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Elderly Man Held Hostage
Against His Will and Denied His Rights

Mr. Everett Hurst was a patient in two different hospitals in Orange County California, Hoag hospital and St. Joesph's. He had been rushed to the hospital by his wife who found her husband in a death stare in critical condition inside the nursing home in Orange County in which he resided.

Mr. Hurst while at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach California was told by the Risk Management Director that he was not going to be allowed to have his operation. An amputation was required in order to save his life.

He had developed gangrene in his foot and he was septic all over from infection, due to a nursing home neglect stay.

Hoag Hospital refused him the hyperbaric chamber to save his leg. The charge nurse and an RN at Hoag had misplaced a feeding tube in his arm causing yet another severe infection and total disfiguration of his arm due to the many cuts it required to thread the needle.

When his wife found that her husband was being neglected and harmed by RN and charge nurses, she immediately called for the administrator in hopes of getting help.

But instead the Risk Management Director appeared.

Mrs. Hurst was threatened by risk Management and false declarations were being made in her husband's chart regarding Mrs. Hurst.

Mrs. Hurst did not know that this Risk Management director would later even submit to a Public Guardian deputy by fax even more disturbing and false allegations that would contribute to the taking and kidnapping of her husband Mr. Hurst.

When Mrs. Hurst arranged for a transfer to St. Joesph's in Orange County California she thought she would be getting her husband to safety and treatment and beginning to save his life. His life was hanging by a string and he needed potent antibiotics immediately to kill the deadly infections.

At St. Joesph's Hospital after much dismay, and enduring yet many more abuses by the nurses, doctors, and risk Management team, Mrs. Hurst was told to remove her husband from the hospital without the treatment being finished and her husband out of danger.

The hospital attorney for St. Joesph's had threatened Mrs. Hurst that a court order was being typed up and that her husband had 72 hours to be removed or they would remove him from the hospital themselves.

Attorney Larry Pleiss and Julie Hernadez risk Management representatives for the hospital were protecting the hospital from a known medical malpractice that was going to be presented to them.

They retaliated and again gave false declarations in her husband's medical chart against Mrs. Hurst.

Mr. Hurst was forced by St. Joesph's risk Management Larry Pleiss attorney, and Julie Hernadez, representative, into a nursing home they chose against the wishes of her husband and his wife.

Mr. Hurst was shipped to Integrated Health Services at Park Regency in La Habra California without agreement from Mr. Hurst's power of attorney, his wife.

This was all done illegally, and Mrs. Hurst was so desperate to get antibiotics and treatment for her husband that she signed the papers upon his arrival but told the nursing home he was not staying there, she did not want her husband there and he would be transferred in a few days as soon as she could arrange everything.

In the meantime she had a confrontation with an LVN [licensed vocational nurse] at the nursing home regarding neglect of her husband.

Mrs. Hurst did not know that the late director of nursing and that LVN along with the nursing home administrator were conspiring with Hoag and St. Joesph's Risk Management people to steal her husband.

While Mrs. Hurst had signed the papers for Mr. Hurst to be transferred to a nursing home of her choice, the nursing home administration and the Orange County Public Guardian's office were filing an X Party petition in a Orange County Probate Court to take Mr. Hurst.

Mr. Hurst was being illegally conserved by being placed under conservatorship without his knowledge or his wife's.

It turned out that the attorney for St. Joesph's Hospital was also the attorney for Hoag, and his gofer representative Julie Hernadez was being instructed as to what to say and do by Mr. Larry Pleiss. Risk Management director Mrs. Biaz was also being instructed by Larry Pleiss. And false declarations were submitted and faxed to the young deputy from the public guardian's office for preparation by county council for Orange County to immediately steal Mr. Hurst.

Because there are no federal laws on the books to protect anyone from a kidnapping such as this, it can be done quickly.

The wife and the husband have no help, get no free help from any attorneys so the Conservatorship goes through the court very quickly.

When there are huge amounts of money and estates involved money hungry attorneys are paid in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and even up to the millions to return your loved one out from under a Conservatorship.

A very corrupt Probate Judge, a very corrupt Public Guardian's office (their deputies) and their associates all play a very dirty and EVIL game in stealing your assets, your loved one, and your sanity.

These illegal conservatorship dealings have been going on across the United States for many years undetected by our Government, our Senators, and our Congressmen.

The people that get illegally stripped away conserved are forcibly drugged by a court order and later killed in death camps or nursing homes.

Who makes out? The conservator, the guardian.

While families are being ripped apart and the loved ones killed, the guardian's office and the County are making millions upon millions of dollars illegally.

The nursing home death camps make out with kick backs, the Risk Management attorneys and hospital representatives get kick backs, and this is all pooled in a share holder account.

Then the END RESULT is this, after all of this has been done and the poor victim has been tortured and stripped, his or her body parts are illegally sold on the black market to a tissue bank upon their death.

While the family member looks on helplessly, this atrocity takes place and no one can stop it.

Because there are no laws, no regulations, no FEDERAL LAWS, there is nothing to help the victims in this country.

Anyone can make up an allegation, and it is all of them against one person. You're stuck.

You're doomed. Your loved one is stolen, killed and you are accused falsely as the Criminal.

They are, in fact, the criminal because they got away with perjury, conspiracy, cover-up, fraud, RICO and much more.

Why because we have no laws, no protection to stop these VIPERS!!!!!!!!!

Emergency hearings on the Senate floor is the only way we can get the ball rolling fast.

What you have just read is an injustice. There are more stories coming your way. Stay informed, you could be the next victim of an illegal CONSERVATORSHIP OR GUARDIANSHIP.

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