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How would you like to be TORTURED For Knowing the Truth and teaching it?

The Montana Freemen are Political Prisoners who are currently being tortured in jail and may possibly die at any time because of public ignorance of the true law and lack of real de jure Americans.

The government does not bring in the BATF, SWAT teams and Military because a few guys are writing bad checks and stole a news crew camera!! The Powers-that-be do not want you to know this!!

The Freemen were teaching people how to TAKE BACK GOVERNMENT at the local level.

They did two important things : 1. Re-Discovered the supreme Court in the county. This is the highest court in the land, not the Appelate branch Supreme court in the State. There are no lawyers, it is the private side, not the corporate side. The supreme Court justice is appointed, not elected, and they are not government employees with social security numbers!! This is the venue of the People's court of original jurisdiction. The Problem has been that the people fell asleep, forgot there are two forms of government operating side by side, private and contract/commercial, or Equity, and by virtue of the social security number, birth certificate etc., which are contracts, most people today are in a joint-venture capacity with the State, which is a corporation, thus making them employees of the Corporation, and therefore taxable. This has created a dilemma whereby the people have become agents of the agency and have lost their true status as a Principle, who, in contract law, always remains above the agent. The People are the original government, and the public servants in government are our agents!

So the Freemen did what any morally upstanding people would do when the people they hired to uphold the constitution failed to do their job, that is, they had to return to self-governing, which means if the people you hire to do a job do not do it, you do not ask them if you can do the job yourself, YOU DO IT!! They were uncontracted Free Americans who had every right to do what they did; we are a self-governing Nation. And the second important thing they did was break the secret code of the commercial banking system, which is this : All credit is created through the lien process, which is the basis for the commercial credit system. The private credit monopoly, better known as the international bankers do not want this known.

The bankers have a lien on the people, the chattel property, of the United States, who are under martial law as of 1861 and bankrupt as of 1933. So the Freemen placed liens on government officials who failed to uphold their sworn oath and duty of their office. These liens went uncontested and amounted to a total of 17 trillion dollars credit. Next, the Freemen started to pay off the credit debt of the people of the United States in their certified money orders backed by their newly created credit. This would have eliminated the income tax for all Americans!! This worked for years and was not the reason the government came after them. The siege began when they issued arrest warrents for corrupt public officials!!

The Freemen are being held at the following location. All mail and visits are being denied to them. They are routinely being tortured and beaten. PLEASE CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES AND LET THEM KNOW that you know the truth and are not willing to allow this to happen!! To show support for Leroy Schweitzer contact him at :
Leroy Michael Schweitzer
c/o FDC SeaTac
P.O. Box 68976 Seattle, WA 98168

To Complain to the Warden about their treatment and illegal incarceration write to:
SeaTac Detention Facility
ATTN Warden Perrill
P.O. Box 68168 Seattle WA 98168

Here are several out of hundreds of documents that the Montana Freemen filed in their court in Justus Township. If You would like to Order the entire Set of Files (over 300) send cash or a Postal Money Order in the Amount of $50.00 to
Montana Freeman
2532 Lincoln Blvd. #135
Marina Del Rey, CA 90291

If sending a money order please leave the "Pay to" line blank as this allows us to spend them without cashing them in. This eliminates the need for fraudulent reserve notes.

Please specify if you would like them on diskette or CD-Rom. They are in Word Format.

Income Taxes are voluntary and unconstitutional: - They explain the IRS FRAUD in easy to understand terms, and show you how to stop volunteering! And that is just for starters. Social Security is voluntary too, and restricts your freedom! Check out the website to learn more!


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