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Truth or Fiction

The Uniform Commercial Code is a lie!

By Roger Kent Pool

Dear Public Servant,

All human beings, in the course of their lives, are faced with a choice. A human being can take responsibility for themselves, their lives and their actions. Likewise, a human being can submit to the authority of another by relinquishing their rights, giving up their power and voice.

The latter is to be a slave that is dependent on the mercy of another who is not bound to consider the slave's best interest. When one is a slave they cease being a human being and become merely property whose useful life is determined by their ability to produce a profit for their master. We must each individually make this choice. I have made mine.

While the warmth of our mother's womb is still with us we are pricked, prodded, named, and classified. We grow up and are taught to believe the lie that we are merely vehicles of interstate and international commerce. We believe we are each a "person," "individual," "resident," or "motorist" not knowing that this has legal contractual implications that will wholly dominate our lives until we die. We have forgotten what it means to be a human being with rights, powers, and voice endowed to us by our Creator.

We are no longer human beings. We are slaves, property, cattle, and our masters have determined that we have outlived our usefulness. We live a lie. All around we see this truth. We have been made entirely dependent, not on our own ability to sustain ourselves, but on the merciless pittance we are begrudgingly offered. Soon our masters will withhold our sustenance and in ignorance we will perish.

It is the age-old question we face: "live free or die." I have made my choice. If our choice is simply to die then can we accept the crime and responsibility that we also condemn our children to the same fate against their will?

The Uniform Commercial Code is a lie. It is not a civilized system of law. It is a contract to slavery. We have been fooled into submitting to this terrible contract. We falsely believe this code applies to a human being. It does not nor can it apply to a human being. Not surprisingly, nowhere within its pages, does it define specifically within that it applies to a human being. It uses terms like "individual," "party," "person," "corporation" etc., which are merely legal nonsense to describe interstate or international commercial entities. This vagueness is intentional and we are left to decide in ignorance what is what. That alone, by its very nature, invalidates this code.

Second, it establishes by default that we who walk this planet are not human beings but a straw man fiction. We are slaves unless we say otherwise. Would we not be outraged if we were judged and treated, for the purposes of law, as mass murderers until we declare otherwise, a child molester perhaps? Are we to be guilty until proven innocent? All contracts are voluntary and ignorance of the law is no excuse but what of those who had a duty to protect and to warn us and in treason turned away? Is treason a strong enough word?

Any "law" or "code" that is at its heart unconstitutional has no power. The UCC is such a code. For this crime against humanity to be allowed to operate in Our Nation is unforgivable. For this code to be permitted to operate in My Sovereign State is intolerable, shameful and is just cause for defiance!

The UCC is only one of a myriad of frauds that have brought our State and our people to the brink of ruin. We no longer engage in commerce as it is lawfully recognized. We merely occupy ourselves moving around the master"s property pretending to trade and pretending to own that which is not our property to fool ourselves into thinking that a privilege is a right. There can be no profit in this. We no longer use lawful money as we have been tricked into using IOUs instead. We have been ignorantly giving away rights to our land and treasure for a piece of worthless paper. So pervasive is its use that we have tricked ourselves into believing that our Sovereign State is no longer our property. We have traded it under a voluntary contract for nothing, a fiction, and a colorable ethereal lie. The Sovereignty of our State cannot be sold, traded, stolen, or given away. Even if we could sell it, our pockets are not filled with silver or gold and our State Treasury is filled only with worthless paper and electronic nothing.

Editor's note: The "worthless paper" to which he refers is the Federal Reserve Note in the United States as it is a debt instrument.

The contract is between the people and those who are our servants. We cannot right those treasons of apathy and greed that those that came before succumb to. We can assume ownership of that which has always been ours. It is not a matter of "taking back" as it was not "taken" from us in the first place. It is still here and it is still ours. What was taken from us was our ability to see this truth.

We believe a lie. We believe that we must bow to the Federal Government, The State Government or our local Government merely because we breathe. It is a lie. We are human beings and we need not bow to no one. We are not fictions, slaves, or property.

More importantly we are Americans and Sovereign Citizens of our State whose power and rights flow as gifts from our creator and are protected by a trust. The Constitution of Our Sovereign Republic of these united States is that trust and that contract is still in force.

There is but one question we each must ask ourselves and it is a choice we must all make.

Your choice can be found in this simple question:

Are you, My Public Servant, worthy of My trust, and will your future actions prove that you treat your duty to the People of Our State with the seriousness, care, and honesty and at a level that I have the power to compel you to meet, by contract?

From a human being with all respect and grace due another human being I demand, as it is in my power to demand, your answer.


Roger Kent Pool

Aurora Colorado

Instructions To Representative:

I have included a letter and I request that this letter be forwarded to all members of the State House, State Senate, serving State Judges and to the Governor's Office.

It is to be formally entered into the public record.

It is to be read aloud on the floor of the of State House of Representatives in the current or next session.

It is to be released to the press for publication and public dissemination as soon as possible.

This monstrosity we call the Federal Government is out of control, and we need to act to protect our State Citizens from this criminal enterprise. I would suggest that other surrounding Statehouses be contacted as well as I have put this letter out and called for citizens in every State to force their State Governments into Constitutional compliance. I do not have to tell you what we face if we fail.

The letter is self-explanatory.

I take full responsibility for its content.

I know I can count on you for your swift attention to this matter.

If you have further questions I suggest you direct them to me. If an electronic version of this document is required then feel free to contact me.


Roger Kent Pool

Editor's note: Have we been brainwashed to think that we can opt out of the UCC, or is there a way that we can achieve that objective using a clause in the UCC itself? This is why I published this as a Truth or Fiction, and I would sincerely like to hear from anyone who is knowledgeable on this issue. Thank you.


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