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Who Controls Corporate America
Roster of CFR/Trilateral Commission Members

by Fund To Restore An Educated Electorate

Members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission dominate key positions in America's government, military, industries, media outlets, educational foundations, and institutions. The following is a partial list of CFR members and the positions of influence they held in society during President Clinton's administration. The CFR's membership is limited to 3,000, and there are only 325 Trilateral Commission members.

CFR = Member of the Council on Foreign Relations
TC = Member of the Trilateral Commission
BB = Member of the Elite Bilderbergs

David Rockefeller, Chairman Emeritus
Peter G. Peterson, Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations
58 E. 68th St. New York, NY 10021
Phone (212) 734-0400
Fax (212) 861-1789
Paul Volker, North American Chairman of the Trilateral Commission
345 E. 46 St. New York, NY 10017
Phone (212) 661-1180
President of the United States of America
William Clinton -- CFR, TC, BB
Asst. Sec. for Administration, United Nations
Dick Thornburgh -- CFR
National Security Advisor
Anthony Lake -- CFR
Vice President of the United States of America
Albert Gore, Jr. -- CFR
Secretary Of State
Warren Christopher -- CFR
Secretary Of Defense
Lee Aspin (Deceased)-- CFR
Chairman Joint Chiefs Of Staff
Colin L. Powell -- CFR
Director Central Intelligence Agency
James Woolsey -- CFR
Chairman, Council of Economics Advisors
Laura Tyson -- CFR
Treasury Secretary
Lloyd Bentsen -- Former CFR, BB
Secretary of Interior
Bruce Babbitt -- CFR
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Henry Cisneros -- CFR
Secretary of Health & Human Services
Donna Shalala -- CFR, TC

Sandra Day O'Connor, Assoc. Justice, U.S. Supreme Court -- CFR
Steve G. Breyer, Chief Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, First Circuit, Boston -- CFR
Ruth B. Ginsburg, U.S. Court Of Appeals, Wash., DC Circuit -- CFR
Laurence H. Silberman, U.S. Court of Appeals, Wash., DC Circuit -- CFR

John Norton Moore, Chairman -- CFR
Elspeth Davies Rostow, Vice Chairman -- CFR
Samuel W. Lewis, President -- CFR
John Richardson, Counselor -- CFR
David Little, Senior Scholar -- CFR
William R. Kintner, Director -- CFR
W. Scott Thompson, Director -- CFR

Gary R. Edson, Chief of Staff & Counselor -- CFR
Joshua Bolten, General Counsel -- CFR
Daniel M. Price, Deputy General Counsel -- CFR

Roger Altman, Deputy Secretary -- CFR
Robert R. Glauber, Under Secretary, Finance -- CFR
David C. Mulford, Under Secretary, International Affairs -- CFR
Robert M. Bestani, Dep Asst Secretary, International. Monetary Affairs -- CFR
J. French Hill, Dep. Asst. Secretary, Corporate Finance -- CFR
John M. Niehuss, Dep. Asst. Secretary, International Monetary Affairs -- CFR

Joshua Lederberg, Vice Chairman Advisary Council -- CFR
John H. Gibbons, Director -- CFR
Lewis M. Branscomb, Advisary Council -- CFR

James M. Strock, Assistant Administrator., Enforcement And Compliance -- CFR

Leonard H. Robinson, Jr., President -- CFR

George Stephanopoulos, Director, Communications -- CFR
Willian J. Crowe, Chief Foreign Intelligence Advisory Bd. -- CFR
Nancy Soderberg, Staff Director, National Secuity Council -- CFR
Samuel R. Berger, Deputy Advisor, National Security -- CFR
W. Bowman Cutter, Deputy Assistant, National Economic Council -- CFR

Alice Rivlin, Deputy Director -- CFR

John D. Macomber, President & Chairman -- CFR
Eugene K. Lawson, 1st Vice President & Vice Chairman -- CFR
Rita M. Rodriguez, Director -- CFR
Hart Fessenden, General Council -- CFR

William R. Graham, Jr., Science Advisor to President & Director -- CFR

James H. Billington, Librarian, Chairman. Trust Fund Board -- CFR
Ruth Ann Stewart, Assistant Librarian National Programs -- CFR

