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Voices of the Censored and Ignored:
The author of The Jewish Peril:
Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

By Arlene Johnson

The Jewish Peril:
Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
Author unknown
Schetaligs Bokhandel
Copyright © 1920

People are told that this book should not be read. This is one of the books which informs best, and is a must read!

On page IV (Introduction) already we are told the truth in "We trust that the Gentiles will not entertain feelings of hatred against the erroneously believing mass af [sic] [should be of]  Israel in its innocence of the Satanic sin of its leaders--the Scribes and Pharisees--who have already once proved themselves to be the destruction of Israel."

It's no wonder this book has been condemned by the elite as well as in Russia (See page 1 of this book). It is a threat to them.

From page 5 of the main portion comes this "not only for the sake of advantage, but also for that of duty and victory, we must keep to the program of violence and hypocrisy. Our principles are as powerful as the means by which we put them into execution. That is why not only by these very means, but by the severity of our doctrines, we shall triumph and shall enslave all Governments under our super-Government.

On page 8 this "The press in the hands of existing governments is a great power, by which the control of people's minds is obtained."

Also on page 8 "To-day I can assure you that we are only within a few strides of our goal. There remains only a short distance and the cycle of the Symbolic Serpent--that badge of our people--will be complete. When this circle is locked, all the States of Europe will be enclosed in it, as it were, by unbreakable chains."

From page 9-10 "We intend to appear as though we were the liberators of the labouring man come to free him from this oppression, when we shall suggest to him to join the ranks of our armies of Socialists, Anarchists and Communists."

From page 11 "We will create a universal economical crisis, by all possible underhand means and with the help of gold, which is all in our hands. Simultaneously we will throw on to the streets huge crowds of workmen through Europe. These masses will then gladly throw themselves upon and shed the blood of those of whom, in their ignorance they have been jealous from childhood, and whose belongings they will then be able to plunder."

Also on page 11 "Remember the French Revolution, which we call the 'Great,' the secrets of its preparatory organization are well known to us, being the work of our hands."

People who hold the Masonic Lodge responsible will benefit by the following on page 13. The masonic lodge throughout the world unconsciously acts as a mask for our purpose. but the use that we are going to make of this power in our plan of action, and even our headquarters, remain perpetually unknown to the world at large."

This book spells out how these people plan to control us as on page 14 it states "What form of government can be given to these societies other than the despotic form, which I will describe to you.

We will organise a strong centralised government so as to gain social powers for ourselves. By new laws we will regulate the political life of our subjects, as though they were so many parts of a machine. Such laws will gradually restrict all freedom and liberties allowed by the Gentiles. Thus our reign will develop into such a mighty despotism, that it will be able at any time or place to squash discontented or recalcitrant Gentiles."

On page 15 "The only society known to us which, would be capable of competing with us in these arts, might be the Jesuits. But we have managed to discredit these in the eyes of the stupid mob as being a palpable organisation, whereas we ourselves have kept in the background, reserving our organization as a secret."

Also on page 15 "but to us, 'the Chosen People,' the matter cannot be indifferent. For a time the Gentiles might perhaps be able to deal with us. But on this account we need fear no danger, as we are safeguarded by the deep roots of their hatred for one another, which cannot be extracted.

We set at variance with one another all personal and national interests of the Gentiles, by promulgating religions and tribal prejudices among them, for nearly twenty centuries.... All the wheels of state-mechanism are set in motion by a power, which is in our hands, that is to say-gold."

And this gem of truth on page 16: "nowadays it is more important to disarm the people than to lead them to war... The main problem for our government is: how to weaken the brain of the public by criticism, how to make it lose its power of reasoning, which creates opposition, and how to distract the public mind by senseless phraseology."

This book exonerates the founding fathers with the following from page 23 "We have befooled and corrupted the rising generation of the Gentiles by educating them in principles and theories known to us to be thoroughly false, but which we ourselves have inculcated. Without actually amending the laws already in force, but by simply distorting them and by placing interpretations upon them which were not intended by those who framed them, we have obtained an extraordinarily useful result."

                        The Results of Brainwashing

On page 25 the following: "The mob is used to listen to us, who pay for its attention and obedience. By these means we shall create such a blind force that it will never be capable of taking any decision without the guidance of our agents, placed by us for the purpose of leading them."

                        A Mere Puppet in Our Hands

On page 27 "This power we will give to the responsible president, who will be a mere puppet in our hands. In that case the power of the president will become a target exposed to various attacks, but we will give him means of defence in his right of appeal to the nation that is to say, direct to the people, who are our blind slaves--the majority of the mob.

Moreover, we will empower the president to proclaim martial law. We will explain this prerogative by the fact that the president, being head of the army, must have the same under his command for the protection of the new republican constitution, which protection is his duty as its responsible representative."

Editor's note: When the author mentions "responsible" he is not talking about being responsible to the people; he is talking about being responsible to those who control him.

"Of course, under such conditions, the key of the inner position will be in our hands, and none other than ourselves will control legislation."

