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The Webb File


By Tom Heneghan
July 17, 2007

We Continue to Identify the Enemy of the Republic and The American Revolution of 2007 and accordingly and immediately order their Eradication. JOE WILSON AND VALERIE PLAME NOW LINKED TO CLINTON TRUE COLORS BOSNIA ASSASSINATION TEAMS

It can now be reported that Valerie Plame's husband, Joe Wilson's endorsement of unelectable Hillary Lesbian-Rodenhurst Clinton should come as no surprise. As much as Valerie Plame's Brewster-Jennings team had uncovered the attempt to plant WMDs in Iraq and connect the 9/11 dots with the American-Turkish Council and the rogue Gary Best Inc. black ops group, it should be noted that unelectable Hillary and her husband, Bill Clinton, i.e. daddy Bush's little stooge, had been in direct communication with Valerie Plame's group and Colin Powell in the events preceding the decision by Bush fraud to launch the invasion of Iraq. Despite this the unelectable Hillary Lesbian-Rodenhurst Clinton voted to authorize war in Iraq! Now it gets worse.

It can be reported that both Valerie Plame's group and Scooter Libby's group operated in a parallel universe. Both groups were actually high-level black ops assassination teams tied to the Bush-Clinton True Colors Murder Syndicate. In October of 2003 in Paris, France a failed assassination attempt took place against a member of the New Zealand Special Forces, her code name "Lamb Chop." "Lamb Chop" knew too much about the Assassination Teams in Bosnia and the role of Colin Powell as middle-manager in the rogue Gary Best-Bush-Clinton outsourced black ops company. This included, of course, the murder of William Colby, Sonny Bono, John F. Kennedy Jr. and the plot to assassinate then Vice President Albert Gore in Saudi Arabia in 1998. "Lamb Chop" was also victimized back in the year 2002 when former President Bill Clinton, i.e. daddy Bush's little stooge, raped and sodomized her on the island of Madagascar. "

Lamb Chop" has now received a $65 million bribe from Bush-Clinton fixer Colin Powell to keep her mouth shut about her knowledge of the True Colors group and the rape and sodomization she received at the hands of Clinton.

It can now also be reported that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi engaged in a shouting match with Congressman John Murtha, (D-PA) when Murtha discovered that Pelosi was covering up secret 9/11 files she possesses, including True Colors Assassination files, which would jail the Bush-Clinton Crime Families.

It is time for all REAL democrats to rise up and call Pelosi at 202-224-3121 and tell her to quit or face arrest for her misprision of felonies on behalf of the Bush-Clinton Crime Families.

Also call John Conyers and Patrick Leahy at 202-224-3121 and demand that a massive investigation ensue. Reference the frame up by the Bush-Rove Justice Department of the former democratic Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. 44 former State Attorney Generals have called for a massive investigation and a Special Counsel to be appointed by the Justice Department.

Siegelman is a major witness and former FBI informant who gathered evidence on the Bush-Clinton-Oliver North-Alabama-Mena, Arkansas-Iran-Contra narcotics operation. How dare you, you conspiratorial Tyrants and Kings and notable Queens.

Notice to Chrissy Pooh Matthews: Congratulations on showing unelectable Hillary Lesbian-Rodenhurst Clintonıs coming out video. This 19-year old girl says she is hot for Hillary. Question for Chrissy Pooh: Is Susan, Hillary's White House lover, still hot for Hillary? We also know that Susan knows "Lamb Chop" and they both know that little turd, George Stephanopoulos, who arranges the monthly checks for both of them.

Conclusion: The American Revolution Continues..... It is time to have the U.S. Military stand up, arrest this filth and take them to Guillotine Headquarters in Lafayette Park. That is right folks, those Squirrels are Hungry for their Basket Lunch. How Dare You? You Tyrants, Kings and notable Queens.

Remember the reason why we play the Famous French National Anthem is because of those Famous Words: To arms, citizens! Form your battalions! Let us march, let us march! Let impure blood of our enemies soak the furrows of our fields. We Continue to Identify the Enemy of the Republic and The American Revolution in the 21st Century and accordingly and immediately order their Eradication and that Enemy remains America's oldest Enemy the British hofjuden Monarchy. And when all is said and done, when you turn off the Boob-Tube, the Rule Of Law says that Albert Gore Jr., remains the Duly-Elected President Of The United States Of America in the 2000 election. For more U.S. Intel Back Breaking News

July 26, 2007 Bush Clinton Espionage Treason Escalates Breaking News July 26, 2007 It can now be reported Bush Fraud and Dickey Cheney, Karl Rove, and Congressman Rahm Emanuel (D) Illinois i.e. Israeli Mossad Agent Rahm Emanuel have created a Secret Espionage Group that has infiltrated and compromised all the U.S. Attorney Offices and other Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the United States . It can now be reported the Bush Administration is in the process of hiring 15,000 American Citizens to Spy On their Fellow American Citizens. Complete story see us intel breaking news.


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