Frank H. T. Rhodes, Board Of Directors -- CFR
James B. Holderman, Board Of Directors -- CFR
D. Allen Bromley, Board Of Directors -- CFR

Thomas Graham, Jr., General Council -- CFR
William Schneier, Chairman., General Advisory Council -- CFR
Richard Burt, Negotiator On Strategic Defense Arms -- CFR
David Smith, Negotiator, Defense & Space -- CFR

William W. Schwarzer, Director -- CFR

Madeleine Albright, UN Amabassador -- CFR
Clifton Wharton, Jr., Deputy Secretary -- CFR
Lynn Davis, Under Secretary for International Security Affairs -- CFR, TC
Brandon H. Grove, Director of Foreign Service Institute -- CFR
H. Allen Holms, Assistant Secretary, Bureau Of Politico-Military Affairs -- CFR
John H. Kelly, Assistant Secretary, Near East-South Asian Affairs -- CFR
Alexander F. Watson, Deputy Representative, United Nations -- CFR
Jonathan Moore, UN Mission -- CFR
Joseph Verner Reed, Chief of Protocol -- CFR
Dennis B. Ross, Director, Policy Planning Staff -- CFR
Edward Perkins, Director of Personnel -- CFR
Abraham David Sofaer, Legal Advisor -- CFR
Peter Tanoff, Under Secretary for Political Affairs -- CFR, TC
Brian Atwood, Under Secretary For Management -- CFR
Joan E. Spero, Under Secretary Economic & Agricultural Affairs -- CFR
George E. Moose, Assistant Secretary, African Affairs -- CFR
Winston Lord, Assistant Secretary, East Asian & Pacific Affairs -- CFR, TC
Stephen A. Oxman, Assistant Secretary, European Affairs -- CFR
Timothy E. Wirth, Counselor -- CFR

Strobe Talbott (Special Advisor For CIS) -- CFR
Thomas R. Pickering (Russia) -- CFR
Morton I. Abramowitz (Turkey) -- CFR
Michael H. Armacost (Japan) -- CFR
Shirly Temple Black (Czechoslovakia) -- CFR
Julia Chang Bloch (Nepal) -- CFR
Henry E. Catto, Jr. (Great Britain) -- CFR
Frances Cook (Camaroon) -- CFR
Edward P. Djerejian (Syria) -- CFR
Geoge E. Moose (Senegal) -- CFR
John D. Negroponte (Mexico) -- CFR
Edward N. Ney (Canada) -- CFR
Robert B. Oakley (Pakistan) -- CFR
Robert H. Pelletreau, Jr. (Tunisia) -- CFR
Christopher H. Phillips (Brunei) -- CFR
Nicholas Platt (Phillipines) -- CFR
James W. Spain (Maldives & Sri Lanka) -- CFR
Terence A. Todman (Argentina) -- CFR
Frank G. Wisner II (Egypt) -- CFR
Warren Zimmerman (Yugoslavia) -- CFR

David L. Boren (D-OK) -- CFR
William Bradley (D-NJ) -- CFR
John H. Chafee (R-RI) -- CFR, TC
William S. Cohen (R-ME) -- CFR, TC
Christopher J. Dodd (D-CT) -- CFR
Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) -- TC
Bob Graham (D-FL) -- CFR
Joseph I. Lieberman (D-CT) -- CFR
George J. Mitchell (D-ME) -- CFR
Claiborne Pell (D-RI) -- CFR
Larry Pressler (R-SD) -- CFR
Charles S. Robb (D-VA) -- CFR, TC
John D. Rockefeller, IV (D-WV) -- CFR, TC
William Roth, Jr. (R-DE) -- CFR, TC

