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Racak Incident & NATO

An important part of President Milosevic's defense is the establishment of the truth about the notorious Racak incident of January 15, 1999, which has been portrayed as a massacre by Serb police of Albanian civilians. The alleged massacre served as pretext for the NATO aggression and is the only incident in the Kosovo "indictment" that dates from prior to the NATO aggression. President Milosevic called important witnesses who countered the massacre version. Forensic expert Slavisa Dobricanin, who took part in the autopsies of the dead bodies found in Racak, confirmed that most of them had traces of gun powder on their hands. Police investigator Dragan Jasovic presented evidence that 30 of the people killed in Racak were known KLA members. The Racak incident was a police action against KLA terrorists. Danica Marinkovic was the Investigating Judge in charge of the incident. She testified that the head of the OSCE mission William Walker tried to prevent her from visiting the scene on her own account and that her team was fired upon by KLA for two days when trying to approach the scene, whereas the OSCE was able to do so. German journalist Bo Adam's testimony concentrated on Bill Clinton's claim that in Racak unarmed civilians were executed "kneeling in the dirt," which Adam, having conducted his own investigation on the scene, proved to be wrong.

Editor's note: The KLA is a CIA proxy, created by the CIA.


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