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Some thoughts on Watergate and the Kennedy era

By Bob Dodds

Nothing can turn the CIA burglars and their CIA "security" official command and control into FBI agents, and I doubt that Mark Felt and his helpers at FBI had FBI, the personnel department, round up and hand over "50 cartons of Watergate-related personnel files" documenting internal, official, highly illegal and treasonous CIA official support, command and control and communication for the Watergate operation to steal or "secure" the presidency, again, same as by the JFK assassination.

The McGeorge Bundy Skull and Bones phone call making the Bay of Pigs invasion a character assassination of JFK, the JFK assassination and Watergate commonalities of specific CIA personnel, George H.W. Bush, and the CIA goal of securing the presidency by foul means in all three instances, is what explains Nixon's threat that Watergate could backfire,"the whole Bay of Pigs thing could come out," referring to the burglars being Bay of Pigs as well as JFK assassination thugs. Nixon under-estimated the Mighty Wurlitzer.

What this Felt material does for me is document Felt saying that FBI had the exact same motivation as CIA for doing Watergate and FBI for using it against Nixon. Both agencies wanted to "secure" the presidency in order to "secure" their own independence from constitutional presidential control, and Nixon was abusing that authority. Keep in mind that both President Kennedy, a Democrat, and Nixon, a Republican, tried, each in his own inadequate way, to reign in CIA and FBI under the presidency, and failed. Nixon also failed to make DEA his private CIA. Also keep in mind that before "securing" the presidency under CIA and FBI by the Watergate burglary, CIA and FBI "secured" the presidency of in JFK's time by assassinating the people's choice. CIA and FBI fragged their commander in chief, once literally and again figuratively with Watergate.

Actually Bay of Pigs was an earlier attempt to "secure" the presidency, or steal it from the people. The invasion was arguably doomed in the first place, but it was made a route by a Skull and Bones phone call to call off the air cover. McGeorge Bundy was not speaking for JFK, he was speaking for Russell Opium Trust(ROT). They had to kill Kennedy, though, because a public relations disaster like Watergate or blaming JFK for McGeorge Bundy's phone call to withdraw the air support were not enough.


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