Howard L. Berman (D-CA) -- CFR
Norman Dicks (D-WA) -- CFR
Thomas S. Foley (D-WA) -- CFR
Sam Gejdenson (D-CT) -- CFR
Richard A. Gephardt (D-MO) -- CFR
Newton L. Gingrich (R-GA) -- CFR
Lee H. Hamilton (D-IN) -- TC
Amory Houghton, Jr. (R-NY) -- CFR
Nancy Lee Johnson (R-CT) -- CFR
Jim Leach (R-IA) -- TC
John Lewis (D-GA) -- CFR
Robert T. Matsui (D-CA) -- CFR
Dave K. Mccurdy (D-OK) -- CFR
Eleanor Homes Norton (D-DC) -- CFR
Thomas El Petri (R-WI) -- CFR
Charles B. Rangel (D-NY) -- TC
Carlos A. Romero-Barcelo (D-PR) -- CFR
Patricia Schroeder (D-CO) -- CFR
Peter Smith (R-VT) -- CFR
Olympia J. Snow (R-ME) -- CFR
John M. Spratt (D-SC) -- CFR
Louis Stokes (D-OH) -- CFR

Alan Greenspan, Chairman -- CFR, TC
E. Gerald Corrigan, V. Chairman/President NY Federal Reserve Bank -- CFR
Richard N. Cooper, Chairman Boston Federal Reserve Bank -- CFR
Sam Y. Cross, Manager, Foreign Open Market Acct. -- CFR
Robert F. Erburu, Chmn. San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank -- CFR
Robert P. Forrestal, Pres. Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank -- CFR
Bobby R. Inman, Chmn., Dallas Federal Reserve Bank -- CFR, TC
Robert H. Knight, Esq. -- CFR
Steven Muller -- CFR
John R. Opel -- CFR
Anthony M. Solomon -- CFR, TC
Edwin M. Truman, Staff Director, International Finance -- CFR
Cyrus R. Vance -- CFR
Paul Volcker -- CFR, TC

Chase Manhattan Corporation:
Thomas G. Labrecque, Chairman & CEO -- CFR, TC
Robert R. Douglass, Vice Chairman -- CFR
Willard C. Butcher, Director -- CFR
Richard W. Lyman, Director -- CFR
Joan Ganz Cooney, Director -- CFR
David T. Mclaughlin, Director -- CFR
Edmund T. Pratt, Jr., Director -- CFR
Henry B. Schacht, Director -- CFR
Chemical Bank:
Walter V. Shipley, Chairman -- CFR
Robert J. Callander, President -- CFR
William C. Pierce, Executive Officer -- CFR
Randolph W. Bromery, Director -- CFR
Charles W. Duncan, Jr., Director -- CFR
George V. Grune, Director -- CFR
Helen L. Kaplan, Director -- CFR
Lawrence G. Rawl, Director -- CFR
Michael I. Sovern, Director -- CFR
Richard D. Wood, Director -- CFR
John S. Reed, Chairman -- CFR
William R. Rhodes, Vice Chairman -- CFR
Richard S. Braddock, President -- CFR
John M. Deutch, Director -- CFR, TC
Clifton C. Garvin, Jr., Director -- CFR
C. Peter McColough, Director -- CFR
Rozanne L. Ridgeway, Director -- CFR
Franklin A. Thomas, Director -- CFR
First City Bancorp, Texas:
A. Robert Abboud, CEO -- CFR
Morgan Guaranty:
Lewis T. Preston, Chairman -- CFR
Bankers Trust New York Corporation:
Charles S. Stanford, Jr., Chairman -- CFR
Alfred Brittain III, Director -- CFR
Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., Director -- CFR
Richard L. Gelb, Director -- CFR
Patricia Carry Stewart, Director -- CFR
First National Bank of Chicago:
Barry F. Sullivan -- TC
Manufacturers Hanover Directors:
Cyrus Vance -- CFR
G. Robert Durham -- CFR
George B. Munroe -- CFR
Marina V. N. Whitman -- CFR, TC
Charles J. Pilliod, Jr. -- CFR
Bank America:
Andrew F. Brimmer, Director -- CFR
Ignazio E. Lozano, Jr., Director -- CFR
Ruben F. Mettler, Director -- CFR
Securities & Exchange Commission:
Michael D. Mann, Dir. International Affairs -- CFR

Jay Mazur, International Ladies' Garment Workers Union -- CFR, TC
Jack Sheinkman, Amalgamated Clothing & Textile Workers Union -- CFR
Albert Shanker, President, American Federation Of Teachers -- CFR, TC
Glen E. Watts, Communication Of Workers Of America -- CFR, TC

