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From the Mouths of the Belly of the Beast:
Quotes from David Ben-Gurion

by Arlene Johnson

David Ben-Gurion:
A Personal History
American Israel Publishing Co., Ltd.
ISBN 45001383 9
©1971 Tel Aviv
Composed, printed and bound by Keter Inc., Jerusalem, Israel

Ben-Gurion stated that Jewish population (see pages 7-8) in "1880 the percentage of Jews living in Europe reached its peak. There were then some 7,750,000 Jews in the world; 6,858,000 (88.5 percent) resided in Europe, 620,000 (8 percent) in Asia and Africa, and 250,000 elsewhere.**

The absolute number of Jews in Europe continued to rise even after 1880, and by 1935 there were some 9.7 million Jews residing on that continent. But by that time they constituted only 58.2 per cent of world Jewry because, in the interval, new Jewish communities had grown up overseas. The 1880s saw the beginning of mass Jewish emigration from Europe, particularly from Eastern Europe. As a result two new centers of Jewish population evolved. One was in the United States, where a large Jewish community with considerable economic and political strength developed. The second, much smaller in number but more important because of its quality and its influence on the fate of Jewry, was the new community in the Land of Israel.

Between 1881 and 1914, 3 million Jews left Eastern Europe. From 1914 until the Second World War, a million more departed. Until 1930 the Jews migrated mainly to North America: in the fifty years between 1880 and 1930 almost 3 million Jewish migrants entered the United States. At the beginning of the nineteenth century American Jewry numbered only a few thousand, and by the middle of the century no more than fifty thousand. By the end of the nineteenth century there were more than a million Jews in the United States, and by 1939 4.8-million. Jewish communities developed in other parts of the American continents as well, the largest of them in Argentina and in Canada. Jewish migration also reached South Africa, and between 1850 and 1935 the number of Jews in that country grew from five hundred to one hundred thousand.

Despite this mass migration, Europe still contained the majority of Jews up until the Second World War--almost 10 million."

If we analyze this statement of Ben-Gurion, we would subtract 3,650,000 from 9,700,000 to get 6,050,000 taking into consideration that a certain number of these was due to the birth rate thereby raising the number of Jews who still lived in Europe by some number. However, these statistics do not take into consideration the number of Jews who emigrated to Argentina and Canada as Ben-Gurion does not state the amount who went to those countries, only stating "the largest of them," and in South Africa 99,500 had moved which would decrease the 6,050,000 down to 5,950,500, again not taking into consideration the birth rate of those who remained in Europe.

**Arthur Ruppin. The Jewish Struggle for Survival, p. 30

On page 46, Ben-Gurion stated "Between 1933 and the end of 1935, there was a considerable increase in immigration. It rose from 30,377 in 1933 to 42,259 in 1934 and to 61,854 in 1935. These numbers do not include the tourists who settled in the country. Those were the years of greatest immigration during the British Mandate."

These numbers total 134,490 people, and needs to be deducted from the previous number of Jews who emigrated from Europe. Therefore, the total of Jews who remained in Europe was in the range of 5,816,010. With these numbers, it is inconceivable to me how 6 million could have been gassed to death since there weren't that many there.

Then, on page 52, Ben-Gurion stated "In 1938, when the government instituted restrictions on immigration, in accordance with the Woodhead Commission's alternative plan, illegal immigration began on a much larger basis. Groups of 300, 800, and even 1400 arrived. The governments of the countries of departure were helpful. Altogether 115,000 illegal immigrants were brought in, 105,000 of them by Aliya Bet [which organized illegal immigration into Palestine], the rest by the Revisionists and private agencies."

Thus, even less Jews were left behind in Europe than we previously thought. Moreover, this doesn't take into consideration that legal immigration took place prior to this latest phenomenon which Ben-Gurion indicates with his words "began on a much larger basis," a phrase which concludes that some emigration was conducted previously.

