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Sometimes it is good to be forgetful. After I arrived in Norway, I completely forgot that I had well over 2,000 Emails on my computer that I could have read. Instead after I had read every book that I had in my possession and longed for more to read I felt frustrated that I had no more books to read, and because it was a Sunday and the library was closed, I, in desperation, sought out a neighbor who I had only met a few days prior.

He is a Norwegian; I asked him if he had anything in English, to which he replied, "Yes, I have two books in English" adding "one is an engineering book, but the other one is one you might enjoy."

Accepting this book, I discovered that it was written by David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel. The book is his memoirs, and I began to read it right away. It is a large book. Eventually, I noticed that he was contradicting himself. So I began to write down quotes from it in my notebook as things he said contradicted the so called "Holocaust" of the Second World War.

It was at that point in 2004 that I made the decision to publish what I hoped would be the definitive edition on this part of history so as to set the record straight for scholars and lay people as well.

Millions of people around the world firmly believe that 6,000,000 Jews were gassed to death during WW II. If this is true, I analyzed, why don't they open up the archives so scholars can either prove it or disprove it. Isn't that what research is supposed to achieve?

Therefore, this edition is devoted to all those who have suffered horrendously because of the major deceit that is, in my humble opinion, the most monstrous myth that the Illuminati have ever created.

I want to admonish people to not stereotype the Jewish community, and I want to say to those in this community who struggle right along side of the rest of us who seek truth, that they do also, and that they have my sincere apology for any hurt they feel as they do not deserve to be hurt for they have only sought out the truth and have, too, tried to ameliorate the injustices that the Israeli government has perpetuated upon the indigenous people of the region.

Some need to feel pain for the atrocities that have befallen innocent people who have suffered, but not all Jewish people are to blame, for they have tried to correct the injustices and end the gigantic myth of the Holocaust just as others have tried.

Hitler, himself, stated "If you tell a big enough lie and often enough, people will believe it." I hope when you finish reading this edition, however, that, too, you will believe the truth about the Holocaust, to the extent that Revisionist history will finally be accepted as truth and that the Illuminati's attempt to program you will at last fail in causing you to believe the lies that they are so adept at creating.

They have been controlling the American press for 100 years, and have controlled other presses for many years as well especially regarding this issue even to the point of legislating "Hate Laws" which are laws to prevent people from even questioning the "Holocaust." These laws enable various governments in western Europe to prosecute anyone who denies the Holocaust. I intend to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it did not happen as we have been led to believe. I, myself accepted this major deceit until it was proven to me didn't happen during WW II.

There is probably more history in this edition than any other I have ever published. It is displayed in chronological order. Therefore, in order to understand what occurred during WW II, please read what occurred prior to the outbreak of that senseless war, another war which was based upon an Illuminati deceit.

Join me, won't you, in the truth? Without the truth, we will never solve any problem. It is time to put to rest this major source of so many of them.

The way in which this edition was constructed was by providing ancient history first, then World War I history and history leading up to World War II, that war, and concluding with modern Israeli history. I encourage you to read in sequential order.

I would like to publicly thank my Norwegian friend for lending me his book. It will change lives.

May peace be extended to all the world! God bless you for reading all of this edition regardless what your religious inclination might or might not be.

Arlene Johnson


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