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Letters to the Editor

Arlene......Thanks so much for your note...... I published it out on some lists, with all your contact information - hope it helps with your distribution of the very sensitive and informative work you do.

You're a blessing!

Best always,

United States
Thank you Arlene...I am happy to know you too...we are really alike...we are powerful truth seekers...and we are dedicated. You are a true intellectual.

Ken Fox
Dear Arlene,

Good to meet you too!
In response, I just don't remember how I got to your site. I would think that it was through Google or Yahoo as those are the two that I frequently use to check up if there is anything new about KAL 007. Perhaps it was, but it was further on down the pages. There are many interests that you deal with but the thing that attracted me the most about your site is your personal involvement and even passion. I like that! Even your write up on yourself showed it. I think that I appreciate those things more since I myself got into this matter of the survival and rescue/release of the passengers and crew of KAL 007 (now about 15 years). I appreciate also what you say about yourself, and it is very evident to me, that it is people wherever and whatever that interest you. That's good!

Let me know when you begin your Blog.
God's blessing be upon you too!

Bert Schlossberg
Dear Arlene,
You are right. You have some amazing info in this edition. I was reading it last night and hardly could stop reading it. This is excellent timing, because I am writing an article on the Two Witnesses and the Beast. Thanks for a warehouse of information. Excellent work.

All the best,


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