                        Complete Invulnerable Control

On page 29-30 "It is essential for us that, from the first moment of its proclamation, whilst the people will be still suffering from the effects of the sudden change and will be in a state of terror and indecision, that they should realise that we are so powerful, so invulnerable, and so full of might, that we shall in no case take their interests into consideration. We shall want them to understand that we will not only ignore their opinion and wishes, but will be ready at any moment or place to suppress with a strong hand any expression or hint of opposition."

Freedom of press will be completely eradicated around the world.

Skipping to page 34 we read the following: Under the name of Central Commission of the Press, we will organise literary meetings, at which our agents unnoticed will give the countersign and the passwords. By discussing and contradicting our policy, of course always superficially, without really touching on the important parts of it, our organs will carry on feigned debates with official newspaper[s] in order to give us an excuse for defining our plans with more accuracy than we could do in our preliminary announcements. But this, of course only when it is to our advantage. This opposition on the part of the press will also serve the purpose of making the people believe that liberty of speech still exists."

                        For the Christian Zionists

On page 37 "When we establish ourselves as lords of the earth, we will not tolerate any other religion except that of our own, namely a religion recognising God along with whom our fate is bound by His election of us and by whom also the fate of the world is determined.

For this reason we must destroy all professions of faith. If the temporary result of this is to produce atheists, it will not interfere with our object, but will act as an example to those generations to come, who will listen to our teaching on the religion of Moses which, by its resolute and well sub-doing all nations under our feet."

                            No Appeal

On page 39 "The decisions of our [Super] Government will be final, and no one will have the right to appeal."

                            The Police

On page 40-41 "The services of the police are of extreme importance to us, as they are able to throw a screen over our enterprises, invent reasonable explanations for discontent among the masses, as well as punish those who refuse to submit."

                            On Right and Duty

On page 46 there is what seems to be an oxymoronic phrase for the author states "As you can see for yourselves, I base our despotism on Right and on Duty. The right of the government to insist that people should duty is in itself an obligation of the ruler, who is the father of his subjects. Right of might is granted to him in order that he should lead humanity in the direction laid down by the laws of nature, that is to say obedience."


If Right and Duty isn't bad enough, given the fact that those who don't accede to the will of these belligerents will be automatically exterminated, the author's statement on universities is "The heads of the universities and their professors will be specially prepared by means of elaborate secret programmes  of action, in which they will be instructed and from which they will not be able to deviate with impunity. They will be very carefully nominated and will be entirely dependent on the government."

Later on the same page, 47, the author wrote "Instead of classics and the study of ancient history, which contains more bad examples than good, we will introduce the study of the problems of the future. We will erase from the memory of man, the bygone ages, which may be unpleasant to us, leaving only such facts as would show the errors of the Gentile governments in marked colours."

Here the author seems to forget that these individuals have controlled Gentile governments for 20 centuries, so every bad action that they have performed can be laid as their responsibility.

                            The Law

On page 49 the author states "Barristers, as well as judges, will have no right to interview their clients and will receive their briefs only when they are assigned to them by the law court and they will study these solely from reports and documents, and will defend their clients after they have been examined in court by the prosecution, basing the defence of their clients on the result of this examination."

He doesn't indicate whether or not those who don't accede to this despotism will have the right to a lawyer before they are exterminated or not.   

On page 51, the author actually admits that "How could we achieve our aim of creating disorder in the administrative institutions of the Gentiles if not by some such means as this?"

What the author doesn't seem to realize is that this despotic government they want to create will be no different. Or he realizes it, but just doesn't want us to know that he does.

Any organization such as this which carries out deviant acts in order to achieve a goal will not suddenly stop in my humble opinion once that goal is achieved. The author admits on page 52 that "It must be known that we have destroyed the prestige of reigning Gentiles by means of private assassinations, accomplished by our agents, the blind sheep of our flock, who can easily be induced to commit a crime, so long as such a crime is of a political character."

Then, with extreme hypocrisy the author on page 53 states "By a strict observance of appearances our ruler will use his power only for the benefit of the nation, but never for his own good or for that of the dynasty."

                            Private Property

The author states on page 55 that "Through a legalized fiction, our sovereign will be the owner of all property in the state (this is easily put into practice). He will be able to raise such sums of money as may be necessary to regulate the circulation of currency in the country."


"All economic crises, which we have so skillfully arranged in the Gentile countries, we carried out by means of withdrawing currency from circulation" the author states on page 58 and further states "Large fortunes are congested, money being withdrawn from the government within its turn is obliged to appeal to the owners of such fortunes, in order to raise loans. These loans have put heavy burdens on governments, compelling them to pay interest on the borrowed money, and thus tying their hands."

What the author does not admit is that these people are the ones who caused all this to happen in the first place.       

                            Blame the Victim

On page 60 the author states "Through their carelessness in statesmanship, or owing to the corruption of ministers, or their ignorance of finance, Gentile sovereigns have put their countries in debt to our banks so that they can never pay off these mortgages." However, the author immediately acknowledges their hand in all this with the following sentence "You must understand to what pains we must have gone in order to bring about such a state of affairs."