On page 48-9, Ben-Gurion trips himself up even more with the following quote: "The Royal Commission headed by Lord Peel, arrived on November 11, 1936, and Dr. Weizmann appeared before it on November 25. He gave what was perhaps his best Zionist speech. He spoke of the six million Jews in Europe whose existence and future depended on emigration to Israel and the establishment of a Jewish State. Not only did the six million want and need a Jewish State, they also had the desire and the ability, economic and cultural, to establish and develop it. The speech made an enormous impression on the Royal Commission and undoubtedly influenced its decision to propose the establishment of a Jewish State in a part, albeit a small part, of the Land of Israel."

Then, on page 329, Ben-Gurion stated "there was no interruption in the flow of immigration; from the establishment of the State [May 14, 1948] to the end of 1948, 101,825 immigrants reached Israel."

To analyze the foregoing two paragraphs, it becomes clear that there were only 6 million Jewish people living in Europe in 1936 or Ben-Gurion would have stated a higher number. Therefore, if 6 million were gassed to death during WW II, there would have been no survivors to emigrate to the State of Israel; many of us know that many emigrated once they could. Granted some of these immigrants were from countries other than those in Europe, but the majority of them had to have arrived from Europe.

On page 361, Ben-Gurion confirms the aforementioned himself in "Within a year of Israel's establishment (by the end of April 1949), she had absorbed 203,581 immigrants, most of them from Europe, including 'illegal' immigrants from Cyprus and Displaced Persons from Germany. They were joined by immigrants from Bulgaria, Rumania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Yugoslavia. The largest number of immigrants came from Poland (56,057); they were most people who had been in camps in Germany."

Then in a subsequent paragraph on page 361, Ben-Gurion wrote "Immigration from Poland and Rumania also increased--125,162 Jews came from those countries in the first two years of the State; 16,388 immigrants arrived from Czechoslovakia, 6,903 from Yugoslavia, 3,107 from the Soviet Union."

On page 267 Ben-Gurion wrote "Gahal was the name for new immigrants to the country [Israel] in the second half of 1948. Some arrived directly from the camps in Germany, from other European countries, or from North Africa."

Proof that the Illuminati have no desire to see the Jewish populous survive is found on page 378 with "When the State of Israel was established notwithstanding, and the Arab armies invaded it, the UN did not raise a finger to interfere." To understand what the UN truly is, refer to the 17th edition of this publication.

Proof that Israel was conceived as a socialist state, i.e. secular, the following quote on page 392 states "At the end of the day's session Ben-Gurion spoke in praise of the four outgoing Ministers: Yacov Geri, Pinhas Lavon, Pinhas Rosen, and Rabbi Maimon. Concerning the last -named he said:

Last but not least I wish to say a few words about my colleague and dear teacher, Rabbi Maimon. I have had the privilege of working with him for over sixteen years, though I have known him for over forty years. It has not been easy to work with him, for Rabbi Maimon is a tough, stubborn, zealous man who defends his views vigorously and militantly and in this respect has not changed to this day. It is amidst strife and conflict that we have learned to appreciate him. I know no other man among the veteran members of the Movement who arouses any greater feelings of respect and trust in his exalted faith and moral views, which would do honor to any good socialist."

Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines socialism "social organization based on government control of the production and distribution of goods." Since socialism is commonly known as Communism, let's define it too as "1: social organization in which goods are held in common" and "2: political doctrine based on revolutionary Marxian socialism." Socialism is antithetical to religion.

Ben-Gurion unwittingly assists the cause of peace when he stated on page 468 that "This was in the second week of June 1941, and we all know what happened a few days later [German invasion of the Soviet Union]." It is widely known that Hitler invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, so why did it take Hitler twenty-one months before he invaded the Soviet Union? Hitler did not want to war against Great Britain. Indeed, he wanted to work with Britain for dominance. It was PM Winston Churchill who compelled Hitler to prolong WW II longer than the few weeks that it required to capture lands which had been lost to Germany at the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.

Churchill, who few people know was a Jew, forced Hitler to drag the war out so as to enable the Zionists to state that 6 million Jews were exterminated by gassing; no one would have been able to claim that 6 millions Jews had been exterminated in just a few weeks of war. Clearly, Hitler did not want to go to war against the United Kingdom. His invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 was his attempt to tell the British that if he could conquer the Soviet army, he would be able to beat the UK for it was Hitler's feeling that German troops were far superior to those of the Soviet Union, which, he stated, were unorganized compared with German armed forces.

