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Merck Company Propaganda
Eulogizes Hilleman

By Leonard Horowitz
Sandpoint, Idaho
April 16, 2005

Merck & Co., Inc. took advantage of their leading vaccine developer's death to tell the world how great vaccinations are because of their leadership. Critics say the "propaganda" is especially ironic, since Dr. Maurice Hilleman's death coincided with news of a vaccine-linked outbreak of deadly Marburg virus in Africa.

On April 11, 2005, Merck & Co., Inc. eulogized Dr. Hilleman through Business Wire claiming he, "saved literally millions of lives and . . . protected many millions more from disease."

Many industry observers find this ironic since vaccine industrialists have been culpable for some of the world's most deadly epidemics. In recent years, vaccine-induced illnesses have been determined to range from autistic spectrum disorders in children, including attention deficit disorders and hyperactivity, to AIDS which has killed nearly 40 million people worldwide.

In the eulogy, Merck promoted itself as"a global research-driven pharmaceutical company dedicated to putting patients first. . . . The company also devotes extensive efforts to increase access to medicines through far-reaching programs that not only donate Merck medicines but help deliver them to the people who need them. Merck also publishes unbiased health information as a not-for-profit service."

"Hogwash!" replied Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, author of Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola -- Nature, Accident or Intentional? (Tetrahedron Publishing Group; 1-888-508-4787). This 594-page national bestseller published in 1998 presented Merck and Dr. Hilleman's vaccine enterprise in a much different light. Dr. Horowitz, a Harvard-trained public health investigator concluded Merck's first four experimental hepatitis B vaccines, administered in 1974 under Dr. Hilleman's direction in collaboration with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), triggered AIDS in Africa and gay America. His stunning thesis, presented at the XI International Conference on AIDS in 1996, preceded peer-reviewed scientific publications in the International Journal of Medicine (1997) and Medical Hypothesis (2001). (See: )

Dr. Horowitz's findings particularly disturbed AIDS virus co-discoverer Dr. Robert Gallo, who Dr. Horowitz scientifically challenged during a filmed panel discussion at the conference. (Archive available on request.) Contaminated chimpanzees were shipped from Africa to Merck & Co., Inc. during the early 1970s to supply Dr. Hilleman and federal agency collaborators. They tested four strains of the hepatitis B vaccine simultaneously in New York and Uganda. These antecedents precisely correlated with all known scientific facts regarding the hotly contested "man-made vaccine-linked origin-of-AIDS theory."

These chimpanzees, Dr. Horowitz documented, were ordered by Dr. Hilleman from Litton Bionetics -- the operations administrator for the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Bionetics also served as the premier primate supplier to the vaccine industry while their laboratory experiments mutating cancer and hemorrhagic fever viruses were largely directed by Dr. Gallo on behalf of the NCI. According to the Congressional Record, Bionetics additionally served as the U.S. Army's sixth leading biological weapons contractor during that time, and according to Dr. Horowitz's analysis of Bionetics' records, the Gallo-led group developed numerous AIDS-like and Ebola-like viruses perfect population control as early as 1971.

The Merck release continued . . . "Maurice Hilleman will be historically remembered as THE vaccinologist of the 20th century. His name will be joined forever with people like Pasteur and Koch in the story of man's strivings against pathogens. He was and will continue to be an inspiration to medical scientists seeking ways of using science for the benefit of people. Hilleman and Merck made 'great music' together and made history," said Dr. Gallo, director of the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland's Biotechnology Institute.

Dr. Horowitz also charges this band of vaccine virologists as being "partly to largely responsible" for the emergence of the Marburg virus -- the mother of Ebola. His extraordinary discoveries included NCI interdepartmental records and scientific reports prepared by Bionetics that showed their shipment of 500-600 monkeys to European vaccine production labs in 1967 were contaminated with the first Marburg virus. This deadly agent, currently killing people in Angola, evolved from Bionetics' cancer and hemorrhagic fever virus studies, according to Dr. Horowitz's analysis of their scientific records.

Recombinomics, Inc. President, Dr. Henry L. Niman, believes the current Marburg epidemic, rapidly spreading in urban Angola, was "seeded" into vaccines given to African infants and young poor children. (See: )

Likewise, Dr. Horowitz believes, mentally retarded children on Staten Island, NY were early victims of AIDS from Merck's hepatitis B vaccine experiments overseen by Dr. Hilleman. This work, conducted at the Willowbrook State School, collaboratively involved Merck, New York University, and the U.S. Army.

Contrasting honest scientific reporting with Merck's eulogy, Dr. Horowitz said, "These are the same deadly deceptions pharmaceutical propagandists have conducted for decades. I'm certain Merck & Co., Inc. would like to see Dr. Hilleman buried along with these disturbing facts."

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NOTE TO JOURNALISTS: For more information or an interview with Dr. Horowitz on this vitally important topic please call Elaine Zacky at 1-800-336-9266.

Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.
Steam Vent Inn & Health Retreat
13-3775 Kalapana Hwy.
Pahoa, Hawaii 96778

April 11, 2005

Dear friends and colleagues:

This is an urgent alert!

