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WTC: Explosion Before Impact

The URL is in French; the translation is below. Pictures are on this Web site

It was on Tuesday September 11, 2001, over six months ago now, that the United States was impacted by the biggest terrorist act that has been perpetrated. Today, many questions remain in this matter.

One of the subjects that many people debated in the following weeks subsequent to these events is the possibility that explosive loads were placed in the towers which would have precipitated their falls. In fact, a lot of scientists have asked themselves if the impact of the airplanes was sufficient to account for the collapse of the towers, but few responses were given. Nevertheless an item dated back to September 20 and of which you will find the translation below showed a photo where one clearly sees smoke escaping from the second tower before it is even touched!!! Again elements having reached me, I decided to compose this file.

First of all, the translation of this item of September 20:
Sender, Berl & Sounds Inc. Special Continuation September 20, 2001
Photo 1:
(Photo of Plane 2 approaching the South Tower)
It seems that our affirmation according to which the total collapse of the two towers could not take place without the usage of explosive placed loads in advance in the towers is correct. We say that for the following reasons:
* Notice the photo above. It shows the airplane rushing with high speed heading for the tower South of the World Trade Center.
* Notice that there is no adjacent smoke to the tower South to the level where the airplane approaches. Not at all. Blue sky. All the smoke escaping from tower North is rising upwards.

September 12 2001, in orderly 4 of the New York Post, there was a photo showing the airplane less than a second before its impact with the tower South. Look at the photo below and you will see smoke escaping from the tower some floors beneath the airplane just before the impact!!!

Photo 2: Without the preceding photo, one might believe that this smoke is nothing else but the smoke coming from the tower North. Nevertheless, the preceding photo showed that the smoke that escaped from North Tower rose towards the sky above the tower South and that there was no smoke at the level of the incoming airplane. During the few seconds that separate these two photos, someone caused an explosion timed to the very moment of the impact of the airplane which collides with the tower South. That reinforces our affirmation that this is not a coincidence that the two towers collapsed, but that explosives placed in advance in the towers assured the destruction of the two buildings.

Joseph Ehrlich, President Sender, Berl & Sounds Inc. September 20, 2001

This is what I found:
In the archive of the number 1 of the magazine top secret currently in kiosk, I found a video of the BBC showing under different angles the impact of the second airplane. One of the plans corresponded to the black and white photo of the preceding item! One there sees clearly smoke escaping from tower south some seconds before the impact of the airplane as shown in the URL.

No smoke existed at the level of the airplane, the smoke issuing from the tower North rises towards the sky. Here are more extracts: Less than a second before the impact of the second airplane with the tower South, one sees clearly smoke that can only come from tower South; this smoke is situated several floors beneath the impact site of the airplane.

To summarize, we have video documents clearly showing us that smoke already escaped the South Tower while the second airplane had not yet struck it. Photos show us also that this smoke could not possibly come from the fire of the tower North whose smoke was higher and rose upwards towards the sky; besides one sees very well on the preceding photo the smoke above the airplane, this smoke originates from tower North while the smoke escaping from tower South issued from itself.

One might wonder if the impact of the airplane with the tower North could not have created damage at the level of the tower South that would explain this smoke. But no video shows the tower South damaged before the second airplane hit it. Furthermore this is the south face of the tower from which the smoke escapes while this is the opposite face that could not have been touched.

Here we present a new vision angle for this scene:
(Photo taken at a greater distance)
The tower South does not seem at all to be damaged, the deterioration beginning with the impact of the airplane with this tower.

Furthermore it should be remembered that the first impact with the tower North was done at a level a lot higher than the impact site of the second airplane with the tower South as one can see it on the preceding photo. The smoke that escapes from tower North is much higher than the impact level of the second airplane with the tower south and therefore much higher than the smoke that one can notice escaping from tower South.

It seems, therefore, much more probable that explosives placed inside the tower South account for the origin of the smoke that one observes. These explosives were released some seconds before the impact of the second airplane. The explosives were located then surely equally in the tower North; their purpose was to guarantee the collapse of the two towers. What to think about the official theory?

Today, many documents on the internet question whether the destruction of the first ring of the pentagon was accomplished by a Boeing, putting forward the fact that one does not find evidence of the debris of the airplane in the photos. There are also rumors questioning the official story regarding the airplane that fell in Pennsylvania. And now one questions the collapse of the twin towers.


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