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Myth Breakers

By Fred A. Baughman, Jr., M. D.

There is no such thing as a psychiatric "disease." A disease is a physical abnormality; a physical abnormality is a disease. Because there is no physical abnormality, there is no disease.

Psychiatry, as per Congressman Pastor, also Congressman Patrick Kennedy and Senator Edward Kennedy, his dad, buy and use the psychiatry lie (absolute, 100%). They often

use the term disorder which in medicine means the same thing as disease (means an abnormality).

I would advise that one and all write their pro-psychiatry Representatives, Senators, Presidents, copying the president of the American Psychiatric Association and of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry asking for the reference, citation to the one (there will be just one) article that is the proof that any given psychiatric diagnosis is a gross (evident to the naked eye, palpable), microscopic (cervix cancer found on Pap smear) or chemical (diabetes, PKU) abnormality = disease = disorder = abnormal phenotype = medical syndrome. In 1972 I discovered in my private practice CHANDS*curly hair, nail dysplasia, ankyloblepharon (eyelids fused at birth). This previously described abnormality = diseases = disorder and all of the documentation of the discovery (now called Baughman's disease (disorder, syndrome) can be found at : Baughman, F. A., Jr.: CHANDS: The Curly Hair-Ankylogle-pharon-Nail Dysplasia Syndrome. The Clinical Delineation of Birth Defects, Volume XII, 100, 1972. In 1969, I discovered (with others) the genetically-caused Glioma-polyposis syndrome, proof of which can be accessed at Baughman, F. A., Jr., List, C. F., Williams, J. R., Muldoon, J. P., Segarra, J. M.: The Glioma-Polyposis Syndrome. New England Journal of Medicine, 281:1345-1346, 1969.

I have discovered or participated in the discovery of other diseases as well, but these are two more diseases than all in US psychiatry have ever discovered. There is no such thing as a real, actual psychiatric disease. Such is the totality of their fraud.

Again just write asking that they give the reference/citation to the one report in the scientific literature that ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, dyslexia (name any psychiatric "disorder" in the DSM) is an actual disease having*as it must*a confirming organic, physical abnormality (abnormality = disease).

Also ask Stephen Sergay, MD, current president of the American Academy of Neurology who is qualified to answer all such questions. He has refused thus far to answer me. I append my letter to him regarding claims of Congressman Patrick Kennedy that psychiatric diagnoses are actual diseases, in fact, neurological diseases. You can get the names and addresses of these

leaders of medicine from the internet. Please share with me any responses you get or any further questions you may have.


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