Department Of Defense:
Les Aspin, Secretary of Defense -- CFR
Frank G. Wisnerll, Under Secretary for Policy -- CFR
Henry S. Rowen, Assistant Secretary, International Security Affairs -- CFR
Judy Ann Miller, Dep. Assistant Secretary Nuclear Forces & Arms Control -- CFR
W. Bruce Weinrod, Dep. Assistant Secretary, Europe & NATO -- CFR
Admiral Seymour Weiss, Chairman, Defense Policy Board -- CFR
Charles M. Herzfeld, Director Defense Research & Engineering -- CFR
Andrew W. Marshall, Directory, Net Assessment -- CFR
Michael P. W. Stone, Secretary of the Army -- CFR
Donald B. Rice, Secretary of the Air Force -- CFR
Franklin C. Miller, Deputy Assistant Secretary Nuclear Forces & Arms Control -- CFR
Allied Supreme Commanders:
1949-52 Eisenhower -- CFR
1952-53 Ridgeway -- CFR
1953-56 Gruenther -- CFR
1956-63 Norstad -- CFR
1963-69 Lemnitzer -- CFR
1969-74 Goodpaster -- CFR
1974-79 Haig -- CFR
1979-87 Rogers -- CFR, TC
Superintendents of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point:
1960-63 Westmoreland -- CFR
1963-66 Lampert -- CFR
1966-68 Bennett -- CFR
1970-74 Knowlton -- CFR
1974-77 Berry -- CFR
1977-81 Goodpaster -- CFR
CFR Military Fellows, 1991:
Col. William M. Drennan, Jr., USAF -- CFR
Col. Wallace C. Gregson, USMC -- CFR
Col. Jack B. Wood, USA -- CFR
CFR Military Fellows, 1992:
Col. David M. Mize, USMC -- CFR
Col. John P. Rose, USA -- CFR
Joint Chiefs of Staff:
Gen. Colin L. Powell, Chairman -- CFR
Gen. Carl E. Vuono, Army -- CFR
Gen. John T. Chain, Co Sac -- CFR
Gen. Merril A. Mcpeak, Co Pac AF -- CFR
Lt. Gen. George L. Butler, Directory Strategic Plans & Policy -- CFR
Lt. Gen. Charles T. Boyd, Com. Air Univ. -- CFR
Lt. Gen. Bradley C. Hosmer, AF Inspector General -- CFR
Secretaries of Defense:
1957-59 Mcelroy -- CFR
1959-61 Gates -- CFR
1961-68 McNamara -- CFR, TC
1969-73 Laird -- CFR
1973-75 Richardson -- CFR, TC
1975-77 Rumsfeld -- CFR
1977-80 Brown -- CFR, TC
1980-88 Weinberger -- CFR, TC
1988- Carlucci -- CFR
1988- Cheney -- CFR
Additional Military:
Mg R.C. Bowman -- CFR
Bg F. Brown -- CFR
Lt Colonel W. Clark -- CFR
Admiral William Crowe -- CFR
Col P. M. Dawkins -- CFR
V. Admiral Thor Hanson -- CFR
Col W. Hauser -- CFR
Maj R. Kimmitt -- CFR
Gen W. Knowlton -- CFR
V. Adm J. Lee -- CFR
Col D. Mead -- CFR
Mg Jack Merritt -- CFR
Gen E. Meyer -- CFR
Colonel William E. Odom -- CFR
Colonel L. Olvey -- CFR
Colonel George K. Osborn -- CFR
Mg J. Pustay -- CFR
Lg E.L. Rowny -- CFR
Captain Gary Sick -- CFR
Mg De Witt Smith -- CFR
Bg Perry Smith -- CFR
Ltg William Y. Smith -- CFR
Col W. Taylor -- CFR
Adm S. Turner -- CFR
Mg J. Welch -- CFR
Gen J. Wickham -- CFR

