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Planes - No planes

Author Unknown
September 19,  2007

A magic trick is a little play, carefully built, detail by detail.
It is devised so that everything is so obviously fair
that the one or two small points on which depend
the success of the deception may be slid over without
attracting attention.    John Mulholland
"Plural flashes, both planes had it and the light reflected onto the
plane so the light wasn't reflecting from the plane. Those flashes
were their own little entities."
Plane huggers  // No planers  --Fasten your seat belts. The CALCM cruise missile camouflaged under the jumbo-jet disguise fired a " door opener,"  a  solid DU projectile that burned with a bright white flash a neat circular entrance hole just larger than the missile circumference .....
-- a luminescent yellow / orange lined hole -- that allowed the hardened  missile nose and cigar shaped fuselage payload to penetrate the boiler plate steel exterior wall. The  color of this entry hole is the color of molten steel for a reason. The bright flash was the DU brute force projectile meeting the steel and instantly transforming itself into a super-heated mass of liquid molten burning depleted uranium capable of penetrating the 12 inch thick steel undercarriage of a
military battle tank or 8 inch thick solid steel sides of a battleship like they were constructed of room temperature bars of butter.
The turbo-fan jet powered cruise missile / payload combo - the warhead - was a both accurate  and maneuverable flying bomb equipped with a bunker buster conventional (non nuclear )  HE- EBM  ( High Explosive  -  Enhanced Blast Munitions ) that exploded into multiple fireballs after a time delay indicating the cruise missile was armed with a time delay  barometric fuse that
initiates detonation when the HE - EBM explosive vapor or dust slurry mixture is fully dispersed to maximize the blast characteristics of the warhead. Hence the term enhanced blast.

Military  HE- EBM  ( High Explosive  -  Enhanced Blast Munitions ) explosions create TAN / GRAY smoke that rises in tall thin mushroom clouds where aviation fuel fireballs create extremely thick billowing BLACK  SMOKE that completely hides the burning yellow / orange petroleum of aviation fuel KEROSENE FIRES.
The jumbo-jet overcoat disguise that concealed the cruise missile did have wings that were invisible or transparent in multiple videos captured on cameras located at multiple vantages.
 -- a holographic projection or similar state of the art " special effect " military camouflage technique could be used to generate this illusion.
The WTC 2 MURDER WEAPON  " plane " didn't fire a MISSILE   !!
The WTC 2 MURDER WEAPON  " plane " WAS the MISSILE  !!

Editor's note: Again, I am indebted to knowledgeable people's posts on CIA-drugs listserv, a listserv. This one was from fonebone.


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