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From the Mouths of the Belly of the Beast:
Quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt

By Arlene Johnson

Mother R: Eleanor Roosevelt's Untold Story
Author: Elliott Roosevelt
G. P. Putnam & Sons, New York
Copyright ©1977

Page 40 "... he [Truman] had reason to keep her [Eleanor Roosevelt] close at hand."

This indicates that she knew what FDR planned.

Page 41 "...he [FDR] had kept Truman in blank ignorance of the atom bomb, unaware of the very existence of the Manhattan Project."

Page 64 "The President [Truman] wanted to learn from Mother [Eleanor] what father [FDR] had planned. 'I do not know,' she replied. 'I never really discovered what was in his mind."

Page 65 "She [Eleanor] must devote herself to achieving his [FDR] objectives,"

Page 112 "Bernard Baruch, the self-acclaimed 'advisor to Presidents' whose attachment to the White House had multiplied his Wall Street fortune, was another willing Samaritan after she [Eleanor] approached him as usual as 'my dear friend'."

Birds of a feather flock together. Eleanor Roosevelt was contacting friends to save her daughter and son-in-law's newspaper The Arizona Times. If you recall, Bernard Baruch was the man who controlled President Wilson causing him to sign the legislation which created the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank.

Page 187-8 "A woman [Palestinian] in one tent held out her sick baby for inspection; it had been bitten by a snake the previous day. 'There was nothing to prevent snakes from entering,' Mother noted, 'and babies lying on the floor were easy prey.' Compassion did not stir in her as it had at the sight of the old woman on her knees at Zilcheim, crying, 'Israel! Israel!' "


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