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America's Concerns


By Pamela Schuffert
February 15, 2007

I am struggling to recover from one of the most strange attacks on my life to date.

I was hit with what could have been a lethal amount of CHEM-BIOS just last week, as I was investigating in a region known to contain a SECRET UN TRAINING BASE high in the mountains near the Canadian border, where various partiot NWO resistance groups live, and MUCH federal agent/foreign troop presence in preparation for a future MARTIAL LAW TAKEOVER for the NWO (New World Order) are.

Amazingly, a local person whose spouse works for the NSA, but who totally is anti-NWO, admitted to me the grim and sobering truth. I am now relating to YOU the words that were spoken to me:

"The PENTAGON has secretly authorized a CHEM-BIO TESTING PROGRAM for the state of MONTANA, which has secretly been going on for the past five years. There is a 'cropduster plane' at the nearby regional airport, that is being used to disperse localized chem-bios to TEST THE RESPONSE OF THE PEOPLE TO VARIOUS CHEMICALS AND BIOLOGICALS. This plane flies low to cover targeted localilzed regions...The local major hospital people from this region being tested are secretly and closely monitoring he people who come in from effected areas. The government wants to KNOW THE EFFECTS of what they are dumping on the locals...."

I was staying in an area that is affected, right ACROSS from another close regional airport, and noted a small plane performing take-offs and landings there. And during the week that I WAS STAYING ACROSS FROM THIS AIRPORT TO INVESTIGATE, I WAS HIT REPEATEDLY WITH FRIGHTENING CHEMICALS THAT SEVERELY AFFECTED THE MIND, and weakened my body considerably, almost causing me to pass out or collapse or faint. The taste of the chemical was metallic and very distinct, and I knew it was coming from the sky above me and dispersed by the winds...waves of intensity would either increase or abate, depending on how the wind was blowing.

Each day it was bad, and would come in waves. I noted carefully the symtoms, and according to what I had previously researched on mood/mind control drugs and chemicals designed for URBAN PACIFICATION and crowd control and creating compliance in the effected people, they mimicked these very kinds of symptoms. They were VERY strong! I finally had to leave the effected area near the regional airport.

I can still taste the metallic tase in my mouth from whatever I had been inhaling for a week...very unpleasant. I am still feeling weak from what hit me...pray for me. Tragically, locals being affected by this do not know about this localized chem-bio testing in their area, and are going to the hospital not knowing what triggered these symptoms in their bodies as well.

Read the following report I just posted on one website discussion board discussing the strange event of HONEY BEES DYING OF STRANGE MALADIES...including in this region I am investigating.

PRAY FOR ME...the residual affects seem to be lingering and I do not know what long term damage has been done.



I just performed a search after reading the article on honey bees dying in British Columbia, in Fraser Valley, the Kootenays and related areas ABOVE WESTERN MONTANA.

The bees fly through the air. Whatever is sprayed into the atmosphere by CHEMTRAIL planes is capable of reaching and affecting the HONEY BEE FOOD INDUSTRY as well.

With the NWO PLAN of WORLD POPULATION REDUCTION through DELIBERATELY CREATED FAMINE, ANYTHING is possible. If they are developing chem-bios that are capable of making HUMANS SICK for their agenda, are they not capable of creating/altering OTHER viruses, parasites, etc., that can affect negatively a major source of food production like HONEY BEES and HONEY???

Also, what is significant about the bees in the FRASER VALLEY and the KOOTENAYS in British Columbia, is that this area is directly linked and above NORTHWESTERN MONTANA.

I just completed some in depth investigating in this region of NW Montana.

In talking with and interviewing one particularly informative and shocking source yesterday, linked with the NSA, I was told directly that THE PENTAGON HAS SECRETLY AUTHORIZED A CHEM-BIO TESTING PROGRAM on unwitting Montanans throughout MONTANA.

This source, whose spouse works for the NSA and who is a Montana native, admitted to me that in nearby COLUMBIA FALLS, MT (GLACIER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT) that a "CROPDUSTER PLANE" is one of the many planes being used to secretly disperse chem-bios over targeted areas for "testing."

The areas mentioned to me include the region of the effected honey bees in BC, since bees travel and are not restricted by national boundaries, and mites and viruses, etc., can spread...and airborn CHEM-BIOS and related things being dispersed from the air, can spread and fall over a wide area.

Also frightening, I found myself for a week to investigate, staying next to a small regional airport near this area. I was distinctly hit by VERY powerful CHEMS being delivered by air last week, as I noted a small plane, similar to the one in COLUMBIA FALLS dispersing chem-bios (CHEMTRAIL TESTING) over targeted aress.

I remain in a state of recovery from the heavy dose of CHEMTRAILS dispersed in my local area...a community potentially a target under future MARTIAL LAW and known to be monitored by Federal agents. Among other thngs, it contains a heavy concentration of militias, but ALSO a pacifist farming community that is known to be among those monitored by the federal government for their distancing themselves from the government and the coming NWO system.

My information source admitted to me that one of the local areas of this secret program, over which the PENTAGON authorized the heavy dumping, low-altitude and localized chem-bio trails, is the northern section of HIGHWAY 93 as it leads to CANADA, going through OLNEY, EUREKA and other towns WELL KNOWN FOR THEIR HIGH CONCENTRATIONS OF ORGANIZED PATRIOT MILITIAS preparing to offer NWO resistance under coming martial law.

In fact, I had interviewed militia members in that region to get some feedback, and they are among the most resolute NWO resister movements the nation will ever see.

It is a GIVEN that they have been monitored and infiltrated to a certain extent by the FEDS, and that it is no coincidence that the nearby Glacier international Airport is housing the planes being used to disperse this deadly chem-bio activity specifically into their region. It is no coincidence that the PENTAGON is experimenting on THOSE WHO ARE KNOWN TO BE ADAMANT NEW WORLD ORDER RESISTERS, because these chem-bios are being developed and tested BY THE PENTAGON AND THE US MILITARY for THIS VERY CONTROL, INCAPACITATE, and to even KILL where deemed necessary.

I remain in a state of recovery and am still suffering from the strange symptoms of whatever was being dispersed into this region. The frightening symptoms of the CHEM being dispersed where I was investigating was: strange metallic taste in the mouth, chemicals that somehow would be perfect for URBAN PACIFICATION, disabling without necessarily KILLING the effected people, STRONG mind/mood altering capabilities, which are perfect for controlling crowds, etc.

In fact, I was hit repeatedly with increasing symptoms of weakness, wanting to collapse, faint, my mind going blank, and more. The residual taste in my mouth lingers as I write this. These government/military people mean BUSINESS with countering all resistance to the NWO and martial law, quite apparently.

Get this information out to people believed living in this region.

Editor's note: I performed heavy editing on this article because Pamela's normal wrting was impaired by the chem-bios which affected her ability to type easily as she normally does.


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