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The "Peak Oil" Put On

By Ken Adachi
October 22, 2004

This is a big story. It's an attempt by the Illuminati, working through their number one propaganda production factory, the Tavistock Institute in the City of London, to create the illusion that the world is rapidly running out of oil and within a few short years, we will experience unemployemnt, wars, famine, and all manner of horrendous strife as a result of the fallout from the now "rapdily vanishing" oil supplies. It's a scam from top to bottom. If you've noticed that gasoline prices are beginning to rise at gas pumps across America, you can thank this deception for that jump in gas prices and you can also expect those gasoline prices to continue to rise over time and possibly remain at unprecedented high levels from here on out, UNLESS enough Americans wake up to this deceit and demand an end to it.

There are very large number of people out there trying to promote this scam through books, articles, lectures, films, television and talk radio. In America, Michael Ruppert of From the Wilderness is apparently the lead disinformation meister of this flimflam.

The only two people, that I am aware of, with any sizable readership who have been trying to expose this outrageous lie are Dave McGowan through his newsletters and Joe Vialls in articles published at this web site. I'll use this page to post articles from writers and researchers who are trying to expose this pretense, starting with Dave McGowan and Joe Vialls. (Update: January 21, 2004.)

I found a good article exposing Ruppert from Patrick Mooney of <>. If you are investigating this story yourself and come upon other authors who are exposing this story, please forward the information to me so I can take a look at their material and possibly include their articles on this index page.


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