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Who would ever imagine that a product that everyone benefits by would be such cause for deceit? But oil is.

This vital substance, which enables mankind to produce plastic and gasoline (petrol), has been the subject of an enormous cover up for at least the last 30 years.

So it is to the entire world that this edition is devoted because this edition will expose the reality of oil, what some Americans call Texas tea, and others call black gold. Call it what you want, oil is not finite, and it is NOT a fossil fuel.

This edition proves it. If you read this edition, you'll see the word "abiotic" numerous times. Since it is not a word commonly spoken, allow me to clarify it. "Biotic" means living, such as we are or the dinosaurs did. But, adding an "a" before "biotic" negates the word. So "abiotic" means NON living, or no life.

This edition is the first of what will probably be several editions which are not particularly my area of expertise, with the exception of the fact that it is the Illuminati which have been the people who have been deceiving most of us all these years. So if you are like me, you may elect to skip the technical articles even though I tried to summarize them for you in such a way that the non-scientific mind would understand them, and only read the articles by Joe Vialls and Ken Adachi for they, too, prove this thesis, and do it beautifully.

I would, however, like to encourage you to read the first seven articles as the people who authored them are experts whose names should become household words. Let me take this opportunity to thank J. F. Kenney who is in the United States, for his support of this endeavor even though he could not give me permission to reprint the original articles. What a wonderful man he is, and so knowledgeable too.

These articles are very technical in nature, so maybe it is better that I had to summarize them. It forced me to try the best that my sociologically oriented brain could to understand in terms of what these brilliant scientists meant when they wrote them.

Be sure to click on the first Did You Know? feature, too, as there is more on oil there. And be sure to send the Demand for the Government page to the Speaker of the House, and if you want to spend money for a second stamp, send a copy to whomever is the president too. You'll see if you look at that page at the end of this, the shortest edition that I have ever published.

Just as an aside as there isn't anything in this edition about all the SUVs which were so conveniently introduced to first world nations' consumers, but these are gas eaters. If this edition had never been published, the Illuminati would have successfully been able to convince people that we have run out of oil to fuel these monstrous vehicles.

The truth is, everyone, that we will NEVER run out of oil. The proof is in this edition.

In peace and solidarity,

Arlene Johnson


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