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Similarities between Columbine and Virginia Tech Shootings

Posted by Vigilius Haufniensis

April 16, 2007

1: It's a few days early. Usually "terrorism day" is April 19th, or possibly the 20th.

2: According to a caller to Alex Jones' program, they had just installed some bigass security infrastructure with big speakers all over campus. Oddly, this wasn't used until THREE HOURS AFTER the shooting started.

3: The shootings allegedly occurred on opposite ends of a 2,600 acre campus. THAT sounds like more than "one gunman."

4: As with Columbine, the students were NOT evacuated, but locked into their rooms, while the gun "man" continued to roam around, shooting people. The police at Columbine merely "established a perimeter."

5: The second shootings started "two hours" after the first. Could you shoot a bunch of people at a college and get away with it for two hours?

6: There was "alot of commotion." it was "hard to tell what was going on."

7: They released the lockdown; then the shootings "started again." (again, sounds to me like more than a "lone gunman.")

8: It is the second time in less than a year that there were shootings here.

9: Does anyone know what they were doing in the engineering building? Was there any "cold fusion" research there?

10: Apparently there was some opposition to a "concealed carry" legalization on this campus... the president of the university just apparently stated TODAY that "the school will be much safer now that the concealed carry legalization bill died on the floor" or words to that effect.


President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai

"Hamid Karzai has been a Central Intelligence Agency covert operator since the 1980s. He collaborated with the CIA in funneling U.S. aid to the Taliban as of 1994 when the Americans had secretly and through the Pakistanis [specifically the ISI] supported the Taliban's assumption of power." (quoted in Karen Talbot, U.S. Energy Giant Unocal Appoints Interim Government in Kabul, Global Outlook, No. 1, Spring 2002. p. 70. See also  BBC Monitoring Service, 15 December 2001)

Published by the Saudi newspaper, Al-Watan.


Israel Hijacking in Entebbe

Newly released British documents contain a claim by an unnamed contact that the Israeli Shin Bet security service collaborated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to hijack the June 1976 flight from Israel that was diverted to Entebbe, Uganda, the BBC reported.


Timothy Leary was CIA before he became an informant for the FBI. See


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