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Franklin Vipperman's Books
The overwhelmingly corrupt judges of the Las Vegas, Nevada federal district court recently wrongfully granted the defendants of the Nevada Department Of Parole And Probation and four (4) of its employees, motions to dismiss. In Case No. CV-S-00-1355-RLH (Roger L. Hunt)-RJJ.
The Plaintiff Franklin D. Vipperman is now in the process of appealing that horrendously corrupt decision by Judge Roger L. Hunt for the illegal and unconstitutional purposes of covering-up for the state of Nevada, and its overwhelmingly corrupt agencies, employees, and his buddies and pals.
The Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals in San Francisco has now gaven the appeal a Docket No. 03-15416. The issues in the appeal are multiple: Ranging from conspiracy by federal judges with their counter parts state court judges, prosecutors, police, attorneys, and politicians, to deprive the plaintiff of his legal and constitutional rights. All the way through depriving the plaintiff of adequate, meaningful, and effective access to the courts, pursuant to conspiracy and cover-up, to protect themselves and each other.
In the event Vipperman wins in the Ninth Circuit Court, he will be setting precedents for the entire country. And if he doesn't, he will continue on to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Thus far this has been in excess of a thirty year fight for Vipperman to enlighten the world to the overwhelming corruption in our courts, and the extreme need for judicial reform and the jailing of judges.
Thus far Vipperman can be credited for taking down and accomplishing having Federal judge Harry Eugene Claiborne convicted of committing crimes while setting on the federal bench, imprisoned, and impeached from office by the US Congress and Senate.
Taking down Judge Carl. J. Christensen of Las Vegas, and having him removed from the bench.
Taking down a Las Vegas prosecutor, Earl Gripentrog, and causing him to be imprisoned.
And most recently, through his writings in his books, and in his newspaper, causing Judge Jeffrey D. Sobel of Las Vegas to be thrown off the bench in recent elections.
Thank you very much:
And up to this point, it is all written about word for word as it happened, how he accomplished it, and it is all documented, and indisputably proven in his series of three books, The Deal Makers, The Cesspool, and Hell Hole.

Wouldn't it be amazing and near inconceivable, if someday someone out there had enough guts and courage enough to tell, prove, and publish the real truth about the overwhelmingly corrupt legal and judicial systems, police, prosecutors, judges, courts, alleged defense attorneys, and politicians all over this country, that have been forever living off the public, and lying to and deceiving the public, since the beginning of time? Well, that someday is now: And that someone is me: Franklin D. Vipperman, Author of the three recently published book series:

The Deal Makers
The Cesspool
Hell Hole.

Three extremely hard hitting books which are the first of their kind in history that indisputably brings it all to light, and overwhelmingly proves it all to be true: And names them all, and indisputably proves with court records, transcripts, photographs, trial testimonies, and documents, everything he has written to be truthful and factual.
From: Franklin D. Vipperman, Author of the series of three recently published hard hitting powerful true books attacking the overwhelmingly corrupt legal and judicial systems. The only books of their kind in history, wherein it is [all] proven far beyond doubt. And unequivocally substantiated with authentic photographs, documents, court transcripts, and testimonies. Must reads for all those who truly care about their freedoms, and the freedoms and futures of their children, family, and loved ones.
In their order as written and can be found for free previews and purchases,
click on links or go to sites:
The Deal Makers <|type~6|Data1~4376>  at
International Standard Book Number (ISBN) 1-58721-956-5
The Cesspool <|type~6|Data1~5470>   at
ISBN: 0-75960-871-7
Hell Hole <|type~6|Data1~7550>  at
ISBN: 0-75964-951-0

Please: Read, learn from, post, and forward this information to everyone possible. This entire country needs to know the real [truth] about the horrors of the overwhelmingly corrupt legal and judicial systems that surround them every moment of every day. And is constantly and continually illegally and unconstitutionally denying and depriving you and yours of your liberties, freedoms, properties and possessions, and birth given Constitutional Rights.


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