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Flight 77 "flew" into the Pentagon

By Arlene Johnson

Finally having the ability to read David McGowan's April 13, 2005 newsletter on December 4, 2006 in which he elaborates on American Airlines' Flight 77 into the Pentagon spurred me to add a few thoughts of my own in this alleged crash of a passenger plane into the "Democracy's" fortress.

Some of this is already in the editions I have published on 9/11, but some is new. For example, nobody seems to recount that the Danish Minister of Defense was at the Pentagon that day. He heard the bomb explode five minutes before Flight 77 ostensibly crashed into the structure and remarked about it to the Americans in whose presence he was.

Pentagon officials discounted this brave man's remarks by saying that they didn't hear anything.

Then, we have Susan Olson, ex-wife of Theodore Olson, frantically calling her ex-husband to say that the plane had been hijacked. Now, why would a woman who is divorced call the man from whom she is divorced? Wouldn't one think that she would call someone else, maybe a son or daughter. But, no, it had to be Ted Olson.

Now, we have learned that Susan Olson is living in Sweden, having had surgery to alter her appearance. I wonder if she had this surgery in Sweden too, the Illuminati country that we, who have read my editions know, or if she had the surgery before leaving for Sweden. Okay, guys, confess. Which was it? Surgery in the United States or maybe Canada since I know that plastic surgery is done there too, and then depart for Sweden or straight to Sweden to have the procedure done there?

Oh, and then there was the remarkable article by Dick Eastman in which he disclosed that the part of American Airlines Flight 77 left a strip on the lawn which could have never been from Flight 77 because it did not begin to fit on that particular plane. Maybe the fortunate flight attendant who normally works Flight 77 flights picked up that piece of the flight when officials allowed her inside the Pentagon hole to see the damage from this plane and carried it out to the Pentagon lawn and placed it there for the world to see.

And, oh, the government's "law enforcement" agency better known as the FBI absconded with the tape that showed precisely what happened because the gas station is right across the street from the Pentagon on the very day that the event took place. What's that all about?

My feeling is that Flight 77 was used as a decoy, which thereafter flew onto Reagan National Airport safely landing. Based on the fact that at least two other airplanes carried no passengers that day, it may be possible that Flight 77 didn't either.

So my question for all the conspiracy buffs/researchers is, what happened to the people who were supposed to have been on Flight 77? Did they all move to Sweden too, or was Susan Olson the only one who did?

Gee, I like being able to write my own thoughts. Maybe I'll continue.


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