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100-starcraft formation 2000' over Roseville California right now

By Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
July 22, 2007

As I write this, a fleet of 100 starcraft are in formation over Roseville (a suburb of Sacramento), California Army Sergeant Justin Johnson, a friend, just phoned me that the fleet is in a formation of two long lines, and hovering or very slowly moving at 2000' altitude above Roseville .

Justin was dumbfounded at the size of this formation, which dwarfs the five-craft display of presence over Lima, Peru some weeks ago.

The craft are best seen with sunglasses to cut through the glare from the sun on the smoggy air. Justin says that when a craft tilts slightly, the glint of reflected sunlight is quite distinct.

Apparently the Star Visitors are ramping up the size of their demonstration-of-presence flights over major population centers.

All to the good, as the UFO Cover-Up slowly but surely crumbles.

Editor's note: Roseville is in the proximate area of Mt. Shasta, a bastion, I am told, of UFO activity where if I am not mistaken, was also told that extrarestrials live too, something that I was told by a young lady who lives at Mt. Shasta.


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