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FDR and Hitler

FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) paid the greatest tribute to Hitler--imitation in the form of his later new deal programs.
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The English version of Mein Kampf that is accurate was published by Houghton Mifflin in 1939, licensing the original copyright of 1925 by Verlag Frz, Eher Nachf, G.M.B.H. The translated book was, until 1939, the only English translation of the book, published in 1933, and was a condensed version containing less than half the total text of the German original. Chapter V of the condensed version left out all of what Hitler describes as his wartime reflections on propaganda and on methods for fighting Marxism.
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In  the expensive city of Jackson, Wyoming  the winter playground of the super rich and home of  chicken hawk Cheney,  there is a business openly  listed in in the  Jackson phone directory as the Illuminati.
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Eisenhower was Bernard Baruch's puppet. Ike defied the Geneva Convention leading
to the murder of about 15 million German civilians, prisoners of war, and anti-Communists immediately following WWII making him a MASS MURDERER!
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Until Vladimir Putin became president in 2000, Russian oil policy was dictated by a corrupt alliance of Russian oil producers and the US government. Putin's campaign against Yukos has put a stop to that.
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The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor
John T. Flynn, October 1945

On Wednesday, August 29, 1945, President Truman gave out the reports of the Army and Navy Boards directed by Congress to investigate the responsibility for the great disaster of December 7, 1941, at Pearl Harbor. These Boards had filed their reports nine months ago. Under the pretext that issuance of them would disclose important military secrets President Roosevelt suppressed them. But President Truman has not by any means given out the whole story. Portions of it are still suppressed. He says they will never be given out.
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An ex-CIA senior operative who handled sensitive informants in Iraq asserts that CIA managers asked him to falsify his reporting on weapons of mass destruction and retaliated against him after he refused.

The operative, who remains under cover, claims in a lawsuit made public yesterday that a co-worker warned him in 2001 "that CIA management planned to 'get him' for his role in reporting intelligence contrary to official CIA dogma."
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A brief entry in the diary of the wife of a British spy, Foley, has led to the discovery of the true story behind one of the greatest mysteries of the Second World War, the bizarre 1941 flight to Britain of Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess.

On the evening of May 10, 1941, the Deputy Führer of the Third Reich set out on a secret mission that was to be his last and most important. Under cover of darkness, Rudolf Hess took off in an unarmed Messerschmidt 110 fighter-bomber from an Augsburg airfield and headed across the North Sea toward Britain to negotiate peace between Germany and Britain.
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Sainted Winston Churchill was the first high government official to authorize use of mustard gas against rebellious Kurdish tribesmen in Iraq not Saddam Hussein's cousin. As colonial secretary and secretary for war and air, he authorized the RAF in the 1920s to routinely use mustard gas against rebellious Kurdish tribesmen in Iraq and against Pashtun tribes on British India's northwest frontier.

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