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Voices of the Censored and Ignored:
Quotes from David Irving

By Arlene Johnson

Hitler's War
by David Irving
©1977 London
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
ISBN 0 340 16 7475

By way of explanation as to the reason I chose David Irving's book Hitler's War, allow me to inform you that David Irving has been banned from many countries, including Canada, New Zealand, etc. Why? Those who wish to misinform don't want people to hear what Mr. Irving, a British historian, has to say about World War II. If he disseminated disinformation, it would be possible to debate and secure the truth in that way, but to deny him the ability to speak with people proves that he has something to say that is honest. Here then are quotes from one of his books that in this writer's opinion are true.

Page xiv "...the secret extermination camps did not begin operating until December 1941...."At the January 1942 Wannsee Conference"?--but the incontrovertible evidence is that Hitler ordered on November 30, 1941, that there was to be 'no liquidation' of the Jews (without much difficulty, I found in Himmler's private files his own handwritten note on this...."The Jews were brought by the trainload to the ghettos already overcrowded and under provisioned."

Page xv "What we can prove is that Himmler several times explicitly accepted responsibility for the liquidation decision." " April 1945 whatever inhibitions he [Hitler] may have felt were overcome, and we find him ordering Himmler to liquidate any unevacuated prisoners from concentration camps that were in danger of being overrun by American troops."

Page 15 "But Heydrich had not in fact secured Hitler's approval for liquidating Jews."

Bear in mind that this was at the beginning of the war as evidenced by the small page number, whereas in the prefix, the information is a synopsis of the entire book.

Page 15 "Hitler, however, favored only a deportation of the Jews, as became clear to both Brauchitsch and Himmler when they conferred separately with Hitler at Zoppot on September 20."

Page 15 "The formerly German provinces of Poland would be reannexed to the Reich; an adjacent Gau, or district, made up of Polish-speaking population would have Cracow as its capital...This Gdu--the later Generalgouvernement would be a 'kind of no-mans-land' outside the planned East Wall: it would accommodate the Polish Jews."

Page 15-6 "Hitler also authorized Heydrich to unload as many Jews as possible into the Russian zone. To facilitate this expulsion the Jews were to be concentrated in the big Polish cities. They would be joined by the Jews and the remaining thirty thousand gypsies from Germany."

Page 30 "As for the Jewish question, the Germans proposed that it be solved by using the new Poland as a sink into which Europe's Jews should be emptied."

Page 34 "He [Hitler] singled out Churchill--who was then First Lord of the Admiralty--as a representative of the Jewish Capitalist and journalistic circles whose sole interest in life lay in the furtherance of Arson on an international scale."

Pages 34-5 "In Holland, however, Dahlerus waited in vain for the promised British emissary. The British foreign office asked him to describe Hitler's proposals to their local envoy and to remain at The Hague until he heard from London. Berlin optimistically viewed this request as a positive token of British interest and agreed that he should wait there. But Chamberlain's eagerly awaited speech to the House of Commons the next day, October 12, exploded Hitler's confident expectation that peace was about to descend on Europe after five weeks of war."

To analyze this previous quote, allow me to state that Hitler was negotiating peace with Great Britain, and Churchill disappointed him because he didn't want peace; he wanted war. There is other evidence that Hitler didn't want to go to war against Britain; this isn't the only evidence of that fact.

Page 35 "Before these answers came, Weizsäcker wrote two days later, 'the Führer himself had indulged in great hopes of seeing his dream of working with Britain fulfilled. He had set his heart on peace."

Imagine that if peace had been secured with the U.K, years wouldn't have passed in which the Zionists could claim that 6 million had been gassed as there would not have been enough time to have exterminated all those people. It is my considered opinion that a great deal of time had to be spent in keeping the war alive so that a claim of that magnitude would be accepted by people, that if Hitler's war amounted to only invading Poland and Czechoslovakia  the war would have ended too soon for anyone to have believed that 6 million were gassed to death. There simply would not have been enough time.

Page 127 "He [Hitler] never felt as secure here [Forest Meadow in South Belgium] as at Münsterlifel. Perhaps it was the swarms of mosquitoes that rose from the dense undergrowth all around to plague him. Perhaps it was the general impatience to end the war."

