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T H E     M U S L I M     C O U N C I L     O F      B R I T A I N

11 April 2003

UK Muslims Reject Neo-Conservative/Zionist Plans For Iraq

Following the collapse of Saddam Hussein's repressive and brutal ba'thist regime in Iraq, the Muslim Council of Britain views with concern moves by the United States to replace it with a pliant regime.

"The imminent US announcement stating that the pro-Israeli Retired General Jay Garner is to head an interim Iraqi administration, coupled with the crass threats against Syria and Iran from the most senior US officials only serve to confirm the worst fears of those who assert that the real objective of the war against Iraq was to promote US/Israeli geo-political interests in the Middle East, and not freedom, democracy, or human rights," said Mr. Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain. 

The MCB believes it is crucial that the Prime Minister Tony Blair ensures that the United Nations - and it alone - is empowered to administer Iraq for the shortest possible interim period and that full control is then transferred to a truly representative Iraqi government.

"We do not want to see Britain being viewed in the Muslim world and beyond as an accomplice to this neo-Conservative-Zionist design for a post-Saddam Middle East," said Mr. Sacranie.

The MCB considers that the responsibility for causing the tragic humanitarian disaster unfolding in all parts of Iraq lies entirely with the US and UK governments which launched this war in utter disregard of world opinion. 

"We call upon the international community to give this tragedy their urgent attention and we also call upon the US/UK governments to withdraw their troops from Iraqi soil immediately. It is unlikely that the Iraqi people will tolerate for long the replacement of a hated dictator with an occupying force," added Mr. Sacranie.


For further information please contact: The Muslim Council of Britain, Unit 5, Boardman House, 64 Broadway, Stratford, London E15 1NT
Tel: 0208 432 0585/6 or 07956-353738.Fax: 0208 432 0587 Email: Website: 

Editor's note: There will be a demand in this edition of The Journal of History (La verdad sobre la democracia) to withdraw funds which keep US troops in Iraq so there will be no money to support them there with a world boycott to force it. It is suggested that Britishers do whatever they can to encourage Parliament to withdraw funds too.


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