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'Anti-Semitic' Is a Bogus Term As Used

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Os Judeus não são hoje nem nunca foram uma 'raça'
Povos semíticos são aqueles do Oriente Médio que sempre viveram nas áreas do Líbano, Palestina etc. Esses são semitas cristãos, judeus e muçulmanos.
O termo 'anti-semita' se refere na realidade e, portanto, a TODOS os povos semitas e foi grotescamente manipulado (espertamente) por sionistas por muitos anos.
A grande maioria dos Judeus hoje são originalmente Khazares do sudeste da Rússia... um grupo feroz que adotou o Judaísmo no Século IX.
Em verdade, houve uma história rapidamente suprimida na imprensa britânica há coisa de dois anos, que descrevia um trabalho que cientistas de DNA e genética fizeram em Semitas - tanto Israelitas quanto Palestinos etc. Os cientistas descobriram e publicaram dados complicados que†mostravam que havia virtualmente NENHUMA diferença genética entre eles. Descobriu-se que os semitas Israelitas e Palestinos eram geneticamente, virtualmente idênticos. Não foi sem surpresa que essa história praticamente sumiu da noite pro dia.
O Judaísmo é uma RELIGIÃO e o Sionismo é uma filosofia geopolítica.
Já é tempo de aposentar o manipulado termo 'anti-semita' e 'anti-semítico'... eles são termos inexatos e incorretos.)

Provided by Ellen on TheIlluminati listserv, March 8, 2005
Jews are not now nor have they ever been a 'race.'

Semitic peoples are those peoples of the Middle East who have always lived in the areas of Lebanon, Palestine, etc. There are Christian, Jewish, and Muslim semites.  

The term 'anti-semitic' actually and therefore refers to ALL semitic peoples and has been grotesquely misused (cleverly) by zionists for many years.  

The great majority of Jews today are originally Khazars from southern Russia...a fierce group who adopted Judaeism in the 9th Century.  

In fact, there was a quickly-suppressed story in the UK press about two years ago which described the work DNA and genetic scientists did on Semites - both Israeli and Palestinian, etc. The scientists discovered and published hard data that showed there was virtually ZERO genetic difference between them. Israeli and Palestinian semites were found to be genetically, virtually identical. It was no surprise that this story vanished almost overnight.  

Judaism is a RELIGION and Zionism is a geopolitical philosophy.  

It's time to retire the misused term 'anti-semite' and 'anti-semitic'...they are inaccurate and incorrecct terms.  

"One common belief, even among responsible persons, is that refugees have remained unsettled and unemployed largely because Arab governments have inhibited their settlement or have even held them as hostages by not allowing them to settle or go to work. Supposedly, their motivation has been the desire to keep alive the Palestinian issue in the eyes of the world. The evidence is quite to the contrary. Following he upheaval of 1948, virtually all able-bodied male refugees who possessed skills needed in Arab countries, or for that matter elsewhere, found jobs almost immediately and became self-supporting and have never been dependent on international charity. This group comprised some twenty per cent of the total working force which left their homes in Palestine in 1948-1949; for the most part they were the persons from the urban sector of Palestine, their good fortune being that the world needed the skills which they possessed."
Provided by John H. Davis on page 90 in Whose Promised Land?


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