Page 130 "For the time being Himmler reluctantly kept the able bodied Jews alive for the work they could perform, but farther east the Gauleiters had no intention of preserving the unemployable Jews: a letter dated October 25 in SS files states that Adolf Eichmann had now approved Gauleiter Lohse's proposal that those arriving at Riga should be killed by mobile gas-trucks....Soon the Jews from the Lodz ghetto and Greiser's territories were being deported farther east--to the extermination camp at Chelmno. There were 152,000 Jews in all, and Chelmno began liquidating on December 8."

Page 136 "France would be required to make available an overseas territory to accommodate Europe's Jews-he considered Madagascar best suited. Hitler revealed this decision to Admiral Raeder on June 20 [1940] and evidently to Ribbentrop and Himmler soon after, for experts in the foreign ministry worked eagerly on the Madagascar plan throughout the summer, and the Reichsführer SS definitely issued corresponding instruction to the police generals in the east."

Page 144-5 "Two days later Ribbentrop confidentially cabled his ambassador in Madrid that only the Churchill clique stood in the way of peace and that if the duke [Duke of Windsor] so desired Germany was willing to smooth the path for the 'duke and duchess to occupy the British throne'."

Page 302 "Ever since the summer of 1940 Goebbels had impatiently prepared for the rapid deportation of Berlin's seventy thousand Jews to the east-to Poland; but the war needs for transport overrode his ambitions, and he told the Berlin police that they could not begin the big roundup until the war was over."

Page 325-6 "The first big anti-Jewish SS action occurred at Kiev at the end of September. The report to Canaris by the previously mentioned aide noted: 'Orders are that the Jews are to be 'resettled.' This takes place as follows: the Jews are ordered at short notice to report to specific collecting points with their best clothes and their jewelry on the following night. No distinctions are made as to class, sex, or age. They are then taken to a preselected and prepared site outside the town concerned, where they have to deposit their jewelry and clothes under the pretext of having to complete certain formalities.  They are led away from the road and liquidated. The situations that arise in the process are so horrifying that they can not be described. The effects on the German squads are inevitable--the executions can usually only be carried out under the influence of alcohol. An SD officer ordered to act as an observer related how he had nightmares of the most terrible kind for days afterward. The native population reaction to this liquidation program, of which they are fully aware, calmly and sometimes with satisfaction, and the Ukrainian militia actually take part.' There were even protests that some Jews were escaping the net cast by the SS task forces. [footnote] 1 See immediately below:

1 Thus a renegade Russian major named Chumak wrote in a report in December 1942 (forwarded by Colonel Gehlen, the new head of Foreign Armies East, to his superiors): "Take the Ukraine: for twenty-three years this nation had to bear the Jewish yoke without protest and in far greater degree than any other nation in Russia ....Yet even though all the Jews were shot between September 28 and October 1 [1941], Kiev is now swarming with them again, and all of them have been issued Russian papers." [End footnote]

The actual origins of the Kiev pogrom are obscure. The report of the security police suggests that the massacre was reprisal impatiently demanded by the Ukrainians themselves, since it was the Russian Jews who were reported to have acted as NKVD agents and set fire to the city after the Germans moved in. Whatever the origin, on the last two days of September 33,771 Russian Jews were executed at Kiev. One month later the figure had risen to 75,000.

There are compelling indications that all this was planned long before 'Barbarossa' began: at a course for SS task force commanders at Düben in June, Heydrich had instructed them--according to Walter Blume, one such commander--that these Ostjuden were the intellectual reservoir of bolshevism and 'in the Führer's view' were to be liquidated. Himmler, the SS Reichfüher, had orally briefed them in the same sense in May, and late in September he toured the task force headquarters and announced to them--for example to Otto Ohlendorf, commanding Task Force D, in a speech at Nikolaev--that he alone 'in association with Hitler' was responsible."

Page 327 " direct report by Himmler or Heydrich to Hitler on the barbarous massacres of Russian Jews they themselves had witnessed has ever come to light."

Page 327 "Colonel Rudolf Schmundt, a regular visitor to the Russian front, appears to have suspected what was going on there; for when Hitler's movie cameraman Walter Frantz willingly accompanied Himmler to Minsk on an outing with Stage designer Benno von Arent, he found himself the horrified witness of a mass open-air execution; Schmundt advised him to destroy the one color photograph he took, and 'not to poke his nose into matters that did not concern him'."

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