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The Zionist Gatekeeper Greg Palast and His Attack
on Professor Jones and 9-11 Truth

By Christopher Bollyn

Five years ago, I first learned that molten iron had been discovered in large quantities under the rubble of the three demolished towers of the World Trade Center, including Larry Silverstein's 47-story tower Salomon Brothers building (WTC 7) which collapsed mysteriously in the late afternoon of 9/11.

Two years ago, Professor Steven E. Jones of BYU presented his evidence and scientific analysis and concluded that the molten iron was probably the product of an aluminothermic reaction - most likely Thermate. The scientific evidence that the three collapsed towers were destroyed with explosives and Thermite analogues is quite compelling.

Three months ago, an independent journalist name Greg Palast publicly called Professor Jones a "complete fruitcake and a complete and utter fraud."

Who is Greg Palast and why is he attacking Professor Jones?


In August 2002, I discovered that molten metal had been found - in the molten state - in the basements of the three collapsed towers. I obtained this information from two of the men who supervised the removal of the rubble from the destroyed World Trade Center.

In the basements of the collapsed twin towers, where each of their 47 support core columns were connected to the bedrock, hot spots of "literally molten steel" were discovered more than a month after the collapse. "Such persistent and intense residual heat, 70 feet below the surface, could explain how these crucial structural supports failed," I wrote at the time.

See: "Seismic Evidence Points to Underground Explosions Causing WTC Collapse"


While some readers suggested at the time that Thermite was probably the cause of the molten metal, it was not until the fall of 2005, when Professor Steven E. Jones of Brigham Young University began to study and discuss the evidence from the WTC that the important questions surrounding Thermite and the molten metal seen at the WTC reached a larger audience. Jones concluded that the evidence indicates that the molten iron seen before and after the collapses was probably produced by aluminothermic reactions involving Thermite or Thermate.

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And: "Why Did Iron Boil in the Rubble of the World Trade Center?"

I met with Professor Jones several times at the BYU campus during the spring of 2006 and visited Professor Thomas Cahill at the University of California at Davis between my visits to Provo. The data that these two professors have gathered corroborate the theory that large amounts of Thermite were used in the demolition of the three towers of the World Trade Center.

Shortly after I wrote a series of articles about the evidence of Thermite at the WTC during the summer of 2006, I was brutally attacked by three undercover cops who broke my right elbow and TASERed me in front of my wife and 8-year-old daughter. I was then maliciously prosecuted for aggravated assault and resisting a police officer. Despite an abundance of evidence that the Hoffman Estates police conspired to assault me before they arrived at my house and the fact that the police had destroyed their videos of the assault, I was found guilty of both charges. As I had been warned about the legal process in America, the side that gets the most evidence excluded wins. So it was.

Three weeks later, Professor Jones was the victim of a trap set for him on the NPR radio affiliate at the University of Utah:

On September 5, Doug Fabrizio, executive producer of RadioWest on the University of Utah's public radio station invited Jones to come on his one-hour program to discuss his 9/11 research.

After interviewing Jones for a brief 20 minutes, Fabrizio said goodbye to Jones and turned the remainder of the hour over to a discussion of conspiracy theories with two Jewish professors, a Robert Goldberg from the University of Utah and Gary Fine from Northwestern.

The first caller was a William Tumpowsky, chairman of the Jewish Community Relations Council and board member of the local Israeli-fund raising organization, the United Jewish Federation. Tumpowsky charged that Jones' was using code language to make anti-Semitic allegations. Goldberg supported this accusation.

Starting from this outrageous allegation, Fabrizio continued the hostile discussion with Goldberg and Fine, with frequent allegations that the now-absent physics professor was nothing more than an anti-Semite indulging in conspiracy fantasies. The most significant evidence brought forth by Jones' research was not even discussed.

Within two days, the authorities at BYU apparently caved to organized Jewish pressure and put Jones on paid leave.

See: "Are Zionists Behind Banning of Truthful 9/11 Scientist?";read=93189


Despite the fact that Professor Jones' research is extremely solid and is highly regarded among scientists, an independent journalist named Greg Palast, who has no known scientific credentials, recently called him a "fruitcake" and a "fraud."

