic collapse enabling them to manipulate the Venezuelan people to vote in another of their puppets, Hugo Chavez Frias. This is just one more example of the Hegelian Dialectic in action, in order to create chaos for the purpose of enabling these evils to turn to the United Nations for a solution.

We can take this further with Iran's current leader, Dr. Mahmood Ahmadinejad is in league with the evils too. Proof is his decision to trade oil for euros instead of dollars for the purpose of destroying the United States so the United States will have to turn to the United Nations even more than it does now to stem the chaos that the international bankers have caused, again the Hegelian Dialectic in action.

So it seems logical to conclude that one by one, the nations are succumbing to this scheme which will lead ultimately to the One World Government, what most of us know as the New World Order.

Will we be able to stop it?

God save us.


Arlene Johnson


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