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The Sons of Abraham

There is a gathering way out in the desert sands.
The Sons Of Abraham are coming back to
join forever hand in hand
Asking for mercy -
Asking for forgiveness -
No more blood, the sands are drenched
The milk and honey's gone and dried up -
Our throats are parched
The stones that lay upon stones in wreckage...
Cry out for restoration.
Restore our broken history -
Restore our broken hearts...
They say!

Most of all... our Father Abraham keeps
Calling from his ancient grave:
"Come back my sons (Isaac & Ishmael) -
Heal up your wounds-
I loved you both -
Perhaps I never showed it -
Perhaps you never knew it -
Old man was I when you were born -
Two wives had I
My heart was torn
Two sons had I ...
I made you go your separate ways -
And then I died -
I have cried through the
centuries of your pain -
Now, now the time has come for
the joining of my sons.

By KenFox
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