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An Open Letter
to the Israeli Government

The American (Jewish) Foreign Minister Morgenthau flew to Moscow, BEFORE Hitler was even in power and met with the Soviet (Jewish) Foreign Minister Litvinov, and they made plans for the division of Germany into TWO zones, after the next conflict (which they knew had already been planned).

The NSDAP worked in conjunction with the Zionists (Havaraa Agreement /Rhublee-Wohltat Agreement) to get the European Jews to emigrate to Palestine. This cooperation was sabotaged by the Allies NOT the Nazis.

The Nazis, allowed the Jewish Flag to be flown, allowed Jewish Youth Groups to be created, created Jewish schools and Kibbutz's in Germany AND imported Rabbis to look after the Jews in those institutions. An SS Officer was sent to Palestine to facilitate the emigration and Goebbels even had coins made, with a Swastika on one side and a Mogen David on the other side as a gesture of the good cooperation. 

There were, according to Dr. Riggs' book 'Hitlers Jewish Soldiers' more than 150,000 Jews in the Wehrmacht, and according to the Simon Wiesenthal website more than 600 Karaite Jews fought in the SS.  (How many Jews are fighting for the Hizbollah???)

The Nazis issued FOOD stamps to the thousands of Jews running around free and unmolested throughout Germany during WW II.  (Read the story of Rabbi Leo Baeck and his flock of 5,000 in Berlin until 1943 when many were shipped to the Jewish ERUV of Theresienstadt).
More than 1,000 Jews were still freely going about their business in Hamburg at the end of the war. The Nazis heated the Jewish barracks in the camps and  allowed them to get married and produce children.   Why require them to be operated on by JEWISH Doctors ONLY, IF the Nazis wanted to kill them all??

Does ISRAEL provide the Palestinians with these things Mr Levin?? 

The answer is NO, so Israel IS treating the Palestinians worse than the Nazis treated the Jews, is it not?


Paul Filmer


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