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   An irony exists in the world today; it has existed since 1948 when the Jews from mainly Europe arrived en masse due to the implimentation of the Balfour Declaration.

 Since the beginning of recorded history there have been indigenous peoples living in what we commonly call the Holy land. They are the Palestinians.

 One of the Jews who arrived according to the book entitled, Whose Promised Land  by Colin Chapman urged the others to ask politely for permission to adopt and inhabit the land together, but the others paid no attention to him. The resulting actions by the leaders of the newcomers began a genocide in their attempt to force the indigenous peoples to flee for their lives so the Jews would be able to inhabit the land that they stated had been given to them by God. Yet, Orthodox Jews distained this "state" called Israel. From the Torah we read that there is to be no "state" for the Jews. This is the reason why they dissent from the major political parties in the land. Nevertheless, there are those of us who strive to achieve harmony, understanding of their cultures, and eventually love amongst the Jews and the Palestinians. Indeed, there is love amongst some of these two faiths now. We need to expand it.
 The underlying cause which created the desire by leaders of the European Jews to arrive en masse in Palestine was not the holocaust, but the Illuminati's goal to create the one world government. Islam is the religion of apprximately 75 per cent of the Palestinian people, a religion which seems to be diametrically opposed to Judaism in that the Prophet Mohammed sanctioned profit, but not the grotesque profit as is usury.

 Usury is not unlike American capitalism, so the clash that ensued became one of survival of the indigenous peoples of the land, the Palestinian people.

 However, due to the struggle of the Palestinian people, the Illuminati obtained their wish of death for both societies, something that creates joy in these types of people because they do not respect either of the ethnicities. Indeed, they hold all of us in contempt. Therefore, while this edition of The Journal of History (La verdad sobre la democracia) is devoted to the Palestinian people, you will read within these pages that both Jews and Muslims, as well as Christians have been sacrificed.

 Another irony is that Muslims respect anyone who is of "the book." Since Jews are of "the book" Muslims respect them just as they do Christians. Alas, the favor is not returned by certain Jews and Christians as you will read within these pages.

 We all want peace. Jews in Boston told me, "Yes, we want peace." Since I know they meant what they said to me personally, let¹s do all we can to achieve ...peace.

 Yesterday, I received a letter from one of my Senators, Susan Collins, a senator from Maine, regarding the death of British activist Rachel Corrie. Senator Collins stated,             
  "Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns regarding the death of Rachel Corrie. I appreciate your taking the time to do so.
 I was saddened to learn of her tragic death. No words can describe the loss we all feel when someone so young loses her life. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Corrie family.
 Again, thank you for contacting me.

                         Susan M. Collins
                         United States Senator"

 Senator Collins said nothing  about the way in which to end atrocities such as this, therefore, I was grateful to one of my supporters for suggesting that we devote an edition to these beleagured people as human life is so precious that all faiths have the right to live in peace and harmony. Does the Zionist government want to live in peace and harmony too?

                             Arlene Johnson


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