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The money for Mohammed Atta came from the CIA, and was funneled through Pakistani intelligence.
Why did "Mohammed Atta" forget how to speak German? Because it wasn't him.
Posted on CIA-drugs listserv January 26, 2005


Waco occurred to get rid of FBI/ATF agents who had information which posed a problem. The target was not David Koresh; it was three FBI/ATF agents. The government caused a bigger event to coverup a major target. Provided by D'Anne Burley


Bush has three Eli Lily Executives at the cabinet level.


The benefit of Liver Flushes

The liver/gallbladder flush has been undertaken and recommended by many doctors and pioneers of the past. Cleaning the liver bile ducts is the most powerful procedure that one can do to improve the body‰Ûªs health. It dramatically improves digestion, which is the basis of our whole health. These pictures of liver stones have been received recently by a reader of our ezines:


The Codex Commission is trying to ban nutrients or high dosages of nutrients under the guise of "standardization." After 10 years of discussion, the Codex Guidelines for Vitamins and Food Supplements was adopted in Rome on July 4, 2005. After a similar law was passed in Europe, the Codex guidelines are the last step to total control over the supplement market. Its purpose is to tackle the last bastion of supplement freedom, namely the USA.

Codex means that certain nutrients may disappear completely from the market a few years hence, and that others may be limited in dosage, even though they are perfectly safe in much higher dosages. Even though the general agreement is to limit dosages according to risk assessment, which seems to make a lot of sense, it makes no sense when you think it through to the end.

The risk assessment usually starts from the minimum dosage that has ever been known to cause any damage to anyone, and then builds in a substantial safety factor. In the case of some vitamins, like vitamin D, if that rule was upheld, you could not even take the recommended daily average. Conversely, simple medications such as aspirin damage a substantial number of people every year but there has never been any discussion about taking them off the market. In comparison, almost all nutrients are much safer than almost any pharmaceutical drug on the market.

Thousands of studies show that nutrients are useful beyond the physiological dosage while pharmaceutical drugs which are proven to be effective (even if marginally) can kill a substantial amount of people every year before we will even consider the possibility that they should be taken off the market.


Chemotherapy is an interesting part of oncology because it has been scientifically proven to be mostly useless, yet administered daily by oncologists and paid for by health insurances.

Dr. Ralph Moss' book "Questioning Chemotherapy" states that the result was that with the exception of some rare cancers, chemotherapy treatments have very little effect on the life span of the patients, are completely useless or even harmful. These drugs actually do shrink tumors but life expectancy remains the same.

The Federal Trade Commission and the FDA inhibit the sale of natural remedies that could make the public healthy.
The previous two pieces of information were provided by Dr. Clark Research Association and David P. Amrein. See


Long term marijuana smoking causes impotence in males and eventually also causes psychosis.
Provided by Professor Malcolm Hooper, Professor Emeritus at the University of Sunderland, U.K.


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