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Letters to the Editor

Dear Arlene,

Thank you for all the good work you are doing. We each have our corner where we are working. It's all fitting together because it's all part of the whole very large problem in this country.

SS in Alabama

Hi Arlene:

I am sorry I did not write, although I read most all I get.

I am very busy, beside my job and my political activism, it is like I have two full jobs only one of them does not help me paying my mortgage!

I am very tight with $$$, business is slow, many of my clients have lost their jobs and I never know from one day to another what it will be!

You have no idea how many times I have to close my eyes when being asked to contribute to a good cause, because I simply cannot!

Thank you for writing those kind words, and I am glad some of us were able to help you!

Did you know that I had 2 letters published in the New York Times? one in May and the other in April?? and on top of this in the "Week in Review"!

I am often published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, but for the NYTimes, this was the beginning!

I write the newspapers every week...They must call me a pest!

Take care, and continue your good work!


MF, Pennsylvania


BA, Pennsylvania

Hi Arlene,

Wow! Such great work you are doing! Thank you. As to your request for help with a donation, I, too, am dependent on donations now. Once I found out how important all this is, I quit my ... job and cut way back on my
... work, so I'm running a severe negative cash flow. This is a problem for many of us who have dedicated ourselves to this important work now.

I hope you can understand. Keep up the great work!

With love and best wishes,
Fred in California

This is great,

There is one kid in the Larry Bird case who needs help badly. I hate to think about him being in jail; to me it's not right, and I can't understand why no one has done anything to help people see this. I wish I had what it takes. I would fight for him. I don't have what it takes, so I ask others.Your site is very nice. I will save it and wish for more time.

Elvira in Florida

God Bless You, Arlene

I know that John believes in You!!!!!!!

AR in New York

Hi Arlene,

You will be happy to hear that I spent time on your Web site tonight. I really enjoyed it very much. You keep up the good hon. I am very proud of you.

BK in Canada


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