A Marburg (mother of Ebola) virus outbreak, potentially spreading to other continents, continues to plague urban areas in Angola (Central West Africa). Please read the following disconcerting commentary by Recombinomics, Inc. Founder and President, Henry L Niman, Ph.D.

Dr. Niman conjectures this deadly virus was transmitted by tainted vaccinations given to infants and very young children. Vaccinations are the only common vector for this virus's transmission to poor African children. Adults, along with healthcare professionals, are now getting infected during emergency childcare.

This type of outbreak could not have occurred by accident unless the vaccine maker(s) used contaminated monkeys or chimpanzees to develop the responsible vaccine(s). The alternative is unimaginable -- the children were targeted to receive this deadly virus knowing full well their care-takers would be at grave risk with the high probability of widespread transmission to susceptible populations.

Can you imagine the intentional targeting of innocent children with this most deadly virus?

Unfortunately, I must conclude this is the strongest probability, based on my peer-reviewed scientific publication regarding the vaccine-linked origin of another deadly outbreak -- HIV/AIDS.(See: Horowitz LG. Polio, Hepatitis B and AIDS: An integrative theory on a possible vaccine induced pandemic.J Medical Hypothesis, May, 2001 and

In research published and meticulously referenced in my national bestseller, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola -- Nature, Accident or Intentional? (Tetrahedron Publishing Group, 1998; 1-888-508-4787), I tracked the first Marburg virus outbreak to (Rhabdovirus simian) experiments conducted by Litton Bionetics -- a chief primate supplier to vaccine makers and cancer industrialists worldwide. Bionetics, the medical subsidiary of the mega-military weapons contractor, Litton Industries, not only managed and financially administered the entire National Cancer Institute (NCI) during the 1970s, but also served as the U.S. Army's sixth leading biological weapons contractor during that period. Their military and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) affiliations, as reported in this book, are highly disturbing. Their main African research facilities were centered in Northwest Uganda, near Angola's border, in the heart of "the African AIDS belt," and close to "ground zero" for the emergence of Ebola. Litton's primate colonies were housed in Bionetics' Southeast Uganda facility.

According to the world's most respected vaccine expert, and Merck pharmaceutical company's chief vaccine developer, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, monkey virus contaminations from primate suppliers were excruciatingly common in shipments from Africa to vaccine makers. Although he did not mention Bionetics by name, his testimony is industrially incriminating. (His complete oral testimony on this issue is available from the audio archives of the National Library of Medicine. Relevant sections are presented in "Horowitz "÷On Vaccines'" available through

We know that Marburg's initial 1967 outbreak occurred simultaneously in three vaccine production facilities: 1)Frankfurt,Germany, 2)Belgrade,Yugoslavia, and 3)Marburg,Germany from whence it was named. We also know this outbreak came from the same monkey supplier. In the words of Dr. Rudolph Siegert, affiliated with the Hygiene Institute of the Philipps University in Marburg (Lahn), Germany, who investigated that outbreak most thoroughly at that time, these shipments of monkeys (C. aethiops) came "from the same dealer," in Uganda, that is, Litton Bionetics. (Horowitz, Op. cit., p. 388.)

Today we face the urgency of, yet, another deadly outbreak. I have tried my best for the past dozen years to wake people up to the world's greatest threats posed by economically-biased safety-derelict vaccine industrialists who, for the most part, are shielded by the world's most powerful political elite. My efforts, as well as those by armies of grassroots activists, have failed to stem this rising tide of sickening humanity. Now, all we can do is pray that this planet's destiny mercifully treats those wise enough to avoid deadly vaccinations, other pharmaceutical death traps, and varied genocidal operations bent on planet-wide depopulation.

Sincerely yours,

Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.

From: Commentary

Marburg Seeding Linked to Childhood Vaccine Program?

Recombinomics Commentary
April 10, 2005

Most of the affected persons are children under one year old. Three nurses were also infected. This week, 12 samples tested positive for Marburg fever by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The above comments by Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) on March 25 suggest that the Marburg outbreak in Angola was initiated via a childhood vaccine program. The initial WHO announcement indicated around 75% of the cases were in children under the age of 5. The comments by MSF indicate that more than 67% of the cases under 5 years-of-age were in children under 1 year-of-age.

Since Marburg hemorrhagic fever is now readily transmitting to teenagers and adults, including 17 health care workers, it seems that the concentration of cases in children under 1 was not due to a lack of immunity that coud be found in adults. Indeed, the case fatality rate has been at or near 100% for all cases, regardless of age, with few, if any, survivors.

Unfortunately, the cases in Angola did not receive significant attention until health care workers were infected about a month ago. Within 1-2 weeks the Marburg virus was detected in 9 of 12 fatal cases, and resources began to flow into Angola.

However, it now seems that the effort failed to interrupt transmission when the virus was largely confined to the city of Uige, and now cases in seven provinces have been reported. The number of cases has more than doubled in the past few weeks.

Prior Marburg and Ebola hemorrhagic fever outbreaks had been largely limited to rural areas. However, the cases in the Angola capital of Luanda, and associated slums like Cacuaco, threaten to create a novel transmission setting in a densely populated urban area. This setting could magnify the number of cases, which could lead to a much broader outbreak inside and outside of Angola, potentially leading to a deadly pandemic.


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