Indeed, Rothschild allowed every trader in London to believe that Napoleon won the Battle of Waterloo so all his agents would be able to purchase the securities that these traders sold at a fraction of their worth. This event occurred approximately 89 years prior to his writing this book* and only 36 years before the western European sector of the Illuminati was established. (The western hemisphere's sector of the illuminati was not formed until 1921--the Council on Foreign Relations.

*Editor's note: Some of us theorize that it was Rothschild in the U.K. who wrote this book. The Rothschild's father established the brothers in five countries, the U.K., France, Austria, Germany, and Italy.

Moreover, the author must have known that Abraham Lincoln refused to borrow from them garnering his assassination to the point that no other American leader dared to cross these money hungry individuals until John F. Kennedy tried to end their reign of terror by floating over four billion dollars with of Silver Certificates which began the collapse of the Federal Reserve Bank, a privately owned bank, which is owned by these Satanic Jews.

This last event, unknown to the author, was one of the main reasons for Kennedy's assassination, but which could have been predicted by the author, since these rogues could have easily surmised that there might have been a leader of one country who would aspire to break their activities.

                        Stock Exchanges

"When our sovereign is enthroned over the whole world, all these tricky financial operations will vanish. We will destroy the market in public funds, because we will not allow our prestige to be shaken by the rise and fall of our stocks, the value of which will be established by law at par without any possibility of fluctuations in price.

What the author fails to mention on the aforementioned pages 63-64 is the fact that it is they who cause the fluctuations in price so as to cause depressions the one of which occurred in 1893 which led to the illegal creation of the Federal Reserve Bank in which one of their agents, Bernard Baruch, managed to get President Woodrow Wilson to sign into law the legislation Congress passed.

Thereafter in 1929, these immensely powerful international bankers instigated the Great Depression which harmed the entire world because of their greed.

                        The Will of God

The author, on page 64, has the audacity to state "Is it still necessary for us to prove that our rule is the will of God? Is it possible that, with such vast riches, we shall not be able to prove that all the gold, which we have been accumulating for so many centuries, will not help in our true cause for good--that is to say, for the restoration of order under our rule?

It may require a certain amount of violence, but this order will eventually be established."

Violence! There isn't a word strong enough to define what has occurred and what is planned that this author had mentioned earlier in this book (extermination) that God could allow. So how this author could ask a question of this nature would confound even the philosophers!

                        Peoples' happiness

"Our power" the author states on page 65, "will be the organiser of order in which lies peoples' happiness."

More and more people around the world, which includes the United States, are beginning to question the status quo, i.e. all these wars, mainly recent, that the elite have instigated. Is the author so contemptible that he thinks people will find happiness being controlled?

The author even admits on page 67 "Only such men as are capable of governing firmly, although perhaps cruelly, will be entrusted with the reins of government by Elders." This is more reason to question how the author can state that mankind will be happy.


After the signature of the representatives of Zion of the 33rd degree, we find on page 71 of said epilogue, the following: "When we read such words as "Gopayon," 14, page 1 "Eban-Gaizar," 44, page 81; "xxxvi. Ebamot," 98; "xxv. Ketubat," 36; "xxxiv. Sanudrip," 746; "xxx.Kadushin," 68A--which were all written in order to glorify the Jewish races, we see that they really treat all Gentiles as though they were beasts, created only to serve them. They think that people' properties and even their lives belong to the Jews and that God permits His chosen race to make what use they like of them.

According to their laws all their ill-treatment of the Gentiles is forgiven them on the day of their New Year, at which time also indulgence is given them the ability to renege on their word in the coming year.

Another truth, which is on page 73 of the epilogue states "The form of Gentile government most after the Jews' own heart is a Republic, because with such they can the more easily manage to buy a majority and the republican system [representatives representing people instead of people representing themselves] gives their agents and army of anarchists unlimited freedom. For this reason the Jews are such supporters of Liberalism and the stupid Gentiles, who are befooled by them, ignore the already evident fact that, under a Republic there is no more freedom than under an autocracy; on the contrary, there exists an oppression of the few by the mob, which is always instigated by the agents of Zion.

According to the will of Montefiore, Zion spares no money or means in order to attain these ends. In our days all governments throughout the world, consciously or unconsciously, are subject to the orders of that great super-government which is Zion, because all their bonds are in the possession of the latter and all countries are indebted to the Jews to such an extent as never to be able to pay off their debts. All trade, commerce, as well as diplomacy, are in the hands of Zion. By means of its capital it enslaved all Gentile nations. By dint of intensified education on a material basis the Jews laid heavy chains on all the Gentiles, with which they have attached them to their super-government.

 The end of national freedom is at hand, and therefore also individual liberty will come to an end, because true liberty cannot exist where the lever of money renders it possible for Zion to govern the mob and to reign over the more worthy and more reasonable portion of the community ... "Those that have ears to hear, let them hear."


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