"Dr. Jones is a complete fruitcake and a complete and utter fraud," Palast said in a May 2007 interview with Lenny Charles of International News Net (INN). Then, turning to the camera, Palast said, "Mr. Jones, come at me."

Palast also said that his investigation had concluded that there was "zero evidence" that the towers had been demolished with explosives or Thermite.

See: "Greg Palast On 9/11 Controlled Demolition"


A web-writer known as Smoking Mirrors (SM) posted an article entitled "Greg Palast Takes a Dive in The Midnight Hour" about Palast's attack on Jones. Palast, he wrote, "presents himself as an investigative reporter. He’s been a counter-culture hero of sorts who likes to picture himself as a Sam Spade in fedora sort of a guy who tenaciously digs to the real facts when the smoke machines and the light show hit the stage.

"It appears that Greg Palast is not who he presents himself to be," he concluded. "It appears, from my view, that he is a disinfo specialist."

The article concluded that Palast "has put himself solidly on the side of untruth with his name-calling dismissal of Dr. Steven Jones.

"For some reason, Greg Palast thinks that Dr. Steven Jones is a fruitcake for questioning the official 9/11 story and for subjecting the official explanation of how and why the 3 WTC Towers fell to the disciplines of the science in which he is widely considered to be an expert," SM wrote.

"A child in primary school knows that 3 + 2 does not add up to four. Greg Palast indicates that he does not know this in respect of the bad math in the official 9/11 story, yet… we are led to believe that Greg Palast is a truth seeker and an intelligent man.

"What is the explanation for Greg’s position in defiance of hard, empirical science, mathematical law and common sense? It can’t be that he doesn’t know. That’s as absurd as his rejection of what is obvious to an ordinary layman. So why… why does he defend the official story?" SM asks.

"Can Greg Palast be as stupid as his position makes him out to be?" he asks. "Something is wrong with this picture. What might that be?"


I met Mr. Palast at a vote fraud event in Columbus, Ohio, after the 2004 elections. I would agree with Smoking Mirrors description. Palast struck me as more of a performer than an investigative journalist. He never took off his hat indoors and impolitely took over our table where we were selling Eric Hufschmid's book, Painful Questions. Palast's biggest interest was clearly himself and selling his books.

His analysis and discussion of the voting problems in the 2004 election was off the mark, in my opinion. He focused on disenfranchised black voters in Florida while my main concern is the disenfranchisement of the entire electorate via electronic and computer vote fraud.

A year later, Palast came to my attention when he penned a badly-written article entitled "Was the Invasion of Iraq a Jewish Conspiracy" for the Jewish periodical Tikkun. Although Palast's logic and writing are weak, he comes on strongly as a Zionist apologist.

"There are kooks and cranks and conspiracy nuts out there who think George Bush, from the moment he took office, had some kind of secret plan to invade Iraq and grab control of its oil. They’re wrong," Palast wrote. Yet Palast ignores and belittles the Zionist-written Project for a New American Century (PNAC) document from September 2000, "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century," which specifically calls for the U.S. military to become engaged in Iraq.

"Did the Jews do it?," Palast continued. "I mean, after killing Jesus, did the Elders of Zion manipulate the government of the United States into invading Babylon as part of a scheme to abet the expansion of Greater Israel?"

Yes, they did.

This is at least how millions of people around the world would answer Palast's question. Yet Palast wrote that he did not even consider this possibility until someone asked him about it in 2004. Palast is admitting that the war of aggression against Iraq had already waged for a year before he even thought about who was behind it. He certainly is not the quickest of investigative journalists.

He never even addresses the PNAC document directly, but writes that he obtained a confidential 101-page document "in February 2001, just before the tanks rolled." What document and what rolling tanks Palast is referring to is as vague as his entire article.

I was most intrigued by his desperate attempt to divert attention from the Zionist role in planning and fomenting the war in Iraq. He was writing for the Jewish intellectual audience that reads Tikkun, after all, so I decided to look into who Mr. Palast is and where he comes from.


