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Army Spec. Rhonda Hazley needs your assistance.

From: "Aftermath News" <>

This is for real. Joyce Riley, a Gulf War vet and former captain in the Army checks these cases out thoroughly before submitting them to the public. See her sites:
See especially articles on anthrax vaccine reactions and deaths at:

Gulf War I syndrome affects hundreds of thousands of veterans and those on active duty in Iraq. This is really an outrage and it is happening to more than a few members of the military who are being forced to take this toxic vaccine against their better judgment.

Then if they resist, no matter how good their record was, they are court-martialed for disobeying a direct order. Let's blitz them with faxes and emails! This is wrong!

ASSISTANCE NEEDED: Spec. Rhonda Hazley needs your assistance. She refused the anthrax vaccine due to:
1. religious objections
2. She is currently breastfeeding her baby.
She has been court-martialed by the military at Ft. Drum.

Please send a fax to Major General Hagenbeck Commander, 10th Mountain Division
Ft. Drum, NY 13602
(Fax Number: 315-772-5165).
Please request that he give Spec. Hazley an Honorable Discharge. She served honorably and deserves this from our military.

Please email public affairs at:
Chaplain's office:
Inspector General's office:

Thanks for your support. Let's let them know America's people are watching.

Joyce Riley


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