Laurence A. Tisch, CEO -- CFR
Roswell Gilpatric -- CFR
James Houghton -- CFR, TC
Henry Schacht -- CFR, TC
Dan Rather -- CFR
Richard Hottelet -- CFR
Frank Stanton -- CFR
John F. Welch, CEO -- CFR
Jane Pfeiffer -- CFR
Lester Crystal -- CFR, TC
R.W. Sonnenfeidt -- CFR, TC
John Petty -- CFR
Tom Brokaw -- CFR
David Brinkley -- CFR
John Chancellor -- CFR
Marvin Kalb -- CFR
Irving R. Levine -- CFR
Herbert Schlosser -- CFR
Peter G. Peterson -- CFR
John Sawhill -- CFR
Thomas S. Murphy, CEO -- CFR
Barbara Walters -- CFR
John Connor -- CFR
Diane Sawyer -- CFR
John Scall -- CFR
Public Broadcast Service:
Robert Mcneil -- CFR
Jim Lehrer -- CFR
Charlene Hunter-Gault -- CFR
Hodding Carter III -- CFR
Daniel Schorr -- CFR
Associated Press:
Stanley Swinton -- CFR
Harold Anderson -- CFR
Katharine Graham -- CFR, TC
Michael Posner -- CFR
Baltimore Sun:
Henry Trewhitt -- CFR
Washington Times:
Arnaud De Borchgrave -- CFR
Children's TV Workshop (Sesame Street):
Joan Ganz Cooney, President -- CFR
Cable News Network:
W. Thomas Johnson, President -- TC
Daniel Schorr -- CFR
U.S. News & World Report:
David Gergen -- TC
New York Times Co.:
Richard Gelb -- CFR
William Scranton -- CFR, TC
John F. Akers, Dir. -- CFR
Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., Dir. -- CFR
George B. Munroe, Dir. -- CFR
Donald M. Stewart, Dir. -- CFR
Cyrus R. Vance, Dir. -- CFR
A.M. Rosenthal -- CFR
Seymour Topping -- CFR
James Greenfield -- CFR
Max Frankel -- CFR
Jack Rosenthal -- CFR
John Oakes -- CFR
Harrison Salisbury -- CFR
H.L. Smith -- CFR
Steven Rattner -- CFR
Richard Burt -- CFR
Flora Lewis -- CFR
Time, Inc.:
Ralph Davidson -- CFR
Donal M. Wilson -- CFR
Henry Grunwald -- CFR
Alexander Heard -- CFR
Sol Linowitz -- CFR
Thomas Watson, Jr. -- CFR
Strobe Talbott -- CFR
Newsweek/Washington Post:
Katharine Graham -- CFR
N. Deb. Katzenbach -- CFR
Robert Christopher -- CFR
Osborne Elliot -- CFR
Phillip Geyelin -- CFR
Murry Marder -- CFR
Maynard Parker -- CFR
George Will -- CFR, TC
Robert Kaiser -- CFR
Meg Greenfield -- CFR
Walter Pincus -- CFR
Murray Gart -- CFR
Peter Osnos -- CFR
Don Oberdorfer -- CFR
Dow Jones & Co (Wall Street Journal):
Richard Wood -- CFR
Robert Bartley -- CFR, TC
Karen House -- CFR
National Review:
Wm. F. Buckley, Jr. -- CFR
Readers Digest:
George V. Grune, CEO -- CFR
William G. Bowen, Director -- CFR
Syndicated Columnists
Geogia Anne Geyer -- CFR
Ben J. Wattenberg -- CFR

Exxon Corporation
Lawrence G. Rawl, Chairman -- CFR
Lee R. Raymond, President -- CFR, TC
Jack G. Clarke, Sr., Vice President -- CFR
Randolph W. Bromery, Director -- CFR
D. Wayne Calloway, Director -- CFR
Alfred C. Decrane,Jr., Chairman -- CFR
John Brademas, Director -- CFR, TC
Willard C. Butcher, Director -- CFR, TC
William J. Crowe, Jr., Director -- CFR, TC
John K. Mckinley, Director -- CFR
Thomas S. Murphy, Director -- CFR
Atlantic Richfield-Arco:
Hannah H. Gray, Director -- CFR
Donal M. Kendall,Director -- CFR, TC
Henry Wendt, Director -- TC
Shell Oil Co.:
Frank H. Richardson, CEO -- CFR
Rand V. Araskog, Director -- CFR, TC
Mobil Corp.:
Allan E. Murray, Chairman & President -- CFR, TC
Lewis M. Branscomb, Director -- CFR
Samuel C. Johnson, Director -- TC
Helene L. Kaplan, Director -- CFR
Charles S. Sanford, Jr., Director -- CFR
Tenneco, Inc.:
James L. Ketelsen, Chairman -- CFR
W. Michael Blumenthal, Director -- CFR
Joseph J. Sisco, Director -- CFR