                Why The Holocaust Hoax Had to be Promoted

On page 53 Ben-Gurion stated the following:

"On March 15, 1939, after a number of meetings between the Jews and the British (as well as between the Arabs and the British), MacDonald presented a final formulation of British police. Its main provisions called for: (1) the establishment of an independent Palestinian government that would be neither Jewish nor Arab; (2) the creation of a National Assembly of the Palestinian people to frame a constitution for an independent state; (3) during the following five years, ten thousand Jews were to be allowed to immigrate each year; in addition, twenty-five thousand Jewish refugees were to be admitted if the country's absorptive capacity proved sufficient but further Jewish immigration would be permitted only with Arab agreement; (4) the High Commissioner would be given permission to limit the sale of land during the transition period; three areas would be designated: one where land could be freely sold, a second, where sales were restricted, and a third, where land sales were forbidden. This plan was also presented to the Arabs.

The Jewish delegation announced that it saw no value in continued discussions. The Arabs also rejected the government's proposal."

The main issue in the foregoing is the denial of massive Jewish immigration to Palestine. The Zionists desired to enable as many Jews to emigrate to this land for the purpose of forcing the current inhabitants from being able to remain in what they deemed was their country. This is the reason why the Jewish leadership rejected this proposal; the Arabs, too, rejected it because they could see what would happen if more land was sold to those who had usurped a fair amount of land already.
Page 584 Camps and dates where gassings were supposed to have taken place and in what manner:
(1) Auschwitz [in Poland] --millions of Jews were killed in this camp from 1941 until the end of  January 1945 in gas chambers and in crematoria, and by shooting and hanging;
(2) Chelmno [in Poland]--an extermination camp in operation from November 1941 until the beginning of 1945;
(3) Bergen-Belsen [in Germany] --a death camp operated from the beginning of 1942 until the of Spring 1943;
(4) Sobibor [in Poland]  --operated from March 1942 until October 1943, and containing five stone gas chambers;
(5) Treblinka [in Poland]--in operation from July 23, 1942 until November 1943;
(6) Maidanek [in Poland]--where extermination continued from 1941 until July 1944.

Compare what Ben-Gurion said of Auschwitz above with the following on page 592 "That summer [1941] found him [Adolf Eichmann] in Auschwitz, arranging the many technical details with Rudolf Hoess and choosing the site for the erection of an extermination plant. In the autumn Eichmann flew to Kiev, which was in German hands, to report to Himmler. Soon thereafter, on October 27, 1941, Himmler issued a decree forbidding any emigration of Jews from the areas of German rule. Two days earlier, on October 25, an official in the Ministry of the Occupied Territories wrote that an agreement had been reached with Eichmann to use gas chambers for the solution of the Jewish problem."

Ben-Gurion wants us to believe that exterminations began in January 1941, but the dates in the preceding paragraph indicate summer, but more importantly, no mention of Hitler's name appears here. People who understand German culture will confirm that strict adherence to orders prevails. Yet, no order from Hitler is mentioned by Ben-Gurion. This is due to the fact that Hitler never issued an order. Moreover, if that isn't sufficient, Ben-Gurion also stated 'Then, increasingly, Jews were kidnapped and carried off for forced labor."

Isn't this curious? In order to perform forced labor, a human being would have to be alive. Therefore, how can the Zionists justify that exterminations took place to the Jewish people?

Additionally, Ben-Gurion admits on page 593 that the Germans said 'All we want is to send a number of Jews to work camps. What is all the fuss about?' followed in the very next paragraph with "Himmler gave the orders for the total annihilation of the Ghetto: 'This quarter, so far inhabited by half a million subhuman creatures, who in any case are of no use to the Germans, must disappear!"

Again, no mention of Hitler, only Himmler. It appears that Himmler was the anti-Semite, and that Hitler had nothing to do with the carnage.