Greg Palast is the product of a Chicago-based Russian Yiddish immigrant family which married into a immigrant Hungarian Jewish family. Gregory is the 55-year-old son of Gilbert (Gil) L. Palast and Gladys E. (nee Kaufman) Palast from Chicago. He is married to Linda Levy and has two children. The family lives in lower Manhattan. His sister, Geri, was an Asst. Secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration. Greg grew up in southern California and earned his business degrees, including an MBA (1976), under Milton Friedman at the University of Chicago. His parents still live in San Diego. He contributes to the British press, the well known left-leaning outlets who adamantly refuse to look at the evidence from 9-11.

According to a 1984 article in the San Diego Evening Tribune, his mother is a political activist who "learned about political organizing on the northwest side of Chicago." She may have been born in Hungary because the article says her "Jewish immigrant" parents "fled Hungary before World War II." The dates don't compute, however, unless "before" means 20 years before, because Gladys E. Kaufman married Gil, her "childhood sweetheart" from Chicago, in 1943. One will notice that the dates and facts in articles by and about the Palasts are somewhat elastic.

For example, Greg Palast says that he had an office in the North Tower of the World Trade Center. In an article he wrote on September 23, 2001, he says his office was on the 50th floor of the North Tower. More recently he said it was on the 52nd floor, yet in the 2001 article he says that his friend Greg O'Neill had an office on the 52nd floor and that his was on the 50th. Documents about the tenants of the North Tower indicate that the 50th floor of the WTC 1 was occupied by the Dai-Ichi Kangyo Trust Co. (DKB). Did Palast have an office with the Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank?

Gladys E. Kaufman, his Hungarian Jewish mother, was the daughter of Alex Kaufman of West Armitage Avenue. Mr. Kaufman delivered milk using a horse and buggy, according to the 1984 article. In 1941, a milkman named Alex Kaufman of 3015 Hermitage Avenue was involved in a fatal accident in which a 15-year-old boy was run over by the rear wheels of his "milk truck." This may be the same Alex Kaufman.

Greg Palast's grandfather, on his father's side, was Norman Palast. There is very little written in the Chicago papers about Norman Palast. He was one of the sons of Esther Necha Palast along with Nathan, Max, and Joseph. He also had a sister named Clara (Mamet).

Nathan was apparently the oldest and was born in a Yiddish-speaking area of Russia about 1885. In 1910, the 25-year-old Nathan was a boarder with a Jewish family named Greenberg on W. 14th Place in Chicago. There is no mention of Esther's husband Leo. Nathan may have come to America first and sponsored the rest of the family to come from wherever they originated in Yiddish Russia. There is no other record of this Palast family in the Chicago census records from through 1920 although my ability to research is limited.

Nathan Palast, Greg's great uncle, went on to become a "Jewish leader" and was president of the orthodox Agudath Achim synagog on Chicago's South Shore from 1940 to 1949. This may be one of the reasons Greg Palast always wears a fedora. Nathan was made honorary life president of the synagog.

Nathan was a leader in the Israel bond drive, active in the Combined Jewish appeal, the Jewish federation, B'nai B'rith, and the Hebrew Theological college, according to a Chicago Daily Tribune article from December 14, 1958. The elder Palast was honored at an Israel Bond Dinner at the synagog he built at 7929 Yates Avenue. B'nai B'rith is the secret Jewish organization that founded the Zionist defense organization known as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in Chicago during World War I.

Chicago is a Zionist hotspot and Greg Palast is the son of one of Chicago's leading Zionist families. This is why he is so dedicated to diverting attention from the evidence of the Zionist involvement in 9-11. This is also why he desperately tries to excuse the Zionist role in the "war on terror" and put the blame for the disastrous war in Iraq elsewhere. This is probably why he diverts attention from the real problems with elections in the United States. He is a Zionist gate-keeper of the left.

A Greg Palast moment.

"I don't see any evidence of Israeli or Zionist involvement in 9-11 or Iraq.

I don't see any evidence of controlled demolition, Thermite, or explosives at the World Trade Center."


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