General Motors Corp.:
Marina V.N. Whitman, VP -- CFR, TC
Anne L. Armstrong, Director -- CFR
Marvin L. Goldberger, Director -- CFR
Edmund T. Pratt, Jr., Director -- CFR
Dennis Weatherstone, Director -- CFR
Leon H. Sullivan, Director -- CFR
Thomas H. Wyman, Director -- CFR
Ford Motor Company:
Clifton R. Wharton, Director -- CFR
Roberto C. Goizueta, Director -- CFR
GE/NBC Corp.:
John F. Welch, Jr. Chairman -- CFR
David C. Jones -- CFR
Lewis T. Preston -- CFR
Frank H.T. Rhodes -- CFR
Walter B. Wriston -- CFR
Deere & Co:
Hans W. Becherer, Chairman/CEO -- CFR
John F. Akers, Chairman -- CFR
C. Michael Armstrong, Sr. VP -- CFR
William S. Norman, Executive VP -- CFR
Robert E. Allen, Chairman & CEO -- CFR
Randall L. Tobias, Vice Chairman -- CFR
Louis V. Gerstner, Director -- CFR
Juanita M. Kreps, Director -- CFR
Donald F. Mchenry, Director -- CFR
Henry B. Schacht, Director -- CFR
Michael I. Sovern, Director -- CFR
Franklin A. Thamas, Director -- CFR
Rawleigh Warner, Jr., Director -- CFR
Thomas H. Wyman, Director -- CFR
Chrysler Corp.:
Joseph A. Califano, Jr., Director -- CFR
Peter A. Magowan, Director -- CFR
American Express Co.:
James D. Robinson, CEO -- CFR
Joan Edelman Spero -- TC
Anne L. Armstrong -- CFR
William G. Bowen -- CFR
Charles W. Duncan, Jr. -- CFR
Richard M. Furlaud -- CFR
Vernon E. Jordan, Jr. -- CFR, TC
Henry A. Kissinger -- CFR, TC
Frank P. Popoff -- CFR
Robert V. Roosa -- CFR
Joseph H. Williams -- CFR

Richard D. Wood, CEO, Eli Lily & Co -- CFR
Richard M. Furlaud, CEO, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co -- CFR
Frank Peter Popoff, CEO, Dow Chemical Co. -- CFR
Charles Peter McColough, Chairman Ex. Commissioner, Xerox -- CFR
Rozanne L. Ridgewar, Director, 3M, RJR Nabisco, Union Carbide -- CFR
Ruben F. Mettler, Former CEO, TRW, Inc. -- CFR
Henry B. Schacht, CEO, Cummins Engines -- CFR
Edmund T. Pratt, Jr., CEO, Pfizer, Inc. -- CFR
Rand V. Araskog, CEO, ITT Corp. -- CFR, TC
W. Michael Blumenthal, Chairman, Unisys Corp. -- CFR
Joseph John Sisco, Director, Geico, Raytheon, Gillette -- CFR
J.Fred Bucy, Former Pres, CEO, Texas Instruments -- CFR
Paul A. Allaire, Chairman, CEO, Xerox Corp. -- TC
Dwayne O. Andreas, Chairman, CEO, Archer Daniels Midland-- TC
James E. Burke, Chairman, CEO Em., Johnson & Johnson -- TC
D. Wayne Calloway, Chairman, CEO, Pepsico -- TC
Frank C. Carlucci, Vice Chairman, The Carlyle Group -- TC
Lynn E. Davis, VP, Director, Rand Corp -- TC
Stephen Friedman, Sr., VP, Co-Chairman, Goldman, Sachs -- TC
Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., Chairman, CEO, RJR Nabisco -- TC
Joseph T. Gorman, Chairman, Pres, CEO, TRW Inc. -- TC
Maurice R. Greenberg, Chairman, CEO, American International Group (AIG)-- TC
Robert D. Hass, Chairman, CEO, Levi Strauss -- TC
David J. Hennigar, Chairman, Crownx, Vice Chairman, Crown Life -- TC
Robert D. Hormats, Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs Int. -- TC
James R. Houghton, Chairman, CEO, Corning Inc. -- TC
Donald R. Keough, President, CEO, The Coca-Cola Co. -- TC
Henry A. Kissinger, Chairman, Kissinger Assoc. -- TC
Whitney Macmillan, Chairman, CEO, Cargill, Inc. -- TC
Robert S. McNamara, Former President, The World Bank -- TC
William D. Ruckershaus, Chairman, CEO, Browning-Ferris Ind. -- TC
David Stockman, General Partner, The Blackstone Group -- CFR
Henry Wendt, Chmn, Smith Kline Beecham -- TC