On pages 594-5 Ben-Gurion stated "Negotiations with Jewish representatives began over the 'blood for goods' deal. Jews were to be spared in return for trucks, coffee, tea, and soap. Yoel Brand was ordered to travel to neutral Turkey to present the offer to spokesmen of Jewish organizations, and Kurt Becher, a high-ranking SS officer, was delegated by Himmler to manage these deals. Himmler told Becher that he could promise what he liked: 'What we shall carry out, however, is a different matter.' To facilitate the negotiations with a token gesture, Becher obtained Himmler's consent to allow one train carrying 1684 Jews to leave. The train was directed to Bergen-Belsen and from there, on two separate occasions, those released were permitted to travel to Switzerland, and so were saved from death. In the meantime all the necessary preparations were being made in the death camps, which had by now in fact almost ceased operations. Rudolph Hoess was ordered to put Auschwitz back into operation and to make all preparations for intensified extermination. And indeed Auschwitz had never witnessed a period of such feverish 'production' as in the summer and autumn of 1944. At times more than 10,000 Jews were destroyed in a single day. The deportations to the slaughterhouses were carried out in secret."

Zionists keep telling us that there were gas chambers at Auschwitz; the last sentence of the previous paragraph proves that the Jews were "deported to the slaughterhouses." Therefore, the article, which published that gas chambers were constructed after WW II ended for the tourist, is true. If there had been gas chambers at Auschwitz during the war, none of the incarcerated would have needed to be "deported to the slaughterhouses." The statement "which had by now in fact almost ceased operations" should prove to anyone that hardly any exterminations of any kind were being performed at Auschwitz by summer 1944. "In secret" tends to prove that Hitler was not made aware of what Himmler was accomplishing.

Revisionists, of which I consider myself one, know that conditions for the Jews were horrendous. Continuing on page 595 Ben-Gurion stated "Representatives of Hungarian Jewry were informed by Eichmann and his accomplices that Jews could be saved 'by consignment to Austria,' in return for ransom money. Some 15,000 Jews were sent to Austria in this way. There, those able to work were taken to build fortifications, the rest were dispatched for extermination. At the end of 1944 Horthy attempted to withdraw Hungary from the war on the side of Germany. But the Germans took control of Budapest by force, arrested Horthy, and put Szalasy, the leader of the fascist Arrow Cross, in power. Once again the Jews were at the Nazis' mercy.

That was when the infamous 'death march' was organized. Trains were no longer available. Eichmann, with the help of his Hungarian fascist allies, organized a march of Hungarian Jews to Austria, ostensibly to provide labor for the fortifications, but actually in order to murder them. Eichmann's calculation was simple: the weak would fall by the way, the sturdy would arrive at their destination to work on the fortifications, and then would be destroyed. The march began in November 1944 in rain, snow, and cold. The Jews were lodged en route in the open or in pigsties. Not only men but the women, children, and old people were in the ranks. Anyone who found the going difficult was shot by guards. Great numbers collapsed and died. Hundreds committed suicide or died of the typhus raging among the marchers. The entire route was strewn with corpses.

The horror reached such proportions that the escorting Hungarian officers and soldiers began to mutiny, demanding to be sent to the front instead. Even Szalasy's intervention to the march was to no avail. And then an astonishing thing occurred. Himmler himself reprimanded Eichmann for organizing this operation, and the dreadful march ended. The Soviet Army had by this time surrounded Budapest, and the remnants of the Jewish community in the capital were spared."

Clearly, Hitler's name does not appear anywhere in the preceding, yet, he was blamed. Several sources state that Hitler never issued an order to exterminate the Jews. The Jew who stated that Hitler's Mein Kampf was a treatise that espoused the Holocaust does not know whereof he speaks as there was absolutely nothing in that book about that issue.

As an aside, at Bergen-Belsen, internees were ultimately sent to Israel in 1951; they remained in the camp at Bergen-Belsen until that time. See for a short article on that history.

Page 560-1 "Section 2. 'Who Is a Jew?' James de Rothschild Bequeaths PICA Lands to the Nation and Allocates Funds for Knesset building

During the third Knesset the possibility of erecting a permanent home for Israel's Parliament arose. The First Knesset had met on the top floor of the Jewish Agency building in Tel Aviv. After that it had been lodged temporarily in the Kessem Cinema, not far from the seashore. On July 22, 1957, the Speaker requested the Prime Minister to read a communication from the late James de Rothschild's widow, written on July 15.

