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Power Outage

The local power plants had nothing to do with it. There are 3 major power grids, and the only state not belonging to them is Texas --how convenient! It's controlled by Enron, and the Bushstapo.

They alleged the failure in Ottawa and was due to a fire, then lightening which both proved to be untrue. That would not have caused all of them to shut down. They could have confined it to Ottawa, and shut down just part of the power grid, and admit the software failed -- real or promulgated? The majority of power plants affected were nuclear, but not all. There were no solar conditions contributing to the event. Solar flares were off the charts last month and up until last week, which would effect power grids, and have now become quiescent, but expected to pick up again soon. The outage was sporadic.

It was off on one side of the street, and working across the street in many cities, which is not a power grid problem -- the power would be completely off. It came on, and went off, also not indicative of power grid problems. One small nuclear plant would not effect the grid, and it would adjust to one power plant going off line.

This was either someone playing with HAARP (which physicist Dr. McCanney, Ph.D. says they know nothing about) or someone has hacked and compromised the computer system. This was sabotage -- ours or theirs? The Russians have the same technology. There was going to be a 300 year celebration, Putin guaranteed the people good weather. If the US really wants to play with Tesla Toys, then they should erect Tesla Towers and provide us a free energy source from the sun.

We help our enemies without the knowledge of the public. If you don't believe it, read expert Joel Skousen's page The Federal Regulatory Commission = FRC is going to tell you whatever they want you to know, and the people will believe whatever they are told by our controlled media. America is the largest mushroom garden in the world -- and we know how they are fertilized.

This is a dry run for numerous reasons, and appears they are multi-tasking again:
Bill Cooper also said there would be a power outage for gun confiscation, and they may be setting up a future pretext, using a power failure as an excuse?

They have wanted to nationalize the power plants, perhaps this will be the
pretext. You can bet Enron will control it. The states least effected were Pennsylvania and Vermont that are deregulated.

There were two sonic booms heard at the Niagara plant, and lots of smoke possibly indicating a neutron bomb or HAARP. They need a distraction from the war which they don't want us to focus on -- the Kobe story is coming to a temporary end, but Arnold is taking center stage. This will be a story of containment for the next few days while they are implementing their programs.

Bush's popularity is dropping, and we always seem to have some type of incident when that happens. Bush quickly denied terrorism before all the facts were in, and it's quite apparent they still do not know what caused it, or they aren't sharing it with us. They may want to see the reaction of the public, if rioting occurs, response time, etc., and how to prepare for it, as well as testing it as a viable tool to control the citizens. They are conducting bio-warfare experiments on us with biologicals according to Carnicom, as well as non lethal weapons -- why not power? As we now see, energy is a perfect way to control millions of citizens? This is a world watch dog organization.

What a coincidence. Just yesterday John Ashcroft announced on the major news that, "I guess we will have to show them we need Home Land Security." -- Ed B.

War and/or terrorism real or promulgated is a smokescreen for control -- worked for Hitler.

From Rick T.



Draft Text Feds at it again, Patriot Act 1 and 2, Department.
of Peace, TIA now called MATRIX, now this ... Requires adobe:

Ashcroft wants to get his Victory Act passed (Patriot 2 -- the definition of fascism). They told us about the "Shadow Government," but they never told us about the "Black Arm" of the government. Cheney's Halliburton has profited immensely from Bush's axis of evil countries: Iran, Iraq, and Libya for years, and continues to do so using a Halliburton subsidiary in the Cayman Islands, with a joint venture between Ingersoll Rand out of his offices in Tehran. Is this not encouraging and funding terrorism, by trading with the enemy or alleged enemy?

There is money and control in terrorism -- Follow the money i.e Halliburton and George H. W. Bush's Carlyle Group! I look for the next event to occur in a sports stadium, this would really enrage the public for more government control -- they must up the ante for the control card. Their attempt to plant WMD was foiled when over a hundred troops got sick on their "secret hauling" mission killing 2, and 15 others on respirators.

Why are our troops in Iraq? It's been done by design. There are 500,000 foreign NATO troops here who we are feeding while our troops are starving in Iraq, and that food should go to them. Several have died from dehydration in their sleep and limited to 1.5 liters of water a day, but that information is being kept from the public -- most people have no idea the horrific conditions they are suffering at the hands of that "arrogant asshole" Rumsfeld, as Hackworth calls him. If the people really knew, what is happening to our troops in Iraq, they would be tearing the White House down brick by brick. He has fired 7 Generals, probably those who do not agree with him. They should immediately bring them home and we should demand it before too many more die needlessly! We are going to need them here soon, as we are being denied our freedoms as illegal aliens and terrorists are being encouraged to cross our borders -- before Rumsfeld carries out his plan to use NATO troops as promised. All of the Iran-Contra criminals now enjoy high ranking positions in the Bush Administration, as we are being tracked and traced by the TIA.

As I told everyone at the outset, many of them may not return. Under State Department Document 7277 (to disarm us by the UN), we must also reduce our military by 2/3, leaving a 1/3 for national security here, turning those who do return into a national police force. The UN has a depopulation program to reduce world population by 80% from 6 million to 2 million, and they will kill us one way or another.

From Billy-Jo: "This fiasco was engineered by the same terrorists that gave us 9/11!! This country is being destroyed from within! I believe that it is
IMPERATIVE that every household, both family and single, MUST have some means of communication for situations like this AND/OR telephone outages. I suggest that every household buy, at least one, Citizens Band transceiver and if you can, buy a short wave radio capable of Single Sideband reception! It is imperative to have some communication capability other than telephones or internet!! What common practice has the shadow government been conducting across the nation?

Mock terrorism drills right? The massive power outage was probably a drill too -- a drill with a bunch of lab rats -- us -- to enable the shadow
government to observe the results of manipulating human behavior on a massive scale."

FEMA has had numerous drills all over the country dressed in their Nazi Swat Team garb, terrorizing school children, as well as adults just to condition them. Hitler didn't act immediately, but gradually and incrementally, over a few years after he got all his laws in place, then acted on them. It's Deja Vu.

If this proved anything, it just showed us how vulnerable we are, as we get the media spin, pundits, and bureaucrats. But the bottom line is we must be prepared for anything and everything. They just caught a patsy selling
missiles, like an occasional drug runner, only to justify their jobs. This is
a daily event under the watchful eyes of our government by people with billions of dollars buying the most sophisticated weapons and going to the highest bidders right on the streets of America. So why wouldn't they support terrorist attacks or power outages? It's what you don't know that will hurt you. Don't look at what they want you to see, look at what they don't want you to see.

"The Greatest Sedition is Silence."

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PS: They have a liquid faction machine, which can turn the earth's core to liquid. Could this be the reason for the heating of the earth's interior, causing parts of Yellowstone to close when ground temperatures hit 200 degrees, world wide droughts which has caused hundred of deaths in Europe and world wide? There have been sporadic volcano eruptions, and if it does occur here, the ash could affect the Heartland crops and cause starvation here?

We have deliberately been made dependent on foreign nations for our food -- would they really cooperate and help us in a period of famine? The UN said they would use food to control the world. Think about it -- A test?
Yes Billy-Jo, we are being destroyed echoed from Washington's "Farewell Speech," according to his witnessed visions recorded at the Library of Congress "George Washington's Visions / Prophecies"

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