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Treating and Curing Autism and other conditions

By Naseer Ahmed

Just got back from the U.K. where I had a clinic for Autistic children.

Much jet lag and tiredness from which I'm recovering, but I'd like to share the story of my travels with you.

Getting on the train to Devon. A woman with her Autistic child sat down next to me, then moved away. Reminded me of my work with the illness, and how hard I'd tried to help people in the past, some disappointments regarding the turf wars political and economic, and, a lot of success and personal happiness as well. Still, Autism has always been a metaphor for the helplessness we feel, and, especially in this time, how important it is for us to never give up hope, and always struggle to make a difference.

Despite a holiday, more than 50 people showed up at Kendal Hospital for my talk on Autism. The local press had publicised my visit. This is a summary of the background, and my talk.

My son had been diagnosed with Autism at the age of 4. We were told that he was brain damaged at birth, retarded with an I.Q. of 47, and eventually he would have to be institutionalized. I refused to accept this, and actually had been treating him from the age of 2 with alternative methods. We then developed a treatment protocol that could reverse brain disease, and by the time he was 6, his I.Q. was at the normal level, 104, and when he was 9, he was back inregular school with no support, at his age levels, and he went on to complete high school and his first year in college before dropping out. Today he's 25, completely independent, and even has a part-time job.

This was something so remarkable that I had to share the information with other parents, many of whose children improved as well, lobbied the province and city school boards which then improved services to children with Autism, and lastly, tried the media and other doctors. They (media and doctors) weren't interested in anything 'alternative,' and the NDP government which was going to look into the research lost power.

So I published the results of my work, and started my own clinic.A lot of parents from around the world brought their children to see me. I've treated hundreds, 85% of whom improved remarkably, and some even were cured!

I used Holistic Medicine, a combination of nutrition, supplements, lifestyle change, and most importantly, a form of healing I developed myself which works on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels to bring them back into balance.

As my son got better I saw there was a great need with other illnesses, and if I could help others using my gifts, why not? So I started seeing children with juvenile diabetes, arthritis, epilepsy, MS. They got better, then adults came as well, and as more and more people found out about me, they visited in even greater numbers. I put that aside for a while to do research and my spiritual work, but now, with Autism increasing to epidemic numbers, it's time to focus on that again. So I'm reopening my clinic, travelling and using the Internet to educate others, and hopefully, to make a difference.

Several families followed up after. They ALL noticed the calm and peacefulness that came into the children after just one treatment. Several started to speak. Others have noticed significant changes in other areas. I've followed up by Email, and found that improvements have continued to take place.

I did see other people as well. A child with asthma is much better, a family healed. I encouraged others to move on with their life. Two of my students who I've trained to continue my work are in Kendal, and I'll follow up.

Back to Toronto, and there were calls from Morocco and Bulgaria, and even, Toronto :)

On April 15, 2005 there was a show on MSNBC on Autism, how it was so widespread, and that the chairman and CEO of NBC/Universal's own grandson had the illness.They don't know what causes it, and hoped for a cure one day.

Why are children becoming sick? If we don't ask ourselves that question, and work actively to change things, what sort of world will be leaving them?

Naseer Ahmad, M.D.(MA), D.Sc. :)
288 Westmoreland Ave.
Toronto, Ont.
Canada M6H 3A5


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