Ben-Gurion introduced the document, brought to him the previous day by a special envoy, by lauding the British Jew as 'one of the most outstanding personalities of our generation who did much in behalf of Israel, whose father before him also did great things for the country.' Because of 'its lofty content and especially because it concerns the Knesset,' he said, 'this letter deserves to be read here and recorded in Divrei Haknesset.' The letter follows:

My dear Mr. Prime Minister:
    I have often read and reread the noble and generous words of your cable of condolence. They give me so much comfort in my sorrow. Now I must turn from my grief and apply myself to the affairs of the PICA [Palestine Colonization organization]. My husband over the last years, had given much thought to the work of PICA and its future. He had carefully considered every aspect of the problem, and, shortly before his death, prepared a letter to you in which he set out his conclusion. The letter read as follows:
    'My dear Prime Minister: My father began his colonization work in Israel seventy-five years ago. The work which was then begun has continued to this day. When in 1924 my father set up the Palestine Colonization organization--PICA--he assigned to it the task of colonizing all his land holding. It fell to me to preside over PICA since its inception.
    'In the years that followed marshes were drained, the rocky hills and barren wastes were turned into fertile soil. All these lands were then colonized by PICA. Today there is no cultivable land left to PICA for further colonization. The task set for PICA has been fulfilled.
    'As I cast my eyes back over our work, I think that I may fairly say that we have adhered to two principles which will bear restating-first, that we did our work without regard to political considerations; and second, that we endeavored to give to Israel and her people all that we could, without seeking anything in return, neither profits nor gratitude nor anything else.
    'The colonization work having been fulfilled, the question before me was the future of PICA. the State of Israel has been created and national institutions have emerged to take over the major colonization effort in Israel. Weighing all the elements, I have reached the conclusion that with the completion of its task, the right course would be to terminate the activities of PICA instead of duplicating the work which is done now, on a far larger scale, by the National Institutions.
    'PICA is a private association but all its efforts have been directed to the benefit of the public. For this reason I thought it right to inform you of my position first. For the same reason I also propose to transfer now all remaining PICA lands (leased and not leased) to the National Institutions.
    'I look upon the termination of PICA's work as a mark of fulfilment and not as a withdrawal. I would like to underline this by a special act of identification with the aspirations of Israel and her people. We intend to provide the sum of IL6 million for the construction of the new Knesset building in Jerusalem, which, I understand, it is proposed to set up. Let the new Knesset building become a symbol in the eyes of all men of the permanence of the State of Israel.
    'With this done, PICA will withdraw from the scene of Israel with the knowledge that the work which was begun seventy-five years ago is being carried on by the State and people, supported by world Jewry.
    'With this letter I meant to inform you of my decision. I do not intend, with this letter, to take leave of you or Israel. My interest in the development of Israel is abiding. Even if PICA must cease to operate, I shall remain as close to you as I have always been. Your cares will be my cares and your happiness will be my happiness. Indeed, I shall want to examine whether I shall be able to make some modest contribution, in the future, toward the advancement of science, art, and culture in Israel--all matters which, I know, are near to your heart; however, these are but thoughts for the future. I am not yet fully decided on them but may revert to them as these thoughts become crystallized in my mind.
    'The foundations of the State have been well and truly laid. I am confident that, by the grace of the Almighty, the new chapter in the history of our people which began with the creation of the State, will be glorious and enduring.'
    Alas, with this letter, my husband took leave of you and of Israel, and it is now fallen to me and the Council to execute what he had resolved.
    I need hardly say that the contribution of 6 million Israeli pounds for the new Knesset building will be provided. Let me add that this was a project to which my late husband attached special significance.
    For myself, I will readily examine what contribution it will be possible to make in the fields of science, art, and culture which are mentioned in the letter. I cannot say at the moment what will prove feasible, but I can assure you that anything that can be done will be done.
    Before concluding let me add that my husband always thought and spoke of you with the greatest affection and respect. In all his work for Israel he was greatly inspired by your example and by the exertions of the whole people of Israel.
Yours faithfully,
Dorothy de Rothschild

The Speaker added some words of tribute to the memory of James de Rothschild and for the widow of the deceased."

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