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We have changed the name of the gentleman in this attachment to "Sender", lest anyone else who has that name becomes alarmed.

From:    <Sender>
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Sent:    Tuesday, January 14,2003 11:01 AM
Subject:    Re: Discrimination at USAID

Windy: First, thank you so much for your response and the additional information you provided. Secondly, I wish you the all the best in your struggle with an obviously discriminatory system.

After reading your emails, I am convinced that what I'm encountering is old fashioned well entrenched discrimination. However, after my second unsuccessful interview, I think I may have given them the very nails to hammer my coffin.

After my first interview, I was selected as an alternate candidate and made it all the way to the point when candidates receive their top secret clearances, which I obtained. I kept in close contact with my contact at USAID Human Resources Office and her comments remained very encouraging and supportive through-out. In fact, there was never any indication that I would not be selected, until I wasn't.

After my second interview I was not even selected as alternate. At this time I began to think that the process might be biased. During this period, I was reading some Islamic literature and found your article; this is now about 2 years ago. Foolishly, I downloaded a copy of your article and sent it to my Human Resources contact. Now, after reading your comments,! understand why she seemed frightened to talk to me about the possibility of discrimination in the system. In fact, I haven't been able to communicate with her again, even though I know she is still employed in the Human Resources department.

It does seem that someone at the very highest levels of USAID is stopping the hiring of certain "types" of individuals even when those at the lower levels, who conduct the interviews, deemed them well qualified. I do intend to follow this up, but all I have at this point is a "feeling" no hard proof as you did in your case. When I asked  for justification for my non-selection, I get the usual "there were just so many well qualified candidates and there were a few who were more qualified than you." What can I do with something like that?

I would like to find out just how many Muslims (Arabs and non Arabs) are actually working at the USAID at any level and in any capacity. My guess is not many.

Thanks again for your assistance and again, all the best - Sender


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