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Are you with me?

As the publisher and Editor-In-Chief of this publication as well as two books on what the American government has done to me which are completely documented, as time as elapsed, I have evolved. I hope, therefore, that you have too because I would be very troubled if you have not.

Of course, some of you are way ahead of me because you were a Christian long before I was. I am a late bloomer as my Christianity only began in 2005. But others, I know, still have not realized that there is something more in this life than just going to work to earn money in order to be able to feed, clothe, and entertain ourselves.

Also, people tend to confuse God with religion. I find myself repeatedly explaining that God is God and religion is religion, adding they are not the same especially these days when the churches have nearly all been co-opted so that their ministers limit themselves to only certain verses in the Bible in order to control their parishioners into believing falsehoods. Too, if a church in the United States is a 501 (c) 3, it is completely under the control now of the federal government completely obliterating the separation of church and state, and anyone who attends such a church will suffer eventually.

One of my supporters in Arizona has my deepest admiration because he and his supporters gather in front of these kinds of churches in order to attempt to persuade the members of said churches that their church is corrupt. He has traveled as far as to the area in which I grew up, Van Nuys, California, to attempt to enlighten the people there, and may have traveled even farther than that for this purpose too.

His work is the reason why I know that my evolution into becoming a Christian is correct, and there are a couple of other reasons also that I know this evolution is valid. If you have read my editions, you understand just how much information I have accumulated in the past 24 years. What you may not know, however, is that when I was compelled to leave Norway in 2005, that country's immigration told me that if I got my own airline ticket with "a connecting flight to the US," that I could go to either London or Zurich. Baring that they would fly me back to the US and expected me to reimburse them. I thought how would I be able to reimburse them if I were arrested and in jail or prison, but didn't say that to them.

I did reserve said ticket; the cost was 5,848 Norwegian kroner, which was the equivalent of $972.00 at that time. But I had no money to pay for this ticket, and every effort I made failed to secure said funds to pay the travel agent for this ticket, yet I did land in London, so how was I able to land there?

The very last afternoon in which I was able to pay for this ticket, I was speaking with one of my friends who owned a convenience store in the city in which I lived at that time, Stavanger, and in walked a 19-year-old Christian girl. She and I struck up a conversation. When I told her what could befall me if I had to return to the United States, she made the decision to give me all of this money, and she had to pay 50 kroner extra in order to convert the cash she had into an instrument that the travel agent would accept, so she put out 5,898 kroner. She was a total stranger to me; neither she nor I had ever laid eyes on each other ever before in our lives.

That act on her part convinced me that God was using her to help me, and if you have read my work, you know that I had by that time, in fact long before, published four century's worth of top secret history of the United States, so God knew He was doing the right thing by making sure that I would not be arrested because I was compelled to return to the United States as Lester K. Coleman was when he went back to either see or enable his wife and children depart the United States for Sweden where he had been granted asylum after co-authoring Trail of the Octopus, a book which exposes what the Defense Intelligence Agency is doing that is illicit.

How many of you would have handed a total stranger nearly $1,000.00? This is what I mean. No one carries out actions like that for someone they don't know. This is why I am so certain of what I am saying. My friend, in whose shop I was, also allowed me to travel from Stavanger to Oslo because she provided me with so many bottles and cans that I could recycle for cash, that I was able to buy the train ticket to travel from Stavanger to Oslo too, something that I had to do because my passport was being held in Oslo, a common occurrence by Norwegian authorities. So with my train ticket and airplane ticket, I deplaned at Heathrow in the outskirts of London and handed the currency exchange representative 400 Norwegian kroner, at which time he said, "Is that all you have?"

I replied, "Yes; I'm lucky to have this much." He handed me something in the area of 29, and I jumped on the tube into Central London as free as a bird instead of in some jail somewhere in America.

Then, God enabled me to achieve something else too, but that will have to wait for another edition as I don't want to burden you with too much now.


Arlene Johnson



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