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ARLENE LOIS JOHNSON, NSI Publishing, Calais, ME, paperback, (81p)
ISBN: 0-9725798-2-6

In "American History: Volume 1," the editor Arlene Lois Johnson attempts to reveal top secrets in United States history. This book documents twentieth century America's biggest cover-ups that kept the world from discovering the true history of America. The publisher printed a limited number of copies of this book titled "American History: Volume 1." In the next printing of the book, it will be called, "What the U.S. Government Does Not Want You to Know: American History, Volume 1," making this first version a collectors' item.

For many years, advertisers and the elite have prevented the American mainstream press from providing people true information about historical events. The reasons behind these cover-ups are numerous and include the desire to facilitate a New World Order. The book exposes facts that are contrary to widespread public belief. For example, the Warren Commission appointed by the U.S. government stated that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone assassin responsible for murdering President Kennedy. This book claims that this version of President Kennedy's assassination is less credible than other versions of the events that day. Some possible theories indicate that the CIA, the Mafia, or the Cuban government was involved. The book hints at every well-planned conspiracy that ever occurred in twentieth century American history. It also challenges the belief that President Kennedy suffered three bullet shots in the back of his head. An intern at the hospital where Kennedy was treated, Dr. Charles Crenshaw reveals that he examined a shot in the president's forehead. For several years, Dr. Crenshaw maintained silence about this examination because he feared being ostracized. The book also reveals other top-secret events similar to this controversy.

This version of American history highlights conspiracies and unknown parts of history. It challenges the U.S. government and the web of deception it has spun for its people. "American History: Volume 1" is an outstanding book and a must read for all those who want to know the true history of America.

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July 13, 2005


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