University Professors:
Graham Allison, Prof. Of Government, Harvard University -- TC
Zbigniew Brzezinski, Professor, Johns Hopkins -- TC
Gerald L. Curtis, Professor Political Science, Columbia University -- TC
Martin S. Feldstein, Professor Economics, Harvard University -- TC
Richard N. Gardner, Professor Law, Columbia University -- TC
Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Professor International Affairs, Harvard University -- TC
Robert D. Putnam, Professor Politics, Havard University -- TC
Henry Rosovsky, Professor Harvard University -- TC
Geoge P. Shultz, Hon. Fellow, Stanford Univ. -- TC
Lester C. Thorow, Dean, Sloan School of Management, MIT -- TC
Paul Volcker, Professor International Economics, Princeton University -- TC
College & University Presidents:
Robert H. Edwards, Bowdoin College -- CFR
Vartan Gregorian, Brown University -- CFR
Hanna Holbom Gray, University of Chicago -- CFR
Joseph S. Murphy, City University of NY -- CFR
Michael I. Sovern, Columbia University -- CFR
Frank H.T. Rhodes, Cornell University -- CFR
James T. Laney, Emory University -- CFR
Rev. Joseph A. O'Hare, Fordham University -- CFR
Thomas Ehrlich, Indiana University -- CFR
Steven Muller, Johns Hopkins University -- CFR
Alice S. Iichman, Sarah Lawrence College -- CFR
Edward T. Foote, II, University Of Miami -- CFR
S. Frederick Starr, Oberlin College -- CFR, TC
Joseph Duffey, Chans., University of Massachusetts -- CFR
John M. Deutch, Institute Professor, MIT -- CFR, TC
Lester C. Thurow, Dean, Sloan School, MIT -- CFR
Bernard Harleston, City College of NY -- CFR
John Brademus, New York University -- CFR, TC
Wesley W. Posvar, University of Pittsburg -- CFR
Harold T. Shapiro, Princeton University -- CFR
Charles W. Duncan, Jr., Chairman, Rice University -- CFR
Dennis O'Brien, University of Rochester -- CFR
David Baltimore, Rockefeller University -- CFR
Donald Dennedy, Stanford University -- CFR
Richard Wall Lyman, Preident. Emeritus, Stanford -- CFR
Hans M. Mark, Chancellor, University of Texas -- CFR
Robert H. Donaldson, University of Tulsa -- CFR
Stephen J. Trachtenberg, George Washington University -- CFR
William H. Danforth, Washington University, St. Louis -- CFR
John D. Wilson, Washington & Lee University -- CFR
Nannerl O. Keohane, Wellesley University -- CFR

This list was supplied by F.R.E.E. (Fund to Restore an Educated Electorate) and is non-copyrighted educational material. It may be reprinted and reproduced in newspapers, newsletters, books and magazines.
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1) The United States Government Manual 1991/92, Office of the Federal Register - National Archives and Records Administration.
2) Standard And Poor's Register of Corporations, Directors and Executives 1991
3) Annual Report 1991/92, The Council On Foreign Relations, Pratt House, New York City


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