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In search of real solutions to restore law and order

It is sad to think that the republic we were told about in school as childreen no longer exists in our modern world.

What are some real solutions to our problems that we face today? What are real solutions to restoring our government? How can we truly proceed and make a difference?

One of my most important questions is how can we do these things without bloodshed? In a short time we have witnessed the destruction of our republic, which was on its last breaths anyway. We have a president that ignores the law, our representatives ignore our plea for reform and restoration, every branch of government is corrupted further by lobbyists and laws written by their brethren, and the Constitution is treated as a relic of the past and not the as the dignified instrument of law that it is [was]. Look around you. Read what is going on. Search out the illegitimate laws and the corruption. It is everywhere! I know you all already know these things, but yet why aren't the masses mobilizing?

Seriously, what are some real solutions? What are the things we can do to bring sweeping changes? Think about it! How can we bring changes without bloodshed? Is it even possible? Obviously some will require a more than a slap on the wrist for their atrocities, but I'm speaking of the motions to bring back freedom and not the outcome of what we seek.

Do we raid our police stations and arm ourselves?

Do we raid our banks and destroy the IRS?

Do we just sit around and stockpile everything that we can and wait for rebellion? It will certainly come, but at what price? The price of liberty? Can we be certain that the population won't go the way of socialism in disgust of our currently corrupt capitalist ways? Could we be ever certain that a mass rebellion will not rid ourselves of comforts about which we are accustomed? Would it be worth the sacrifice?

Maybe we should welcome rebellion and just divide the nation?

Seriously, what are some real solutions?! I'm sick and tired of waiting for 'the man' to knock on my door. I will meet him with lethal force if such a time comes - but I would prefer to stand with my countrymen and bring about solutions to preserve liberty, so that there is NO MAN who will knock at my door unless I invite him.

In Search Of Real solutions to restore law and order. Preferably by a non-lethal method. Preferably by elected officials. Preferably an outcome with a united nation, not a divided one. Lets clean house. A solution? Anybody?


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